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Special Report on

Sigma Finance Corporation

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The Court of Appeal had held that Sigma's assets were to be distributed to certain creditors holding notes that matured within a 60-day realization period following an enforcement event, in priority to other secured creditors. Facts Sigma was a structured investment vehicle (SIV) which invested in asset-backed securities. It financed such investments by issuing short-term commercial paper and obtaining liquidity from other sources, including facilities and currency and interest-rate hedging. All of Sigma's assets were secured under the terms of a security trust deed dated March 27 2003 in favour of Sigma's secured ...
The court held that the principles of interpreting such clauses were well-established and involved looking at the document as a whole, including any background information the parties would have had when the contract was made.
Hypo Bank Gets Emergency Credit Facility Ā« naked capitalism
The prospect of an almost-as-big-as-Lehman bankruptcy evidently focused the mind of the officialdom. The providers are private firms, but one imagines, a la the LTCM rescue, that they were given a big prod by regulators It appears the amount of the facility is sufficient to refund maturing paper, but likely falls short of the end of troubles for this highly geared bank (a mere 6 billion euros of equity supporting a 400 billion euro balance sheet). From Bloomberg : Hypo Real Estate Holding AG, Germany’s second-biggest commercial-property lender, has been provided with a credit facility by a grouping from the German ... market research, surveys and trends
Six Sigma Paths, a Success Story From Jordan, a Close Study on ...
I want to bring my readers into the core of a Six Sigma implementation processed in Jordan, and would like to point them to a new success story from Jordan, the talk about Jordan Telecommunication Corporation, which later became a company, it was a Governmental department established more than many decades ago, the corporation has a comprehensive Infrastructure in the Communication field, since it is the only provider for all communications services; the corporation was incapable to cope with the great ever-increasing demand for its services. The waiting time for household telephone lines was consequently extended to ... market research, surveys and trends


The Credit Crunch After-Party
The bank-on-bank taboo has fallen in Europe. So far it's been a boon to U.S. courts, and to one U.S. firm in particular. In 2002 a German bank in the backwater of Kiel, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, sought to boost its returns by investing in a synthetic credit default obligation (CDO) issued by the Swiss megabank UBS AG. The investment was a disaster: a near-total loss of $500 million. When the German investor, now called HSH Nordbank AG, sued in February 2008, it became the first non–U.S. party to bring a significant credit default case, and made UBS the first non–U.S. bank on the receiving end of one. This ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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MBIA complains that it has already lost $1.4 billion on ... underwriting review, 91 percent of the loans-gone-bad vio- lated the guidelines. .... Sigma Finance Corporation set the priority of creditors owed $6 billion by the failed ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hedge Fund Perry Capital Buys Gilead Sciences Inc., CocaCola Enterprises ...
As of June 30, Perry Partners was up 9.08% for the year. Perry took down long exposure and added protection to the portfolio during the quarter. Noticeably, Perry sold his holdings in Citigroup. As he disclosed: We sold our entire Citigroup common equity position in Q2.This is still an interesting leveraged play on worldwide economic recovery, but given the appreciation of the stock price and our renewed concerns about GDP growth and the ramifications of financial reform, we decided to liquidate this investment . According to the most recent filings of his investment company, Perry Capital, Richard Perry owns 48 stocks with a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Candidates voice their political views
I am running because I believe that the education of our children is the number one priority of our community. I believe that our teachers, coaches, administrators and support staff can have a positive impact on the lives of our children. Our role as Board Members should be to foster this relationship and always remember to keep the children as our focus. I moved here 5 years ago because after careful consideration, my family and I believed this was the ideal community and school system for us. I believed it then and I believe it now that Jā€™ City School System is on the best in the state. I want to be a part of working with ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Sigma Finance Corporation - No Longer First Among Equals?
Sigma Finance Corporation was the world's largest structured investment vehicle (SIV), which invested in asset-backed securities and other financial ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Six Sigma
in Six Sigma ā€“ Healthcare, a Master Certificate in Six Sigma ā€“ Financial Services, ..... Patrick is the Value Stream Manager for PTM Corporation. Prior to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Beta Nu Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity
When Sigma Tau Delta was founded in the early part of the century, Case School of Applied Science was a young school, growing and trying to gain a reputation as a quality scientific school. The fraternity system on campus had begun in 1884 when Zeta Psi was founded, and at the time of the Sigma Tau Delta founding in 1909 eight fraternities were active on the campus. The founders of the fraternity were A.J. Bohrer, Fred W. Fiehl, George K. Sauerwine, and F.K. Zeichman. The fraternity was incorporated by the state of Ohio in June of 1909. The date as to when the fraternity was actually formed is suspect because we know that Sigma ...
Does Nikon own Sigma corporation? - Yahoo! Answers
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How can Lean Six Sigma be used in a church environment? | LinkedIn ...
Bob, you are a 6 Sigma guy, are you wanting to increase efficiency and reduce waste at your church? Eliminate error? If you are wanting to create better processes for doing things, such as outreach, it couldn't have some uses. However, religious organizations are usually very resistant to change of any type. I would question whether or not the effort, which has to have champions at all levels of the organization, could be the best use of your time. I meant to say, it could have some uses in the first paragraph. Apologies, typing too fast. You might want to take some lessons from non-profits that have used Lean Methods. ...