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Par value Definition

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M2 PRESSWIRE-23 June 1998-BASF GROUP: Helps conversion to Euro -- BASF to switch to no-par-value shares as of July 6, 1998 C1994-98 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD RDATE:230698 BASF Aktiengesellschaft on July 6, 1998, will switch to no-par-value shares from the current DM 5 par value per... Tags : BASF AG Research articles 1998-06-23 Corporation stock split, par value change, and name change Business Editors NEW YORK--BUSINESS WIRE--April 28, 2000 J.P. Morgan, as transfer agent and registrar, is pleased to announce a two-for-one stock split and par value change of Corporation's Class A Common Shares of par ...
The need for appraisals arises from the heterogenous nature of property as an investment class: no two properties are identical, and all properties differ from each other in their location - which is one of the most important determinants of their value. So there cannot exist a centralised Walrasian auction setting for the trading of property assets, as there exists for trade in corporate stock. The absence of a market-based pricing mechanism determines the need for an expert appraisal/valuation of real estate/property. Although some areas require no license or certification at all, a real estate appraisal is generally performed ...
FAQ About Corporations: Organization And Capital Stock Transactions
A corporation is a business organized as a legal entity separate and distinct from its owners under state corporation law. How Did Justice John Marshall Define 'Corporation'? In 1819 Chief Justice John Marshall defined a corporation as "an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. What is Authorized Stock? Authorized stock is the number of shares that the State Department in Albany authorized the corporation to sell, and which is specified in the charter. What is Book Value per Share? Book value per share is the ownership or equity a common stockholder has in the net ... market research, surveys and trends
Whole-business Securitization Lands in Europe: Ten Lessons to ...
The asset-backed market has grown to become one of the largest capital markets in the world in terms of size and volume. Since 1998, companies have increasingly often used whole–business securitization to refinance whole lines of businesses that frequently form a substantial part of the assets of the ... market research, surveys and trends


Adjustable Rate Preferred Stock: Definition and additional ...
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--BUSINESS WIRE--Oct. 23, 1998--Alabama Power Co. announced today the full redemption of their 7.25% Series First Mortgage Bonds (Cusip Number 010392CJ5) due 2007 and Adjustable Rate Preferred Stock (Cusip Number 010392660), according to William B. Hutchins, III, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Research articles 1998-10-23 Sallie Mae announces applicable dividend rate for Adjustable Rate Preferred Stock WASHINGTON--BUSINESS WIRE--March 23, 1995--Sallie Mae today announced an applicable dividend rate of 5.00 percent per annum on its Adjustable Rate Cumulative Preferred Stock, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Face amount financial definition of Face amount. Face amount ...
That is the amount the issuer has borrowed, usually the amount you pay to buy the bond at the time it is issued, and the amount you are repaid at maturity, provided the issuer doesn't default. However, bonds may trade at a discount, which is less than face value, or at a premium, which is more than face value, in the secondary market. That's the bond's market value, and it changes regularly, based on supply and demand. The death benefit of a life insurance policy which is the amount the beneficiary receives when the insured person dies. It's also known as the policy's face value. The value of an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Even If A Bond Doesn't Default, You Can Still Lose Your Money
Richard Lehmann is a Forbes fixed income columnist and publisher of two Forbes newsletters. He is author of "Income Investing Today"   The recent rise in municipal defaults has again surfaced the debate as to what constitutes a municipal bond default.  Issuers and bond underwriters, as well as many bondholders want to limit the calling of a default to a failure to make interest or principal payments to bondholders when they are due. Others go so far as limiting it to only when the trustee officially declares the issue in default.  Some go so far as to say that if a bond is insured and bondholders receive back the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
What Is Your Doctor Saying About You?
We’ve all seen our doctors scribbling in our charts after the exam. Now new research is exploring whether it’s a good idea to let a patient read the doctor’s notes, reports the Informed Patient column in today’s Wall Street Journal. A study currently under way, called the OpenNotes project, is looking at what happens when doctors’ notes become available for a patient to read, usually on electronic medical records. In a report on the early stages of the study, published Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers say that inviting patients to review the records can improve patient ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A Definition of Shareholder Value Creation
A Definition of Shareholder Value Creation. 3. Equity Market Value ... + Other payments to shareholders (discounts on par value, share buy-backs....) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Utah Code Section 57-8-3 - Utah Code
     (1) "Assessment" means any charge imposed by the association, including common expenses on or against a unit owner pursuant to the provisions of the declaration, bylaws, or this chapter.      (2) "Association of unit owners" means all of the unit owners:      (a) acting as a group in accordance with the declaration and bylaws; or      (b) organized as a legal entity in accordance with the declaration.      (3) "Building" means a building, containing units, and comprising a part of the property. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What is Fair Value Accounting
senior CDOs return their par value with accrued interest as long as the ... FAS 157's fair value definition reflect the semantics behind the “fair” in “fair ...
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WikiAnswers - Definition of par stock
A Stock or Equity Shares are the most common form of stocks. "Equity" means ownership anybody who owns a share/stock of a company owns a portion of it. What is the definition of a stock on sale? I think you are referring to value priced stocks. They are stocks that are cheaper than they ought to be for some reason. In other words, their value is more than the value they are selling for. That... Related articles: SEC Ponders the Meaning of Exchange'.(Securities and Exchange Commission mulls terminology,... Securities Industry News ; Mar 24, 2003; 700+ Words ...these days is loaded definition preoccupied with ...
Financial Stocks: definition of term, wacc calculation, frank hartmann
As a part of my masters degree, I am currently taking an accounting class.  I have some difficulties understanding a couple of terms.  Basically, I have been looking at the following valuation sheet of a hypothetical corporation: Total Assets                           $10,000,000 Total Liabilities                        $  4,000,000 Stodkholders' Equity ...