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You want to make sure that you can keep your job if times get tougher. Here are five things you can do to improve your chances of being kept on: Come up with ways to cut costs . See areas of waste at your company? Point out practical ways to improve efficiency and cut costs in the workplace. Obviously, now is not the time to ask for a raise. Bonus: If you can see a potential new revenue stream that requires a low (or better yet, no) cost investment, get that going. Someone who is innovative at stretching resources is more valuable than someone who does nothing more than consume them. Boost your visibility. You want to be noticed ...
buys the loan (debt) from a bank or directly from a corporation. Bonds are debt instruments sold to investors for organizations such as companies, governments or charities. The investor can then hold the debt and collect the interest or sell the debt on a secondary market . Banks are the main facilitators of funding through the provision of credit , although private equity , mutual funds , hedge funds , and other organizations have become important as they invest in various forms of debt. Financial assets , known as investments, are financially managed with careful attention to financial risk management to control financial risk .
Avera Motors | The Personal Finance Playbook
It’s 9 pm on a warm Friday night in July.  The year is 2010.  But you know that.  My wife and I are in Florida visiting her family.  We’ve just arrived in town from St. Louis, and we’re on our way to see the facility for an automotive start-up called Avera Motors . Avera’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, greets us looking disheveled in a loosened tie and invites us inside the Avera building.  The building has a distinctive start-up feel.  It’s clean, and the walls are splashed with bright, vibrant colors.  Adding to the start-up feel is that several members of what’s always referred to as the ... market research, surveys and trends
House Flip Update / Roundup
albeit a bit slowly.   We removed all kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures, along with all of the old paneling and ceiling tile, leaving exposed studs and rafters throughout.  The “gutting” process was pretty easy; the building back a bit more of a challenge.   Of course (in case you were wondering), we did have a master plan before we began.  We have modified that master plan a few times, but (being as the electric work – which I did – is complete), it is pretty much set. So…things started hopping this week!  My son and I have been installing sheetrock in as we have time, but our hired installers ... market research, surveys and trends


HEADS UP: $1 million portfolio goes live THIS week! | Money and ...
But once we start investing, it will be impossible to admit new members. So if you’d like to invest along with me, your final deadline is this coming Wednesday. The full report is on my website . And for more details on my investment approach, you can also review “The 11 Laws of Bear Market Success.” Here’s how it works: I opened a brokerage account online at Fidelity. I deposited $1 million of my own money into the account. And to run it, I chose a man with an unbeatable, but prudent, track record in both bull and bear markets. Next, this week, two full trading days before I start investing, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Washington's Not Listening to Weiss Research … But YOU Are ...
In it, we warned how the unprecedented attempts by the Fed, the Treasury and Congress to bail out financial institutions and pump up financial markets would fall flat on its face. We said: “It’s not nearly enough; and, at the same time, it’s already far too much.” We listed specific reasons for this bold statement. And we included the steps that will ultimately guide us to make prudent and courageous choices. Washington Ignored Weiss Research … Regrettably our bleak predictions were correct. Now, scores of institutions survive on government life support with no end in sight. Meanwhile, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Peninsula Boss Builds for the Future
Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or visit MANAGING IN ASIA JULY 19, 2010, 9:03 A.M. ET Seated in a plush corner suite of Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel, Clement Kwok seems relaxed as he runs through the list of daunting challenges he has faced in the past 12 months as chief executive of Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels Ltd., the company that owns the Peninsula chain. In March, a new 235-room hotel on the Bund in Shanghai ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
You're already a multimillionaire
Do you find yourself falling in line to bet on that elusive lotto number that will be your ticket to a lifetime of riches? Do you plunge into books and attend seminars looking for that secret shortcut to becoming a millionaire? Do you rack up overtime just to build up your hoard of wealth? See, here’s the thing. You don’t need to do all that. In our training programs, people always come out as multimillionaires. No, they don’t just come out feeling like a million bucks. They come out knowing that they truly are multi-millionaires! If you haven’t heard this already, financial planners will tell you that the first step to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


When Is It Time to Liquidate an Asset? | Personal Finance Corner
Personal Finance Corner. When Is It Time to Liquidate an Asset? Tuesday, May 13 2008. Five Most Recent Posts. Identity Theft: Protect Your Children ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
From Our Corner » Blog Archive » R-71 petitions: High court will ...
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge of Washington’s practice of releasing initiative and referendum petitions under the state’s voter-approved Public Records Act. The court said it would hear oral arguments, possibly as early as April 19, on the appeal brought by Protect Marriage Washington, opponents of Washington’s new  “everything-but-marriage” domestic partnership law. The organization and several unidentified John Doe members of the campaign won a district court ban on disclosure of Referendum 71 petitions last September, but lost in the 9th U.S.  Circuit Court of Appeals.  ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Exploring the University of Virginia and Charlottesville
located above the Central Grounds Parking Garage on Emmet Street, is an excellent source of books, souvenirs, and information about the University and surrounding area. The bookstore offers a section on local authors, texts and picture books about Charlottesville and the University of Virginia, as well as U.Va. memorabilia. Newcomb Hall: The student union, Newcomb Hall , houses snack shops on its lower level and an information desk on the third floor. Places to Stay: Check out local hotels and motels near the University. A collection of student shops, ...
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Better to have a corner lot in a subdivision? - Yahoo! Answers
I have been in real estate for 32 years. Builders often charge more for corner lots- but I think that makes no sense for the buyer. When you sell you will not get a higher price just because it is a corner. It often just means you have a much larger front yard and smaller back yard- and that is the opposite of what most people want. You may be able to drive a boat into your backyard for storage. You are almost guaranteed to have high traffic in front of your house 5 months ago There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: April 13, 2009
How to make corner grocery store(Kirana Store) adapt to changing ...
Kirana store are traditional mom-pop store in indian context, they are almost controlling 90% of retail business in India. I wanted to refer changing retail scenario as entry of organized retail business (like spencer, walmart) into india. Refer wiki answer below for more details on Kirana store Location specific: India posted 4 months ago in Small Business | Closed Share This Director of Business Development ...