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Public Finance Review

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Supported by a five-year, $10 million grant from the Institute for Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education, CALDER is a federally funded National Research and Development Center. The center will harvest state and district administrative data on individual teachers and students for insights into how state and local policies, especially teacher policies, governance policies, and accountability policies affect teachers (e.g., who teaches what students) and students (e.g., academic achievement and attainment). CALDER will mine the longitudinal databases that have emerged as educational systems face increased ...
is a proposed tax on financial transactions, which could be implemented globally, regionally or unilaterally by individual nations. The tax has been supported by economists, politicians and civil society organisations from around the world. Conceptually similar to the Tobin tax , it would affect a wider range of asset classes including the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, commodities, unit trusts, mutual funds, and derivatives such as futures and options. The Tobin tax was proposed for foreign currency exchange only. A UK based campaign for the Robin Hood tax was launched on 10 February 2010 1 and is being run by a coalition ...
Public Sector Economics (Hardback) - Routledge
How does government taxing and spending affect an economy, and how can we determine whether government policies promote a society’s economic objectives? What economic activities should governments undertake? Should they do less? How should an optimal tax system be designed? What information is required to determine the best possible distribution of income? And what are the advantages (or otherwise) of a federalist structure of government? These are the kind of dizzying questions addressed by those working in public sector economics, and this new title in the Routledge series, Critical Concepts in Economics, meets the need ... market research, surveys and trends
Reaction to yesterday's fiscal summit
Yesterday’s meeting on our country’s fiscal situation, hosted by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, yielded some notable and worthwhile quotes.  The meetings attendees were all experts in fiscal policy and/or the economy or have served in high level, policy-influencing positions.  The following are just a few of the comments from yesterday: “[The deficit is] not a Wall Street problem [but a problem with which all Americans should be concerned]… I’m more worried about this than at any time in my lifetime.” – Robert Rubin , former finance executive and former Treasury Secretary to President Clinton “We’re in a crisis…” – Lawrence ... market research, surveys and trends


Public Finance Review
PUBLIC FINANCE REVIEW, Vol. 33 No. 3, May 2005 300-317 ..... those with assets between $50 million and $1 billion, and 77 percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Future Casino Tax Yields: What Recent Trends in Casino Wagering ...
This article considers and investigates the future growth potential of the state's wagering taxes. Gaming markets in many states that legalized casino gaming in the 1990s have matured, so the days of extremely robust annual revenue growth may be on the wane. Revenue growth looms large in Indiana as the wagering tax has become a major source of funding for the state's property tax relief program. In 2008, about $486.3 million in revenue from the riverboat wagering tax was directed to property tax relief. What's more, all revenue from the separate racetrack casino wagering tax is dedicated to property tax relief. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Rwanda: PEFA Results Satisfactory - Finance Minister
Kigali — The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, John Rwangombwa, has said that the results achieved in the last three years of implementing the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Assessment (PEFA) in the country, are satisfactory. Rwangombwa made the remarks yesterday while officially opening a two-day PEFA training workshop in Kigali, which aimed at informing the stakeholders of the nature, purpose and content of PEFA. "For the first time after the first review (2006) we were able to produce the first consolidative financial statements for the government and we see tremendous improvements in the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gunnar Myrdal: Fiscal Policy in the Business Cycle
Vol. 29, No. 1, Supplement, Papers and Proceedings of the Fifty-first Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association (Mar., 1939), pp. 183-193 : Underbalancing the budget during a depression is not primarily a deliberate policy but a practical necessity. ... Depression, in modern society, causes a fall in all sorts of public income -- rates of taxation remaining the same -- and at the same time a rise in the bulk of public expenditure, especially for social purposes, standards of welfare policy remaining unchanged. The traditional, conservative reaction of the fiscal system to these influences by business on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Public Finance Review. Wicksell, K. (1896). “A new principle of just taxation,” in. R.A. Musgrave and A.T. Peacock (eds.) Classics in the Theory ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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The new NYSE rules for corporate governance require the audit committee to discuss and review the firm's risk assessment and hedging strategies. They also put additional requirements for the composition and the financial knowledge of the directors sitting on the board and on the audit committee. In this paper, we investigate whether these new rules as well as those set by the Sarbanes Oxley act lead to hedging decisions that are of more benefit to shareholders. We construct a novel hand collected dataset that allows us to explore multiple definitions for the financially knowledgeable term present in this new regulation. We ...