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Personal Finance Blogs

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We've published Feb 2010's rankings at the same url to keep it fresh with the latest rankings. Makes bookmarking easy :). Updated on March 04, 2010 : Welcome back to our rankings of personal finance (pf) blogs for Feb 2010 based on traffic data of Jan 2010. It requires a lot of hard and smart work to figure among the best personal finance blogs. Heartiest congratulations to all those who made it to our list of " Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs ." Before we move on to the rankings, we'd like to mention that we are running a giveaway for the book" Get Financially Naked - How to talk money with your honey
Belated Birthday Giveaway
Discussion is encouraged!  However, only 1 comment per person will be counted towards GRABBBR, so please, no spam.  For more information about GRABBBR, including how to gain additional entry points, visit the official GRABBBR page . OK. I lured you with the Giveaway, but what is this belated birthday stuff?  Confession:  Personal Finance by the Book was one year old on July 1!  Knowing it was sometime in July, I had been planning to mention it this month.  However, when I checked it a couple of days ago, I learned that it had come and gone.  Oh well, not to worry.  I had already scheduled my featured GRABBBR post on July 7, ... market research, surveys and trends
100 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Recent College Grads | Online ...
If you’re a new college graduate, chances are you’re in need of some money advice. Whether you’re looking for a job, need to pay off student loans, or just want to get on the right track while you’re still young, you can find lots of great advice and resources in blogs. Check out this list to find 100 personal finance blogs that are great for recent graduates. General These blogs take a big-picture look at personal finance. The Penny Saved : Check out The Penny Saved to find advice for personal finance and career building. Five Cent Nickel : Find personal finance tips at Five Cent Nickel. Mint : On ... market research, surveys and trends


PBL May Spend US$1.8 billion to Buy US Casino | North America ...
If completed, the purchase will immediately add to earnings once approved by regulators, which may take between 12 months and 18 months, Sydney-based Publishing & Broadcasting said in the statement. Chester Profit PBL may buy the Chester Casino from Harrah’s, which is being acquired by buyout firms TPG Inc. and Apollo Management Group, the Review said. Meadows Racetrack & Casino may be sold to Packer’s company by Bill Paulos and Oaktree Capital Management LLC, the newspaper reported. Chester operates more than 2,700 slot machines in 100,000 square feet of gaming space that is open 24 hours every day of the year. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
10Q Detective: How to Make a Million--Follow the Schedule 14A.
Investors often overlook SEC filings, and it is the job of the 10Q Detective to dig through businesses’ 8-K and 10-Q SEC filings, looking for financial statement ‘soft spots,'(depreciation policies, warranty reserves, and restructuring charges, etc.)that may materially impact Quality of Earnings. The 10Q Detective thought that it was time to do a self-help column for our readers. Money: Not how to spend it—but how to get it. Plugging in the words “million, dollars, get,” on several Internet search engines pointed us to hundreds of URL addresses with inventive, resourceful, and/or mundane ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Do Financial News Websites Really Help Your Finances?
The Internet is overflowing with tips and advice of all types, but possibly one of the most popular forms of advice given online is related to personal finance and bank accounts . There are a number of places to find information on finances, including financial news sites like Wall Street Journal and CNN Money . However, many personal finance blogs have also cropped up with tons of valuable advice so many in fact that one could wonder if financial news sites are really as useful for day-to-day financial assistance as the blogs. To explore this idea, let's take a look at what financial news sites as well as personal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
On peso cost-averaging
“Dollar cost-averaging is a timing strategy of investing equal dollar amounts regularly and periodically over specific time periods [such as $100 monthly] in a particular investment or portfolio. By doing so, more shares are purchased when prices are low and fewer shares are purchased when prices are high. The point of this is to lower the total average cost per share of the investment, giving the investor a lower overall cost for the shares purchased over time.”—Wikipedia This is a good idea and a good risk-management tool, well at least in theory. My good friend Kendrick Chua in his blog ( ) has a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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•Online outreach to personal finance blogs for features and giveaways. Author Bio. Dave Kansas is the former president of FiLife, an online personal finance ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Director's Blog » Blog Archive » House Budget Testimony on ...
Chairman Spratt, Ranking Member Ryan, and Members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me to testify this morning on the budgetary and economic implications of the recent turmoil in financial markets and the Administration’s proposal to address it. Since August 2007, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury have been attempting to address a series of severe breakdowns in financial markets that emanated from the bursting of the housing bubble, leading to substantial losses on mortgage-related securities and great difficulty in accurately ascertaining the financial condition of the institutions holding such securities. Those ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
As economy sours, personal finance bloggers enjoy traffic spike
When Carrie Kirby leaves CVS, she usually carries out household goods and, remarkably, a couple of bucks more than she started with.   You see, Kirby, 35, of Oak Park, Ill., is sort of a whiz with coupons. A combination of reward programs and diligently collecting manufacturer and store coupons — found both online and through old-fashioned clipping of store circulars, as her Depression-era grandmother did — has helped Kirby and her family of five live off an $80 grocery budget, and except for a mortgage, live a relatively debt-free life.   Kirby documents her frugality and offers tips on her blog Frugalista . She's among ...
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Online financial resources | Ask MetaFilter
I've searched old threads and found a lot of information about how to save money, but I know how to do that. What I want, at this point, is to *read* about saving money, or about eroding debt, or developing/maintaining a budget. My family has a budget and a savings account -- neither is especially extensive, at this point, but it's something that we're working on. Because I find the subject interesting, I want to read more blogs and websites about finances, as well as examine other types of financial software, calculators, and spreadsheet setups. Google returns so many hits (and so many of them shady-seeming) that ...
Financial books for a college graduate | Ask MetaFilter
My bro is graduating from college this month and is asking a lot of financial questions regarding investment/savings/etc. As the first college graduate in the "real world" he's asking me for some advice. I am looking to get him some books that I liked ( by Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman ) that have helped me out. I was seeing if there are other tomes of financial wisdom that I should get him for graduation (there are other gifts.. don't worry I'm not that lame;) Scott Adams wrote a very good book on personal finances. Unfortunately, he couldn't get it published because it was only 129 words long. ...