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Special Report on

Re Sigma Finance Corporation

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In Glynn v Margetson & Co [1893] AC 351, in relation to a dispute about a deviation clause in a bill of lading, Lord Halsbury observed, at 359, that �both carrier and customer differ very widely sometimes as regards what is reasonable and what is not, and for that reason they call upon Courts of Law to construe sometimes somewhat loose and irregular instruments�. The Court assumes that 'mercantile men when they do business � recollect that a business sense will be given to business documents'. In re Sigma Finance Corporation [2009] UKSC 2, in construing the terms of a security trust deed, Lord Collins similarly ...
The court held that the principles of interpreting such clauses were well-established and involved looking at the document as a whole, including any background information the parties would have had when the contract was made.
What do you mean, 'as far as possible'? | Magazine Comment | Building
The Supreme Court has been looking at how to interpret words. It favours looking at commercial intention rather than literal meaning – but are intentions any easier to fathom? Drafting contracts is not always easy and what is certain is that each party will seek to interpret contractual provisions in whatever way best suits its purpose. Disputes do not happen when the meaning of the words is perfectly clear, they happen when there is some ambiguity or uncertainty, which is then used by parties to argue for two different outcomes. When it comes to interpreting contracts, Lord Hoffmann set down the rules. He did it originally in ... market research, surveys and trends
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As many organizations struggle to cut costs, streamline processes and improve efficiency to survive the current economic climate; the bar has certainly been raised for HR leaders to deliver optimum services, and in some cases, drive positivity into disillusioned workforces. But how often is HR invited to the table when tough management decisions are being called? To discover what benefits HR Transformation may bring to an organization, it is important to anticipate the returns – both quantitative and qualitive before embarking on that journey. The following roundtable session explored HR Transformation at the 13th Annual ... market research, surveys and trends


The Credit Crunch After-Party
The bank-on-bank taboo has fallen in Europe. So far it's been a boon to U.S. courts, and to one U.S. firm in particular. In 2002 a German bank in the backwater of Kiel, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, sought to boost its returns by investing in a synthetic credit default obligation (CDO) issued by the Swiss megabank UBS AG. The investment was a disaster: a near-total loss of $500 million. When the German investor, now called HSH Nordbank AG, sued in February 2008, it became the first non–U.S. party to bring a significant credit default case, and made UBS the first non–U.S. bank on the receiving end of one. This ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New horizons in insurance and banking, according to Swiss Re sigma ...
to cross industry and national boundaries. Technological progress has reduced costs while stimulating innovation. Because of their many interrelations with other financial intermediaries, insurance industry participants stand to benefit from knowing more about financial intermediaries: how they operate and succeed, compete and collaborate, profit and grow. Growing importance of financial intermediaries Operating from major global centres such as London, New York, and Tokyo, financial intermediaries (FIs) help clients manage risk, channel funds from savers and investors to businesses seeking capital, and facilitate the clearing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Aust stocks close 1% higher
buoyed optimism and an improving euro indicated confidence in Europe's ability to deal with its debt crisis overnight. At the 1615 AEST official market close, the benchmark S&P/ASX200 had lifted 1.19 per cent to 4,559 points, while the broader All Ordinaries had added 1.2 per cent to 4,572.1 points. IG Markets analyst Ben Potter said the domestic market had followed the impressive set of leads from the US. "We’re seeing concrete evidence now that the market is paying attention to the strong economic data that continues to flow," Mr Potter said. "Price action is reflecting this, with the S&P 500 closing above the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources Stock Brain Presents!! AMEL,SNGX,DRLY,NLEF:: Sign Up Today!!
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In Re Sigma Finance Corporation (in administrative receivership ...
In Re Sigma Finance Corporation (in administrative receivership) and. In Re The Insolvency Act 1986. (Conjoined Appeals) before. Lord Hope, Deputy President ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Corporation view the Baldrige. Criteria, ISO 9000, and Six Sigma as ... product/ service, financial, human resource, and organizational effectiveness. ... where we are, ISO helps us document what we're doing, and. Six Sigma helps us to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WHAT IS SIX SIGMA? Donald P. Lynch, Ph.D. University of Michigan ...
efficiently as possible, without major re-design and re- configuration. This is often called the Design for ... end, financial performance. Six Sigma also differs in that it .... meaningful goals and objectives for the corporation with ...
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WikiAnswers - What is lean and six sigma
Lean and sixsigma are certificates sold by companys for profit. Normaly these companies will advise the buyer on how to run there business and will acredit them when they can show that they have paperwork to match their criteria. Lean critera would involve minimising the stock held "in house" as in "Just in Time" managment founded by the Ford motor company in the 1920's and minimising footfall in doing certain procedures as in time managment. Sixsigma would involve minimising product defect to within defined criteria as in Total Quality Managment(TQM) refer to Dr E W Deming circa 1950 and Philip Crosby ...
WikiAnswers - How is Six Sigma used
Six sigma is a measurement scale upon which improvement / performance can be gauged or overall methodology that provides standardized problem-solving tools improvement. . In layman's terms, the idea is that by using basic statiscal tools to identify sources of variation that cause defects in your processes, you can attack each one of those sources of variation and decrease the number of defects your process generates. The concept of a Six Sigma process comes from a process which yields most of it's output within the specification limits required by customers. In the case of a six sigma quality process (1.5 sigma ...