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Special Report on

Social Finance Foundation

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Social Finance Foundation works through Social Lending Organisations (SLOs) which interface directly with borrowers. Below we have provided you with a flavour of their clients and the projects they have supported. For more information, please Contact Us .   HomeCall Optical Care is a business that was formed and is being run by siblings Patrick & Teresa Flanagan.  The business was created to provide the highest level of eye care to patients, within their community. They provide the service particularly to the elderly or disabled who are usually unable to access their high street optometrist. Clinical Director, Patrick, ...
world accessible to direct experience through inner development—more specifically through cultivating conscientiously a form of thinking independent of sensory experience. 1 In its investigations of the spiritual world, anthroposophy aims to attain the precision and clarity of natural science 's investigations of the physical world. 1 Whether this is a sufficient basis for anthroposophy to be considered a spiritual science has been a matter of controversy. 2 3 Anthroposophical ideas have been applied practically in many areas including Steiner/Waldorf education , special education (most prominently the Camphill Movement ), ...
Pressies at the UN « Ipaun's Blog
At the UN on Tuesday 2 February there was a great gathering of PBVM’s. Today was the Civil Society Forum which precedes the Commission for Social Development. While the process was a familiar one for Fatima Rodgrigo our PBVM NGO at the UN, the day was inspiring for our PBVM Interns and visitors. Joan Kennedy from Victoria is in New York as an Intern for 6 months while Bridget Gochera from Zimbabwe, Aquila Sy from the Philippines, Mary Walsh from Sydney (Wagga Cong.) and Suzanne Gentle from Queensland are at the UN for 4 months. Emer Manning and Mary Deane from the Union Leadership Team are visiting for a fortnight. ... market research, surveys and trends
Lots of Information at the Dublin 12 Funders Market
held a Funders Market today in Crumlin Parish Hall. I made it for the afternoon session at about 1ish. I always find you get something out of these events & it was great to see one being held in the local Dublin 12 area.  Today was no exception, I heard some really good talks & made some potentially good connections for the Bosco Football club & Drimnagh Community Network. There didn’t appear to be many groups represented from Drimnagh whilst I was there, which was a shame, as there was a lot of good stuff. I guess one of the major challenges for community & volunteer workers is getting the time to attend these events. ... market research, surveys and trends


Presentation Sisters Union eNews - Digital Print Edition Date of ...
... sisters various other Religious Orders and the Social finance Foundation. ..... There are now 1.02 billion hungry people in the world – that's one in six people, ... More than 60 percent of chronically hungry people are women ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Consumer Reports Survey: 52 Percent of Social Network Users Post ...
Annual State of the Net Survey Found Around $4.5 Billion Lost to Viruses, Spyware and Phishing; Tests of Security Software Reveal that Free Options Offer Ample Protection The number of online U.S. households using social networks such as Facebook and MySpace has nearly doubled in the past year expanding online opportunities for criminals.   According to Consumer Reports latest State of the Net survey, in the past year, 52 percent of adult social network users have posted personal information such their full birth date which can increase their risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. The survey results, tips to protect ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Microfinance Organization Pro Mujer Wins Morgan Stanley Social Enterprise ...
on June 16 announced microfinance organization Pro Mujer as the winner of the second annual Morgan Stanley Social Enterprise Strategy Challenge. This initiative features teams of Morgan Stanley employees providing pro-bono strategic advice to non-profits and competing for the honor of the best pro-bono advisor. The team developing business strategy recommendations for Pro Mujer was selected as the winner for providing the highest-impact analysis and advice. Over the past eight weeks, teams of outstanding Morgan Stanley professionals worked closely with 12 New York ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Interview with Mr Big Society
In opposition, David Cameron's quest for an ideology led to "big society". The argument was that Britain's people could find the resources of moral courage and enterprise to improve themselves, rather than relying on the state. As a slogan it proved a hard sell on the doorstep. Conceived as an antidote to Labour's "big government", big society was too fuzzy. At best it conjured up soft images of sympathy for others. At worst it made the Tory leader look like a waffling leftie prepared to peddle Utopian visions to get elected. But now that Cameron is prime minister, big society has proved no ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


New Bank Funding Model for the Social Finance Foundation . .... A similar landmark was reached by the Social Finance Foundation (SFF) as an agreement was ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What young workers should know about Social Security and saving
financial foundation. • Social Security helps replace earnings during retirement . Financial planners generally agree retirees will need about ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies | Student Activities
The NYU Student Social Venture Fund Practicum Course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship through engaged grant-making. Class members will function as the staff of a real fund – supervising the Fund’s operations, conducting due diligence on applicants, making grant recommendations, and providing management assistance to grantees. The focus of the Fund will be to support New York City-based new and emerging institutions and new revenue-generating subsidiaries of existing nonprofits. The course involves academic instruction, readings, case studies ...
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Examples of effective social media use by Foundations | LinkedIn ...
I went to a presentation from this company that focused on the medical community, but we also talked about non-profit work. They use social media as part, not all, of a plan to promote good work. They also talked about why social media plans don't work, to help you better prepare for the journey ahead. Good luck in your efforts. posted 6 months ago Working toward greater diversity and inclusion in the legal management profession. see all my answers Best Answers in: Non-profit Management (1) Greg, Two examples I am aware of: ::: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ( You'll ...