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Special Report on

Reputable Debt Settlement Companies

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If the claims of each and every debt settlement company were to be believed, then the world must be filled with reputable debt companies only. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 20, 2010 – If the claims of each and every debt settlement company were to be believed, then the world must be filled with reputable debt companies only. Each and every company claims to be a part of the list of most reputable debt settlement companies. Needless to say, this cannot be true. How to separate the genuine service providers from the frauds and scam artists? The fees model of the ...
sometimes 'J-V') is a legal entity formed between two or more parties to undertake an economic activity together. It is a term more restricted to the US and the 'new' countries on the world map such as India and China. The JV parties agree to create, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity . They then share in the revenues, expenses, and assets and "control" of the enterprise. The term is not used in the U.K. where 'company law' originates. In European law, the term 'joint-venture' is an elusive legal concept, better defined under the rules of ...
About Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Services Should I File Bankruptcy ...
When personal debt reaches the kind of level where you just cannot see how you could ever be debt free again, many people think that bankruptcy is their only option.  While bankruptcy is a way of ending a very serious debt situation in a relatively short period of time, it is an extremely serious step to take, with drastic and long lasting consequences.  These include losing control over all your assets and possibly losing your home, having your bankruptcy publicised in the press, difficulty getting credit or even opening a bank account and not being allowed to work in certain professions. For most serious debt situations, ... market research, surveys and trends
Are Debt Settlement Companies Reputable Debt in 12-36 Months Or Less!
The current state of the economy has left millions of people searching for solutions to their credit card problems. One of the main options chosen by consumers is debt settlement companies, but because of all the traumatic experiences of some with scamming financial agencies people aren’t sure anymore if they should seek the help of these debt management companies anymore. Whatever you may decide, what is true is that the majority of reputable debt settlement companies are what they are: reputable. They are there to help consumers manage their finances and to assist them in debt management so that they will be able to pay ... market research, surveys and trends


Choosing the Right Debt Settlement Company
A Google search for “Debt Help” will generate page after page of financial service companies offering different solutions to help you get out of debt. The various “Debt Help” options are generally Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation, and Bankruptcy. In this article I will focus on Debt Settlement and what you can look out for in the consultation process to help you make your decision with confidence. For more information on Debt Settlement and how it works, please visit Most Debt Settlement (also known as Debt Reduction) companies follow a similar process in qualifying and enrolling ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Free Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Debt Management
The annoying early morning phone calls, the overflowing mailboxes…in a time when many are suffering the effects of the economic crisis sweeping the globe, it is important to have a have a relief plan to help you consolidate your debts. With the constantly changing interest rates, it can appear that your hole is only getting deeper, and there is a need to rise up above water and achieve independence from credit card debt. This is the goal of SYD Financial and Debt Settlement : to assist our clients with debt relief, and ensure that good financial practices are implemented to prevent such problems from arising in the future.  We ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New Era Debt Solutions Applauds FTC's 'No Up-Front Fees' Mandate
/PRNewswire/ -- When the Federal Trade Commission announced its breakthrough FTC regulation last week aimed at protecting unsuspecting consumers from unscrupulous practices by some debt relief and debt settlement companies, New Era Debt Solutions had a one-word response: "Finally!" Among other things, beginning October 27 , it will be illegal for companies to charge any fees before a debt is settled, and New Era Debt Solutions feels this is the way business should be done. (Logo: ) (Logo: ) "It was easy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Ten Commandments of Credit Card Debt Relief
an online freelance writer in the field of personal finance, with a concentration in consumer debts and debt relief solutions. Follow him on Twitter @totaldebtrelief . Many debt relief counselors actually forget to skip this point because the consumer credit specialists assume any head of household would rightly prize the sanctity of hearth and home above all else. However, once borrowers begin to tackle their credit card debt problems--and more importantly, recognize the ruinous effects of compounded interest rates nudging twenty percent in the worst cases--they somehow forget about the relatively low interest mortgage payments ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


PR Log - Legitimate Debt Settlement Programs - Where to Find the ...
Jun 2, 2010 ... debt relief network that is associated with multiple reputable debt settlement companies. To qualify for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
agreement with a debt settlement company, you should consult with a reputable debt counseling agency. If you believe that you have been taken advantage of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
f/k/a . . . the archives » FTC smites debt negotiation firms (updated)
” (by Eleanor Laise, Oct. 14, 2008).  Such firms claim to “negotiate” with creditors in order to greatly reduce your overall debt.  The article underscores our own concerns about the services and fees of “debt settlement” or “debt negotiation” firms, some of which are run by lawyers.  See our comprehensive prior post “ doubts over debt-negotiation fees ” (July 21, 2008), which focused mainly on Net Debt and the affiliated Contego Law Firm . We dug a little further this afternoon, because a person who represents the industry left a comment yesterday saying that the Federal Trade ...
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I'm trying to find a reputable debt settlement company? - Yahoo ...
I've looked at a few that seem promising, but would like feedback from anyone who has had any experience...good or bad...with any of the companies so I make the right choice. Some companies are: Capital Debt Relief, Crusader Consumer Services, Preferred Financial Services, Trinity Financial Mission. Any advice, experience, feedback is greatly appreciated! My credit card debt is about $35,000. I have consulted with a law firm about Bankruptcy and found out I would qualify for Chapter 7. I have all the paperwork to fill out & know the fee to just seems like such a damaging and lost lasting thing though. ...
Collections Law: debt settlement, lump sum payment, irs tax
I live in Az and have heard that even if one settles with there creditor or collection agency by making a lump sum payment and has in writing that the account will show paid, that they can turn around and still sue you for the unpaid portion....This true?  Why would anyone attempt to settle if that is true and just file bankruptcy instead?... Answer Hi James. No, that's not true. If you agree to settle, get the agreement in writing from an entity authorized to settle the debt, and can show proof that the payment was made (copy of paid check, receipt, etc)'s a done deal as far as the active collection efforts ...