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Negative gearing on investment housing

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The number of households facing mortgage stress has risen to a 16-month high with increases in interest costs outweighing improvements on the jobs front. Some 218,700 Australian households were at risk of having to sell, refinance or lose their homes in February, according to the Fujitsu Mortgage Stress-O-Meter, up 2 per cent from the previous month. ''Across Australia the average loan size since 2005 has risen by 40 per cent underlining that affordability remains a major issue,'' said Fujitsu's executive director Martin North. ''As interest rates rise, this leverage effect will have a ...
A negative gearing strategy can only make a profit if the asset rises in value(capital gains) by enough to cover the shortfall between the income and interest which the investor suffers. The investor must also be able to fund that shortfall until the asset is sold. The tax treatment of interest expenses and future gain will affect the investor's final return too. Tax rules vary from country to country. Negative gearing on property is currently only found in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, all countries in the Commonwealth of Nations.
Housing, Henry and the new class divide - On Line Opinion - 5/5/2010
The Federal Government has revealed its first response to the reforms proposed by the Henry Tax Review, and elements of the next Federal Budget will bring those responses into effect. One recommendation which inevitably raised its head was the tax treatment of housing, especially negative gearing. Any changes to negative gearing have been ruled out for the time being, but for how long, and is another “reform” going to raise its head in time? The continued escalation of housing prices in Australia, despite the handbrake of a Global Financial Crisis, has had plenty of people worried – from the Reserve Bank ... market research, surveys and trends
Grantham on the Australian Housing Market | Steve Keen's Debtwatch
Jeremy Grantham pricked, if not the housing bubble itself, then at least the bubble that property market spruikers live in, with the quip that: “Bubbles have quite a few things in common but housing bubbles have a spectacular thing in common, and that is every one of them is considered unique and different.” ( Housing market a ‘time bomb’, says investment legend : The Australian June 16, 2010) How true that is. Before Japan’s bubble burst in 1990, we heard that Japan was different: the “Rising Sun” was eclipsing the USA and house prices reflected this growing wealth (and—didn’t you ... market research, surveys and trends


References Investors, taxation and the housing boom
The effect of these high interest rates on the housing market are now becoming clear. .... investment, since the full reintroduction of negative gearing ... remarkable 99 percent of the overall $3115 million increase ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Outcomes of the National Housing Policy Review
Chelsea (-13 percent). This spatial imbalance in investment patterns seems not to be a matter of chance. ... negative gearing in 1985 had little effect on investor activity, .... million in grant funds with their remaining contribution ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Campaigning against economic change
The Federal Government had only to look back at history to anticipate the fight it was going to have over the ill-fated Resource Super Profits Tax. A couple of weeks ago, mining magnate Clive Palmer described the dumping of Kevin Rudd as prime minister as an unprecedented victory. "This is the first time in Australia's history that a prime minister has been defeated by a civil campaign of anger,'' Mr Palmer said. "Have a look when we first started this campaign where he was, and where he was at the end of it." Like many of the claims in this debate, that was demonstrably untrue. Australian history ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Annaly Capital Management Announces Monthly Commentary for July
Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NYSE: NLY) released its monthly commentary for July which includes our maiden installment on the Treasury/Rates market. Through its monthly commentary and blog, Annaly Salvos , Annaly expresses its thoughts and opinions on issues and events in the financial markets. Please visit our website, , to check out all of the new features and to view the complete commentary with charts and graphs. The Economy The S&P 500 finished June down 5.4%, while Treasuries enjoyed a significant rally. The yield on the 10-year shed more than 30 basis ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Negative Gearing & CGT
Aug 31, 2007 ... essential trend upon which negative gearing investment ... Imagine that spent on affordable housing initiatives instead. The investment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Public Housing Energy Conservation Clearinghouse: Resources ...
The following list identifies useful documents, publications, and information related to resource conservation in public housing. Energy Conservation for Housing – A Workbook , HUD, September 1998. Aimed at PHAs interested in making energy conservation improvements. Available online at the above link, or from HUD's Public and Indian Housing Information Center at (800) 955-2232. Utility Allowance Guidebook PIH Management Plan Goals HUD's Energy Action Plan Describes activities that HUD is undertaking to support the energy ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
US Pension Funds' Labour- Friendly Investments
have taken on excessive CEO compensation and the negative impact such practices have on .... For the many of such funds geared to often highly leveraged .... oldest of these vehicles is the Housing Investment Trust of the AFL-CIO. ...
logic of landlording: how to make money? | Ask MetaFilter
How can I possibly buy a house with the goal of renting it at a profit? I'm in LA and even duplexes are priced so high that the mortgage costs can not possibly be covered by rents... I owned a three unit apartment in Orlando, Florida, about 15 years ago and made money from day one. (I wish I hadn't sold it when I moved away!). There are rental buildings for sale here, so I assume someone must be buying them. How are they making money? And what is the logic if they're not? Thanks! Put down a big enough down payment that the mortgage payments and operating expenses are less than the rent you'd be taking in. ...
Any tips on how to play monopoly? - Yahoo! Answers
1) At every chance buy utilities. They provide a modest, (if you only have a couple,) yet constant income and there good for a quick cash mortage, especially if you want to set up houses and motels as early as possible. 2) Own the properties on each of the 4 corners. 3) Find the balance between buy everything and leave some disposable cash. 4) Never do favours and expect them to be returned. Be ruthless ! 5) Own either Park Lane or Mayfair. Even if you don't develop them - others want them and their re-sale price can allow some instant development of other property. 6) Opting to stay in jail is negative gearing 7) On ...