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Special Report on

Putty in Baltimore

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A Hamilton Film Group production. (International sales: Hamilton Film Group, Baltimore.) Produced by Jordan Mintzer, Steve Holmgren, Joyce Kim, Eric Bannat. Directed, written by Matt Porterfield, from a scenario by Porterfield, Jordan Mintzer.   With: Sky Ferreira, James Siebor Jr., Zoe Vance, Dustin Ray, Cody Ray, Charles "Spike" Sauers, Catherine Evans, Virginia Heath, Casey Weibust, Drew Harris.   Named for a Baltimore working-class district, "Putty Hill," Matt Porterfield's shoestring-budget sophomore effort (after the little-seen if much-lauded "Hamilton") gathers real people in ...
The Sondheim Artscape Prize: 2010 Finalists Exhibition at BAM ...
This is the fifth year of the prestigious annual award, organized by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts. The Sondheim Prize is designed to assist visual artists or visual artist collaborators in furthering their careers by awarding a $25,000 fellowship. The winner of the competition will be announced during an award ceremony on Saturday, July 10 at 7pm at the BMA. The Sondheim Artscape Prize winner is selected after the jurors review the art installed at the BMA and interview each finalist. The jurors for this year’s competition are Robert ... market research, surveys and trends
IFFBoston 2010: Putty Hill - pullquote
fell through. It's an ungainly phoenix, if not a cinematic chimera outright, a sooty verité-fiction hybrid that follows a clutch of people gathering for a funeral in Baltimore. The film rolled into Boston trailing behind it a well-received screening at the Berlinale, New Yorker film scribe Richard Brody 's perfervid boosterism of all things Porterfield, SXSW love, and a unanimous vote from the lovely lads on the narrative feature jury in Atlanta. Even more persuasive, Baltimore native Gabe Wardell, the head of ATL FF, gave it his highest commendation. [Disclaimer: One of its producers has become a friend after ... market research, surveys and trends


Baltimore Magazine - Flicked Off
"Gooood morning, BAAAL-ti-more!" burbles Tracy Turnblad, the zaftig heroine of Hairspray, as she skips down a Highlandtown block in the opening song-and-dance number of the 2007 movie-musical. The scene onscreen looks authentic, right down to the marble stoops attached to the Formstone row houses, but anyone with access to (The Internet Movie Database) knows the truth. The scene wasn't filmed in Highlandtown. In fact, it wasn't even filmed in Baltimore—or Maryland, for that matter. It was filmed on a Toronto soundstage, just another in a recent string of major Hollywood productions that have flirted with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Articles about Baltimore Travel Plaza - Baltimore Sun
H&S Bakery Inc. co-owner John Paterakis Sr. is on the verge of selling his 175-room hotel at the Baltimore Travel Plaza to an Atlanta company in a move that could provide capital for his proposed $134 million Wyndham Hotel at Inner Harbor East.Bask Hotels Corp. declined to say how much it was paying for the Best Western at the East Baltimore travel plaza, but a hotel industry source said the purchase price was $12 million.Salim Jetha, Bask Hotels' president, said the property is desirable because of its location between Baltimore-Washington International Airport and the city's convention center, as well as LTC its ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Frank Wren Has the Atlanta Braves Winning Again
ATLANTA --  Imagine asking Michelangelo to create the Sistine Chapel, except your budget allows for only a few water colors and crayons. Or perhaps you would like him to erect the Statue of David—only you provide him with Silly Putty as opposed to marble or stone. Well imagine being Atlanta Braves general manager Frank Wren, and you've been saddled with the task of resurrecting the once-perennial playoff contender with a budget only slightly north of $80 million, and you're competing in a division that includes the back-to-back NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies and free-spending New York Mets. This can not ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Notes from the Underground
So said Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov, whose paradoxically enchanting urban poem, "Man With the Movie Camera" (1929), is excerpted in "Visionaries," an engaging documentary surveying the history and key players of the experimental cinema movement. The full title — "Visionaries: Jonas Mekas and the (Mostly) American Avant-Garde" —indicates the real subject of the film, the influential critic and filmmaker who was scheduled to pick up a lifetime achievement award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival this weekend. Mekas, 87, unfortunately is "stuck in Europe," a CUFF representative relayed Thursday. But the weeklong ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Tech Bulletin
Apr 18, 2005 ... DAP Inc., 2400 Boston St., Baltimore, Maryland 21224 ... It is ideal for filling small holes and cracks in interior or exterior surfaces ... Painter's Putty '53' ® is not for use on insulated glass units with an organic ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Baltimore County Coastal Rural Legacy Area
Putty Hill. Magnolia. Hart-Miller Island. Sparrows Point. High Point. Edgewood. ¡¢4 0. ¨§¦95. Baltimore County Coastal Rural Legacy Area ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Guide to Baltimore and Towson - Layout 2
and see everything that Baltimore and Towson have to offer. .... Place Shopping Center, 1238 Putty Hill Ave., Towson, MD,. (410) 821-9111 ...
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Great inventions happened by accident? - Yahoo! Answers
Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in 1930 at the Toll House inn she and her husband Keneth ran near Whitman, Massachusetts. Like a bed and breakfast she made food for her guests. One evening in 1937 she got the idea to make a chocolate butter cookie so she broke up one of the bars of semi-sweet chocolate that Andrew Nestle gave her. She thought that it would mix together with the dough & make all chocolate cookies . Needless to say, it didn't. However the cookies came out decent so she served them. They of course were so good they had to be done again. She published the recipes in several newspapers and the ...