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Special Report on

Oil and Gas Accounting Software

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may be one of the most important decisions you make for your company. I mean, afterall, how else do you make business decisions if you don't know how much money is flowing in and out of your ... Big Secret of Integrating QuickBooks with osCommerce eCommerce ... See in your mind's eye a software which would admit you to export products, customers and orders from your osCommerce Shop to QuickBooks (well-known, impressive accounting software ) accurately and in timely manner. Trying to export data by hand is not a useful idea. ... (1888PressRelease) Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation announced today that drilling has ...
related industries, at the time, which today has left a legacy in the diversity of goods and services which the Scottish economy produces from textiles , whisky and shortbread to aeroengines , buses , computer software , ships , avionics and microprocessors to banking , insurance , fund management and other related financial services. In common with most other advanced industrialised economies, Scotland has seen a decline in the importance of the manufacturing industries and primary-based extractive industries. This has, however, been combined with a rise in the service sector of the economy which is now the largest sector in ...
Search: Controller (Oil & Gas)-N Houston (Outside Belt): $80-$100 ...
We have a great CONTROLLER position with a small, growing OIL & GAS Exploration & Production Company in far NORTH Houston (Outside the Beltway) needing these REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: - Oil & Gas E & P Accounting Experience (JIB/DOI et al) - E & P Accounting Systems Experience – working knowledge of Oil & Gas Systems - Degreed – In Accounting or related field NO RELOCATION PROVIDED FOR THIS POSITION. COMPLETE JOB PROFILE BELOW at the end of this email. IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE who may be interested & qualified – or you are interested/qualified – please let me know or forward this e-mail on to them. QUALIFIED ... market research, surveys and trends
Creating New Jobs in a Clean Energy Economy
@woodsprout So in other words people should just shut up and let the government do as they please. Yeah, that sounds super ‘American’ to me…….. teehee, look at the … teehee, look at the ppl in the background. I’ve never seen ppl look so appreciative and in awe of any president. sweet! btw, obama represents a new forthcoming energy on the earth, so get used to it. and I’m not American! cheers ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ … ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ the new layout on YouTube… COPY AND PASTE IF U DONT LIKE THE NEW LAYOUT Dam Islamic … Dam Islamic Communist. Do us all a favor an quit, we don’t ... market research, surveys and trends


Wholesale Hair Barrettes Accessories
body a.comment-link { /* Respecified, for IE5/Mac's benefit */ background:url("") no-repeat 0 45%; padding-left:14px; } .post img { margin:0 0 5px 0; padding:4px; border:1px solid #bbbbbb; } blockquote { margin:.75em 0; border:1px dotted #bbbbbb; border-width:1px 0; padding:5px 15px; color: #335577; } .post blockquote p { margin:.5em 0; } #blog-pager-newer-link { float: left; margin-left: 13px; } #blog-pager-older-link { float: right; margin-right: 13px; } #blog-pager { text-align: ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Best U.S. Export Prospects -- U.S. Commercial Service Vietnam
The electric power sector represents one of the most promising areas for U.S. commercial prospects in the Vietnamese market. At present, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), a state owned enterprise which reports directly to the Prime Minister, holds a monopoly on electricity transmission and distribution. The electric power industry is under the jurisdiction and management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).... (Download the report below) BP - Power Generation, Tranmission and Distribution Vietnam’s telecommunications sector is among the world’s fastest growing telecommunications markets. The Government of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
June 30, 2010 52-Week Low Wrap-Up: Arrow Financial, Bank of New York Mellon ...
Today, 208 companies’ share prices reached a new 52-week low. Of these companies, these are the ones that look interesting based upon my initial research: AK Steel ( AKS ) Ohio-based AK Steel is a leading producer of flat-rolled carbon, stainless, and electrical steel and tubular products. Its products are sold primarily to the automotive industry (40% of sales), the appliance, industrial machinery, and construction industries (30%), and independent service centers (30%). Arrow Financial ( AROW ) Arrow Financial is the holding company for its two subsidiaries, Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Co. and Saratoga National Bank ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Baker Hughes Opens Eco-Centre Waste Management Facility
Baker Hughes opened its Eco-Centre waste management facility in Peterhead, Scotland, today, providing the North Sea oil and gas industry with the highest level of environmentally compliant waste processing services from the rigsite to final disposal. For the first time, exploration and production (E&P) companies have a full-service facility to treat all of the liquid and solids waste generated during drilling operations. In addition, the Eco-Centre facility includes remote monitoring capabilities, allowing companies online access to track their waste streams and ensure environmental reporting compliance. The Peterhead Eco-Centre ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


SherWare releases new version of all its products
after completing a two-year overhaul of the oil and gas accounting software that integrates with QuickBooks. This release completes the renovations of all ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Promoting Global Consistency in Estimating Greenhouse Gas ...
Estimating Greenhouse Gas. Emissions from Oil & Gas. Industry Operations ... accounting and reporting procedures and Compendium emission estimation .... for the Oil and Gas Industry. – SANGEA™ Energy and Emissions Estimating System ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
UT WWWVL Petroleum Engineering Software
"a technology-based professional services organization that specializes in Dynamic Reservoir Characterization™. Object Reservoir helps oil and gas companies maximize ROI " Oil & Gas Information Systems Inc. "chartered to provide cost effective accounting solutions for the domestic oil and gas industry. As the system was enhanced, an international accounting application was added opening up worldwide markets in addition to the domestic markets. Over the years, many other program enhancing applications have been added. " Oildex.Com "Oildex Connect™ is a workflow solution and information exchange for budget ...
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Financial and energy software vendor research sources | LinkedIn ...
I am looking for software directories and other online resources about vendors servicing the financial services, energy, and commodities markets with solutions that address one or more of the following functions- trading, risk management, accounting, regulatory/compliance, operations, logistics, portfolio and/or logistics optimization. posted 1 month ago in Enterprise Software , Computers and Software | Closed Share This Vice President - Membership, Business Development and Capital Markets at Independent Petroleum Association of America see all my answers Pennwell used to put out a software buyer's guide for oil and gas. ...
What are some of the tax issues one should be aware of when ...
Accounting (7), Tax Law (3), Corporate Taxes (2), Personal Taxes (2), Incorporation (2), Small Business (2), Starting Up (2), Regulation and Compliance (1), Corporate Debt (1), Economics (1), Personal Debt Management (1), Retirement and Estate Planning (1), Using LinkedIn (1) The oil business has so many industry-specific tax measures that it's hard to know where to begin. I haven't done much in this area other than overriding royalty owners since the 1980s. The basic split is between royalty owners and working interest owners. The latter are the ones "at risk" for their investments, because usually the royalty owners ...