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Special Report on

Social Security Depletion

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The spreadsheets linked to that post show that under current projections you can fix Social Security by implementing a 0.20% FICA increase in 2010, another of 0.10% in 2011, followed by a series of 0.20% increases in 2026-2036. The NW Plan doesn't set those future increases in stone, instead they are tied to a specific trigger, the date that either fund that comprise Social Security falls out of the Trustees primary official test, that of Short Term Actuarial Balance. As it happens DI already failed that test last year which explains the immediate increases for 2010 and 2011. But OAS retains a significant degree of ...
in reference to its three components. It is primarily funded through a dedicated payroll tax. During 2008, total benefits of $625 billion were paid out versus income (taxes and interest) of $805 billion, a $180 billion annual surplus. An estimated 162 million people paid into the program and 51 million received benefits, roughly 3.2 workers per beneficiary. Reform proposals continue to circulate with some urgency, due to a long-term funding challenge faced by the program. Starting in 2016, program expenses begin to exceed revenues. This is due to the aging of the baby-boom generation (resulting in a lower ratio of paying workers ...
Social Security Reform.....
A Freak of Nature I am, a Black, Female, Generation Xer, whose not liberal but understands and realizes why Hip Huggers {not the kind that reveals butt cleavage and/or thongs} Hip Hop, Mozart and Billie Holiday are great. I'm a member of the National Collegiate Scholars Society, The Claremont Institute, Young Americans for Freedom and American Association for Younger Workers {AAYW}. Welcome to my blog. We, the American people, have, before us, and put upon us, a most dishonorable crime. I say crime because if a private citizen were to to do it they would go to jail. The crime I'm talking about is Social Security. It ... market research, surveys and trends
RealClearPolitics - Death by Deficit
The Roman historian Livy famously described the terminal plight of the late Roman Republic: "Nec vitia nostra nec remedia pati possumus" ("We can bear neither our shortcomings nor the remedies for them"). As I reread this phrase in Christian Meier's biography of Julius Caesar this past weekend, I couldn't help thinking of America's current fiscal profligacy -- which has been growing for years at an ever-accelerating rate. Of course, since last fall's financial/economic crisis, the rate of profligacy has become supercharged. Like the Roman Republic's lament, we think we can't ... market research, surveys and trends


Weak Economy Moves Social Security Depletion Date Closer | Social ...
The Social Security trustees moved the projected date of the depletion of the trust fund forward one year to 2041 in their 2005 report. This change was driven almost entirely by the economy’s weaker than expected performance last year, as all the key long-term demographic and economic assumptions were left unchanged. The economy’s weakness caused the trustees to revise down the cumulative trust fund surplus projected for 2013 by approximately $100 billion (adjusted for new inflation projections) compared to the projection in the 2004 report. Specifically, the 2004 report had projected 1.7 percent employment growth in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Edinburg Politics » Blog Archive » Hundreds show up for ribbon ...
Medical, legislative, and community leaders from Edinburg and Hidalgo County participated in a July 11 ribbon-cutting ceremony welcoming the $15 million Cancer Center at Renaissance to southwest Edinburg, the latest phase in a $150 million expansion of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance. The 54,000-square-foot facility will bring 50 new employees and generate a $30 million economic impact to the city and the surrounding communities, said Mayor Joe Ochoa. “This is only a tip of the iceberg, knowing that we will have, when all of this expansion is finished, more than 1,000 employees and more than $1 billion in economic impact ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Troubled waters
Nobody had anticipated a century ago that countries would enter into major wars over oil. Today, when identical predictions are made over water, the response is strikingly similar: disbelief and a general lack of concern. But experts say things are going to change. Water is going to be the most contested resource in the world in the coming years. Indian think-tank Strategic Foresight Group's The Himalayan Challenge: Water Security in Emerging Asia, warns that the four countries of the Himalayan sub-region � Nepal, India, China and Bangladesh � will have to make do with 275 billion cubic metres less water over the next 20 years. market trends, news research and surveys resources
Beyond Gang Green
Jeffrey St Clair traces the corruption across three presidencies that led to disaster in the Gulf. It was bad under Clinton; worse under Bush. But it was Obama and his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar who set the stage for catastrophe. What’s the best way to create jobs? Eugene Coyle makes the case for the 4-day work week.  Have the CIA and MI6 destroyed classical music in the western world? Britain’s best known composer, Howard Blake, says Yes.  Order CounterPunch By Email For Only $35 a Year ! Weekend Edition July 9 - 11, 2010 By JEFFREY ST. CLAIR and JOSHUA FRANK O n May 3, 1969, after hours of bitter ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


View Publication - Trustees 2005 Rept
3 Dean Baker, “Weak Economy Moves Social Security Depletion Date Closer,” Center for Economic and. Policy Research, March 23, 2005, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social Security and the Federal Budget: The Necessity of ...
By law, the Social Security program is treated as an "off-budget" entity, and its financial figures are displayed separately from the rest of the budget. The separate display, along with the use of trust funds as an accounting device, is a means of distinguishing the program's finances from those of other government activities. However, the distinction can be confusing when it leads people to think of Social Security as an independent financial entity. Social Security is a federal program, and as such, all of its taxes are received by and its outlays dispensed from the U.S. Treasury. Focusing on an ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Asset Depletion Among the Poor: Does Gender Matter?
will show that asset depletion among urban poor households in Thailand ...... Retirement Savings Increase Retirement Saving?”, Mimeo, Social Security ...
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I am a single male and I currently run a newspaper route for USA Today as an independent carrier/contractor. I go to college during the day and I have no other money coming in as income other than the small amount that I make off of this route. At this time no taxes are withheld from my checks which only average around 300-400 every two weeks. I run this route in my own vehicle which averages about 85 miles per night. With the wear and tear and gas expense will I end up paying taxes next year? How do I file next year? You answered: You will end up paying taxes! You will be required to pay Payroll taxes, (AKA Self Employment ...