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Special Report on

PC Total Cost of Ownership

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"understand" : { "content":[ { "slide":"T005", "title":"Savings Estimator", "media":" ", "content": [{ "heading":"Intel® Xeon® Processor-Based Server Refresh Savings Estimator", "paragraph":" This tool enables you to enter data about your existing server environment to evaluate the value and benefits of replacing aging servers with those based on Intel® Xeon® ...
was released only a few months after Windows 2000 and one year before Windows XP, but Windows Me was not intended to be, nor did it serve as the successor to Windows 2000. Windows Me is designed for home use, while Windows 2000 is designed for business. Four editions of Windows 2000 were released: Professional , Server , Advanced Server , and Datacenter Server . Additionally, Microsoft sold Windows 2000 Advanced Server Limited Edition and Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Limited Edition , which were released in 2001 and run on 64-bit Intel Itanium microprocessors . 1 While each edition of Windows 2000 was targeted to a different ...
Why is the PC Desktop in the Coporation So Expensive ...
As has become my annual habit, I'm providing a list of 10 companies, most of them relatively small, that I think will be worth watching this... How Not To Underestimate Apple's Market Share A couple of years ago I wrote a posting entitled; Apple's Market Share Is Bigger Than You Think. I doubt if Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO,... The Why and How of Parallel Programming Why should we care about Parallel Programming? That's an easy one: 2009 saw the introduction of the 8-way chips and 2010 saw their... iPhone Flash, Java, SME - There's No App for That You have to give Apple credit for ... market research, surveys and trends
Green IT: Reap the Rewards of Hardware Recycling -
— In late 2000, Union Bank of California concluded that it was time to refresh its desktop PCs every four years, based on findings from a PC Total Cost of Ownership Study. This meant that 200 PCs would have to be retired every month. Unfortunately, there was no strategy in place for the task, or even a designated person or department to manage the systems. "Until then there was no process for disposing of PCs," says Julie LeDuc, IT group purchasing manager at Union Bank. "Each department would do its own thing, either storing them in warehouses, saving them for contingency purposes, ... market research, surveys and trends


PCs as Strategic Assets
At Intel, PC total cost of ownership (TCO) has shrunk by 67 percent since 1995. Intel .... gains valued at USD 26 million (three-year net present value). ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
State of the Client « Intel Premier IT Professional
Mobility, global distribution, greater amounts of data have changed how Intel gets work done. Learn how Intel IT responds. With 94,000 clients across 66 sites in 28 countries, the state of the client at Intel has shaped how we work, what we buy, and how we manage. Each month, we exchange: 140 million e-mails, 1,996 terabytes of data, and back up 989 terabytes of information. All of this data flying around the globe has created some challenges for Intel IT, and we are responding with nimble ways of doing business. We are trying to increase the ways that workers share their knowledge to create innovative solutions and shape ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Canon U.S.A. Honored with Six Awards from Buyers Laboratory, Inc.
LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., Aug 12, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Building upon its reputation for leading-edge technological innovation and streamlined office solutions, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the Company has received six awards from Buyers Laboratory, Inc. (BLI) for outstanding performance in quality and key environmental benefits. "Canon prides itself on developing and bringing practical, eco-conscious and innovative solutions to the marketplace, and we are honored to receive these prestigious accolades from BLI," said Junichi Yoshitake, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Thinspace Launches TST1000 Zero Client
Thinspace, the UK's only thin client computing vendor, has announced the launch of the TST1000, its PCoIP zero client appliance for demanding corporate users with rich multimedia PC needs within organisations requiring cost saving, carbon reduction and security benefits of server-based computing. The TST1000 enables organisations, from 3D design workshops to world-class universities, to further reduce the cost of desktop IT, ease environmental compliance and improve security management, by extending highly controlled, server centric IT environments to power users of technology who would otherwise require expensive, high ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


PC Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Leasing: The Realities of ...
May 10, 2007 ... PC Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Leasing: The Realities of. Reducing PC Ownership Costs. Adam Braunstein. Director of End-User Computing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SO31 The Virtual Desktop—A Computer Support Model that Saves Money ...
Most state agencies and departments have adopted their own "standard" suite of software for their employees who use computers. Software for e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and the like are installed on each employee's computer. This practice is becoming increasingly expensive. "Virtual desktops," which provide Internet browser-based access to software applications that reside on a central server, could substantially lower the cost to the state, while increasing productivity and lowering state government's total cost of ownership of personal computers. When state agencies and departments supply their ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Reducing your TCO
This paper is the intellectual property of the author(s). It was presented at CAUSE98, an EDUCAUSE conference, and is part of that conference's online proceedings. See for additional copyright information. CAUSE98 Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the Desktop Abstract: We are going to look at the factors and elements that make up the T otal C ost of O wnership (TCO) for desktop computing. Over the last ten years, the TCO for desktop computing activities has been dropping in general terms. Institutions that actively addressed and developed strategies and ...
What total cost of ownership (TCO) models are you using ...
I suppose its for a replacment of existing hard ware. In that case the costs are often assigned to the department responsible for the system, and much of the benefits are felt in the business ( better performance, less down time, etc. ) A good TCO model should pay attention to these benefits, even if they are hard to quantivy. For example. Lest down time, means a better customer ervice provided by the sales department, this will lead to more sales. How much ?? The earnings that come from the extra sales ?? You will not be able to put a number to it, but it is shure worth mentioning. If you what good and solid literature on TCO ...
Intel vPro Expert Center Blog: PC Refresh Cycles and Windows 7 ...
It’s understandable that in today’s economy that you might consider pushing out your PC refresh cycle to save cash today.   This is an area of cost cutting that many companies consider so you’re not alone.   But if you have considered, or are considering, pushing out your PC refresh cycle, have you factored in all of the costs that impact that decision?   These costs include the unexpected costs of supporting older machines once the warranty has expired, higher energy costs compared to new machines, and more.     The total cost of ownership starts to increase out in time and will ...