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Restructuring Proof? Ask East Cameron

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a confidential business report from Eskom, which it claims proves that the electricity provider has been selling power to BHP Billiton at below cost. Eskom acting chairperson and CEO Mpho Makwana has threatened to take DA MP Pieter van Dalen to court, terming the leaking of the document to the politician "a form of a crime". The 291-page document marked "strictly confidential" backs up a statement Van Dalen made during Makwana's briefing to Parliament's portfolio committee on public enterprises that Motraco (the Mozambique Transmission Company) owes Eskom R100-million. Makwana told Business Report ...
Economic recession is our best hope.
Recessions are common; depressions are rare. As far as I can tell, there were only two eras in economic history that were widely described as “depressions” at the time: the years of deflation and instability that followed the Panic of 1873 and the years of mass unemployment that followed the financial crisis of 1929-31. Neither the Long Depression of the 19th century nor the Great Depression of the 20th was an era of nonstop decline — on the contrary, both included periods when the economy grew. But these episodes of improvement were never enough to undo the damage from the initial slump, and were followed by ... market research, surveys and trends
Britannia Radio
reports that EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn has said that the eurozone's €500bn aid package could be used to recapitalise failing banks, if the EU's stress tests reveal inadequate capitalisation. Should a country exceed its national funds to support ailing financial institutions it can expect financial backing from the fund, Rehn said. He added that a programme is needed for the dispersion of these funds, focusing on the recapitalisation and restructuring of the banking sector.   Meanwhile, in the Telegraph , Ambrose Evans-Pritchard looks at the EU's stress tests for European banks ... market research, surveys and trends


International Socialism: The shape of the working class
‘There was a time when one in four of the world’s big ships were built on the Clyde and more than 1 million of the UK’s workers were coal miners. Today the supermarket giant Tesco’s employs just over 250,000 workers—making it the biggest private sector employer’.1 So began a report on BBC 2’s Newsnight. The programme took for granted the ‘common sense’ argument that the traditional working class in Britain is in terminal decline and is being replaced by a low paid, unorganised, part time, casualised workforce based in the service sector. These conclusions are drawn from two ... industry trends, business articles and survey research - Transcripts
MAX FOSTER, ANCHOR: Make or break time in Greece. Germany says details of a bail out will be worked out in days. These in contagion no growth. Portugal's prime minister tells investors, we're not the next Greece. And Spain gets the downgrade treatment. The third country this week to have its credit rating cut. I'm Max Foster for Richard Quest. This is Quest Means Business. Good evening. I'm Max Foster in London, and tonight on Quest Means Business, we have extensive coverage of the crisis playing out in Greece. Frederick Pleitgen is in Germany where Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, the IMF, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Morning Bell: A Crisis of Competence
The Presidents leadership could be sumed up in one axiom- problem, reaction, solution. We know the problem is one of the worst ecological disasters to hit this country ever. The reaction by the Administration has been a mess from the begining. The solution the President offers is more taxes, and less drilling, and more regulation. Funny it is what he wanted before the disaster ever to place in the Gulf. Is it possible that the White House is using a veil of apparent incompetence to disguise the fact that they are intentionally allowing the oil to spread and inflict as much damage and financial pain as possible? Might this ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Feb 1, 2005... to be offered as well as obtain proof of transfer of membership and a copy ... Discussion ensued regarding organizational restructuring of TBI. ..... east of Cameron Avenue and south of Richmond Avenue (grazing land for cattle). ... Assuming that the Board approves this restriction, He would ask ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
In re: Virgil Liptak;Liptak v. Thornhill et al.
removal for the Showa Denko lawsuit and then asking a bankruptcy judge .... creditor's burden of proof for showing case not filed in good faith is .... restructuring and to re-establish efficient business operations with the goals of ...... Cameron, 733 S.W.2d 137, 140 (Tex. 1987); Browning v. Placke, 698 S.W. 2d ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
capacity, and it is only meaningful to ask if the configuration of ...... purchasing power from the spot market in the east would have seen $89 as the price ...
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