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Private finance initiative

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The full business cases for the 15 first wave private finance initiative (PFI) hospitals in England and Scotland projected reductions in acute beds of about 30% in the five years before the opening of the new replacement hospitals The new PFI Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, which will fully open in 2003, is the cornerstone of Lothian Health Board's healthcare plan for its acute hospitals What this study adds Compared with other Scottish NHS hospitals, service delivery has been reduced across Lothian associated with PFI development The planning targets and increase in clinical activity in acute specialties in Lothian ...
Health Advisory: E-Channels Could Generate Major Savings
Using electronic channels could save the health service organisations hundred of millions of pounds, according to speakers at the NHS Confederation conference They said it is possible to cut transaction costs, reduce the need for travel and increase self-service through using online channels. Joanne Shaw, the chair of NHS Direct, said the organisation reckons it could save the health service £150m annually by introducing online decision aids. "It's demand management, in an entirely ethical way," she told a conference session on e-health innovation, in Liverpool on 23 June 2010. NHS Direct is currently ... market research, surveys and trends
Capital spending: how protected? by Mark Hellowell - Public ...
Over the last year, plans for two large hospital projects have been in development – plans which, in many respects, look very similar. Both involve the replacement of old, physically denuded facilities in poor parts of northern England, one in Hartlepool, the other in Merseyside. Both involve serious amounts of capital investment – £450 million in the former case, £320 million in the latter. But the two projects differed in one important respect: the proposed method of financing. On the Hartlepool scheme, an innovative new form procurement was to be adopted, in which the private sector contractor would provide a small ... market research, surveys and trends


Trends in European Public Finance: Is the UK Outsourcing ...
In 1992, the United Kingdom (UK) began the implementation of an innovative public finance program that offered the promise of rebuilding Britain's infrastructure without a politically unpalatable increase in public borrowing or taxation. Termed the "Private Finance Initiative" ( PFI PFI Pay for Inclusion (web search engines) PFI Private Finance Initiative PFI Private Finance Initiative (UK) PFI Prison Fellowship International PFI Port Fuel Injection (engines)   ), this program emerged from the conservative administrations of the 1980s and early 1990s as an extensive form of outsourcing of traditionally ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Britain: What will a 20 percent cut in public spending mean for ...
With the international financial institutions demanding that Britain rein in its ballooning debt, all the main political parties are committed to deep-going cuts in public expenditure to pay for the bank bailout and further enrich their corporate backers. The government’s budget deficit has risen to nearly 12 percent of GDP. The total accumulated debt is £952 billion and this is set to rise to £1.4 trillion in 2014-15 as a result of the bank bailouts, subventions, guarantees and quantitative easing measures—not far short of Britain’s entire GDP. With no curb on their activities, the banks continue with their reckless and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
We all lose in NHS privatisation
It is a devastating indictment of 13 years of Labour rule. But the privatisation of the National Health Service is now stronger than ever It is a devastating indictment of 13 years of Labour rule. But the privatisation of the National Health Service is now stronger than ever and the NHS looks certain to move even more dramatically and rapidly into the market place. While Scotland and Wales are reverting back to decisions that protect the public NHS, England continues to promote the mishmash of public and private and it seems highly unlikely that the coalition Government will reverse this trend. The internal market was introduced ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Private firms 'should share benefits of big hospital contracts with NHS'
Cumberland Infirmary in Cumbria was the first hospital built under the private finance initiative. Photograph: Loftus Brown/PA The NHS should be allowed to share the benefits of "efficiencies" made by private companies who have won lucrative contracts to build and manage hospitals under the private finance initiative , according to report from the National Audit Office yesterday. The report into the performance of PFI in the health service praises the private sector for making savings but with the NHS being asked to find £20bn in efficiencies it recommends that the government looks to recoup some of the money by ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
HM Treasury, More Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals expected as .... Treasury Committee, The Private Finance Initiative, HC 146 1995/1996, para 33. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chapter 2: Highway PPP Program Characteristics - Public-Private ...
In the countries the scan team studied, highway PPPs play a pivotal role in enabling national and regional mobility, and the team observed both similarities and differences in PPP philosophies, policies, and practices. While conclusions on the relative merits of one policy or practice over another are premature, the team obtained a rich spectrum of information for consideration. This chapter provides a basic overview of the host nation PPP programs, including their origins, role, structure, evolution, and public acceptance. Accordingly, it provides a foundation for the more detailed discussions in subsequent chapters. In 1972, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Flexible Design in Public Private Partnerships: A PFI case study ...
Since May 1997, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has been a dominant procurement ... relationship in PFI in the health sector is between a public authority, ...
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I am looking for advisory companies for build up an network of 12 Hospitals in Europe Country = 5 million Citizens In the hospital should be only ambulances. The advice should be in 1. Appropriate technical equipment. 2. Organization of the processes in the hospital on it self and in the network. Best experienced companies witch already have an network or advice an networks of hospitals and is placed in Europe. Hello, rudovnencak-ga! I have found a few companies which might offer an avenue for consulting and advice in the construction of new healthcare facilities in Europe. If none of these companies work out to be ...
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Is public sector unit the other name given to govt owned companies? In what context do they differ from proper government sectors? Is it something related to shareholdings? The public sector is the part of economic and administrative life that deals with the delivery of goods and services by and for the government, whether national, regional or local/municipal. Examples of public sector activity range from delivering social security, administering urban planning and organizing national defenses. The organization of the public sector (public ownership) can take several forms, including: * Direct administration funded through ...