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Quantitative Finance Jobs for PhDs

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Market Risk Business AnalystLondon, City, ContractWe are currently looking for 4 Market Risk Business Analysts for a major regulatory programme within Market Risk. The suitable candidates will have knowledge of Market Risk reporting processing gained through years working in Market Risk. You will be able to specify user requirements and take control of work flow from the Market Risk managers through to technology. This is a major change programme with global impli... more 06 Jul 2010 10:49 London - �90K + Bonus London based Investment Bank are Looking to hire a front office PhD quant analyst with an in depth understanding of ...
All Large Calculations Are Wrong
lessons I have learned there, have been sociological rather than mathematical or financial. Political rather than quantitative. Finance is business, distilled to its pure essence, in concentrated form. And business (in its better and worse moments) is about people, and agendas, and glad-handing, and personality and charisma, and luck, and salesmanship, and deal-making, and emotional intelligence, and listening, and talking. Very few of those things are “quantitative” in any real sense. When they are, the “quantitative” is often window dressing, frills, tricks used to make the pitch-book more ... market research, surveys and trends
New mathematics/physical sciences positions at http://jobs.phds ...
market research, surveys and trends


Skills—Engineering Science
by Chris Mooney on the need for scientists to adopt better strategies for communicating with the public. A central point: [Scientists] assume that if only their fellow Americans knew more about science and ceased to be in a state of knowledge deficit, a healthier relationship between science and the public would emerge. Yet there is another possibility: perhaps scientists misunderstand the public and fail to connect in part because of their own quirks, assumptions, and patterns of behavior. Indeed, there is no guarantee that increasing scientific literacy among the public would change core responses on contested scientific ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Career Guide for Scientists — Science, Math, and ...
Teach For America is a non-profit organization that recruits recent college graduates from all academic majors to teach for two years in under-resourced and rural schools. If you are a math, science, or engineering major, please ask us about our special intitiative to bring more math and science teachers into schools where they are greatly needed, and to ensure that math and science corp members remain connected to the broader mathematics and scientific communities throughout the two year commitment. AT&T Labs Research " We are helping computers to speak, hear, and understand. We are deep into distributed computing, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Namibia: The Swapo Party?s Think-Tank and the Inner Party?s Disciple
The Secretary-General and Minister of Justice Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, at the launch of the SWAPO Party Think- Tank said: "Comrades, in our efforts to implement the Political Programme and Election Manifesto of the Party, we should be critical and analytical, as to how our programmes, projects, and policies are strengthened to complement the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of the central, local and regional government's national development planning." Therefore, the 'Think-Tank' must provide a new contemporary content, context and historic tasks to the latter task. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day Highlights: Hibbett Sports, Buffalo Wild Wings ...
We maintain our Outperform recommendation on Hibbett Sports (Nasdaq: HIBB) as we anticipate it to perform well above the market. Hibbett's sharp focus towards mid-sized and smaller markets and strategic mix of branded as well as localized merchandise provide an edge over its rivals. The company easily surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate in the first quarter of fiscal 2011 and boosted its guidance. Hibbett's management is also committed towards expanding the store network in fiscal 2011. Moreover, the company's debt-free balance sheet and full availability ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Metamorphosis of Finance Education
Master's degree programs in general finance and quantitative finance have grown .... education programs can compete with the “PhDs” for these jobs. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The GSChronicles
careers for PhDs, with a great search engine that finds tons of jobs in industry , non-profits, and quantitative finance. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Finance & Banking - MIT Careers Office
The Kauffman Fellowship is an educational program designed to educate and train emerging leaders in venture capital and high-growth companies. The Fellowship is dedicated to enhancing the human investment in the venture capital process globally. Fellowship applicants must have a graduate degree (preferably in business, science or technology) and five years full-time professional experience. Finance for Physicists Leaving Physics for Finance - Jennifer Hodgdon's experience Martingale International Search ...
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Bright Spots in the PhD Job Market? | Ask MetaFilter
For those us who love academic life but know that our dream jobs as English or anthropology professors are likely pipe dreams, are there any PhDs that afford better job possibilities? I'm thinking marketing, mass communication studies, or education. Any input? I am currently a graduate student in psychology (quantitative), but I do know that many of my fellow students have geared their research toward business / consumer research. Even better, the tweaking of your interests doesn't even have to go too far in the business-y direction. I know 3 social psychologists and one specializing in judgment and decision making ...
How's the job market for entry-level PhD Quantitative Finance ...
I'm currently a PhD student with Quantitative Finance specialization in the US. Could you please share your opinion about the state of QuantFinance/Financial Engineering/Risk management job market for the likes of me. I'm scheduled to graduate in Dec 08, but could it make sense to postpone the graduation? Thanks in advance, Nik I'm not a US citizen, so there are some restrictions as to the time frame available for the job search after graduation. Let's say I will have 10 months to find something after official graduation. posted July 22, 2008 in Staffing and Recruiting , Derivatives Markets | Closed Share This