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Social innovation; creative finance

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Stanford Social Innovation Review is an award-winning magazine covering best strategies for nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses. Published quarterly by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In fewer than two decades, Teach for America has gone from a struggling start-up to a powerful force for education reform in the United States. Launched in 1989 by college senior Wendy Kopp on a shoestring budget in a borrowed office, the organization now attracts many of the country’s best and brightest college graduates, who spend two years teaching in America’s neediest public schools in exchange for a modest ...
in 2007, the rankings were released by The Times Higher Education Supplement. QUT is also ranked 10 in the Australian Universities National Ranking in 2007. This was compiled by the Melbourne Institute which is an applied economic and social research centre under the University of Melbourne.
Social Capitalism Drives Social Adaptation |
The Adaptive Cycle: Holling, C. S. 1986. Resilience of ecosystems; Social capitalism is an old idea taking on an new form in the age of social media where social capital, creative capital, and intellectual capital are deployed outside the construct of the prevailing corporations or governments. Throughout human history, societies have reorganized themselves in response to tyranny, innovation, environment, new wisdom, etc. I believe this to be the root of what Social Capitalism is, and therefore, how it should be defined. In The Shadows: The dominant definition of “Social Capitalism” from Wikipedia reflects a social ... market research, surveys and trends
Innovation Requires Being Creative « For Progress, Not Growth
told of how G.M. sacrificed innovation for profits.  The article stated “G.M.’s biggest failing, reflected in a clear pattern over recent decades, has been its inability to strike a balance between those inside the company who pushed for innovation ahead of the curve, and the finance executives who worried more about returns on investment.”   Realizing that continued failure to innovate is the path to extinction, how has G.M. responded? Well it seems rather than transforming its management and becoming an organization wherein innovation naturally emerges it has decided to try buying it; it has chosen to become a corporate ... market research, surveys and trends


Weekly News Roundup: Social Innovation Fund, Facebook 500 million ...
News from the Case Foundation and what people are talking about this week in the world of giving, tech and everything in between. Inaugural Social Innovation Fund grantees selected Yesterday, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced the first round of grantees for the Social Innovation Fund , which, as reported by Justmeans , will "help distribute some $123 million in public and private dollars to catalyze social innovation." Firstly, we congratulate all 11 organizations that were selected, including our partners at Venture Philanthropy Partners , which received $4 million in a two-year grant to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Rediscovering Social Innovation : Center for Social Innovation (CSI)
Our first “Editors’ Note” defined social innovation as “the process of inventing, securing support for, and implementing novel solutions to social needs and problems.” That same manifesto also described the publication’s unique approach to social innovation: “dissolving boundaries and brokering a dialogue between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.” Over the last 20 years, we have seen an explosion in applications of business ideas and practices to nonprofit and government works. 1 We have also watched businesses take up the cause of creating social value under the mantle of corporate social responsibility, corporate ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
LanX: A Social Innovation Conversation
On the observation of The Grameen Creative Lab's inaugural "Worldwide Social Enterprise Day," I was fortunate enough to have a discussion with Trex Proffitt, architect behind the Lancaster Stock Exchange, or the LanX project. LanX is a securities exchange designed for local businesses and local investors in South Central Pennsylvania. In world of financial consolidation and systemic risk, LanX is bucking the trend with its value proposition echoing the likes of E.F. Schumacher; that Small is Beautiful . In is in this spirit that LanX was also recognized as the "Most Innovative Non-profit" at the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Capital Ideas How to Generate Innovation in the Public Sector
We see innovation in action every day in our lives. Whether it’s listening to music on a cell phone, or taking the latest medication to help tackle an ailment, our lives are better and easier as a result of the work to create new products and services. When we think of innovation, most of us think of the private sector. And that’s hardly surprising since private-sector innovation accounts for more than 85 percent of economic growth in the United States. But innovation is needed just as much in the public sector. Some of the impetus for innovation comes from new challenges such as childhood obesity, or climate change. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Business panel on future EU innovation policy
Finance social innovation funds, through a new partnership between the European ... support innovation, creative entrepreneurship and research, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Executive Office of Education - - Press Release
From Left to Right: Education Secretary Paul Reville, James Cleveland of Jumpstart, Casey Recupero of Year Up, Governor Patrick, Andrew Wolk of Root Cause, Vanessa Kirsch of New Profit, Lt. Governor Murray at the signing of the Social Innovation Compact. BOSTON - Building on his commitment to maximize existing resources and think more creatively about how to address persistent issues facing the residents of the Commonwealth, Governor Deval Patrick today signed a Social Innovation Compact with representatives of the social innovator community in Massachusetts representing 41 organizations. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social innovation; creative finance
Ten years ago, it was not fashionable for social enterprises to take loans. Even if they wanted to, nobody would lend them money. This was because of the ‘not-for-profit’ perception as the term is associated in the minds of many with charity. If social enterprises are not making profits, how can they repay their loans? Also, social enterprises were perceived as not being well-managed and commercially-minded enough. Social enterprises themselves were afraid to borrow, especially since they were being charged relatively high interest rates. However, perceptions are changing. In recent years, ...
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What perishable skills do you have? Do you have any creative means ...
When I studied electronics in college thermionic vales were still in use! I went through the through the transistor stage, TTL logic and integrated circuits stages and on to CMOS and now I see things I find hard to believe inside my own computer. All that is perishable skills. English language appears to be changing too, but I see that generally as a good thing. I didn't like it when an editor mangled the facts in an article I wrote and then compounded the ignorance by mangling the grammar too; but young and dynamic counts for more than older and knowing what you're doing. I told a finance writer the other day to study ...
Why Innovation Matters
Innovation is the key idea that is shaping corporate life, helping leaders conceive previously unimagined strategic options. Take acquisitions, as an example. Most are justified on the basis of cost and capital reduction: for example, the merger of two pharmaceutical companies and the global rationalization of overhead and operations and the savings from combining two sales forces and R&D labs. You can, however, buy earnings through acquisitions for only so long; cost-control, however necessary, is a defensive strategy. Innovation enables you to see potential acquisitions through a different lens, looking ...