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Special Report on

Soft dollar commissions

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A fee paid to a mutual fund from investors' assets to cover the fund's distribution, marketing and other investor service expenses. This fee can be as high as 1.00% of a mutual fund's assets per year. The 12b-1 fee may include two components: Distribution Fees cover the fund's cost of selling and marketing its shares (such as compensating brokers, paying for advertising, printing and mailing sales literature, etc.) FINRA allows mutual funds to charge Distribution Fees as high as 0.75% of the fund's assets per year. Shareholder Service Fees cover the fund's costs to provide investors with ...
A soft dollar arrangement is one in which the investment manager directs the commission generated by the transaction towards a third party or in-house party in exchange for services that are for the benefit of the client but are not client directed. 2 Soft dollars, in contrast to hard dollars (actual cash), which have to be reported , are incorporated into brokerage fees and paid expenses, which may not be reported directly. Registered Investment Companies generally comply with the limitations detailed in Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 but hedge funds , which are generally not registered, are not subject to ...
Read the fine print, investors: Some mutual fund fees higher than ...
(some ETFs are able to pass on very little capital gains to the investor either through legal loopholes or just low turnover of the portfolio) What’s true of ETFs is also true for new investment models, called mirroring .  Trade mirroring allows investors to synch their online brokers with a portfolio manager’s every move.  Unlike a traditional mutual fund manager who pools assets together, newer structures have portfolio managers managing a theoretical model (3% in X, 5.5% in Y, etc.).  This model is executed in client accounts (which are typically held elsewhere).  When a portfolio manager makes a change in the ... market research, surveys and trends
Soft dollars–what they are and how their demise will affect ...
are commission or bid-asked spread payments (for over the counter securities) made at a higher than normal rate by investment managers to brokers as compensation for research services the broker provides. Although investment managers are required to obtain the lowest cost and the best execution in their trading for their clients, the SEC created a safe harbor years ago that allows soft dollar commissions to be paid, providing that: –services are genuinely for research, and –clients understand this is going on. The SEC has publicized the soft dollar issue a number of times and has given illustrations of types of ... market research, surveys and trends


Mutual fund brokerage commissions. | Banking & Finance > Financial ...
Mutual funds pay well over $1 billion in brokerage commissions per year.(1) In spite of the large amounts involved, empirical research on mutual fund brokerage commissions is relatively sparse. This lack of research is at least partially explained by the difficulty in obtaining information about mutual fund brokerage commissions. Under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, individual funds report actual brokerage commissions in the statement of additional information, a supplementary report not sent to investors unless specifically requested.(2) In addition, mutual fund guides typically do not report ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
August 26, 2004 Minutes
Chairman Anderson called the regular meeting of the Board of Investments (Board) to order at 8:35 a.m. in the conference room at 2401 Colonial Drive, 3rd Floor, Helena, Montana. As noted above, the meeting convened with seven members of the Board present. Member Ryan and Member Klawon were absent. Member Moore motioned for approval of the June 14, 2004 minutes; Member Beams seconded the motion and the motion was passed 7-0. PUBLIC COMMENT - Public Comment on Board-Related Items Chairman Anderson called for Public Comment of Board-Related Items. No Public Comment was made. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORTS Department ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Jamwa sent back to jail until July 7
BACK TO COOLER: Mr Jamwa (R) heads to court in Kampala yesterday where his bail application was denied. PHOTO BY YUSUF MUZIRANSA  Already facing charges of abuse of office and causing financial loss, former National Social Security Fund boss David Chandi Jamwa was yesterday brought to Parliament a subdued man; gone was the self-assuredness and bravado that had marked his previous appearances before accountability committees. Moments before his 10:30am arrival, he had appeared at the Anti-Corruption Court where Chief Magistrate Irene Akankwasa turned down his bail application and sent him back on remand until July 7. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange Weekly Market Views - June 27, 2010
Welcome to the Weekly Market Views report from DGCX, providing you with a snapshot of what׳s happening in the energy, precious metal and currency futures markets. Please note that the observations and views expressed in this newsletter do not reflect the views of DGCX and are solely the view of the writer (CPM Group).   Most commodities prices traded in broad ranges last week. Ongoing euro zone sovereign debt and deficit problems, an easing in equity values, and resurfacing investor pessimism about overall economic conditions capped commodity price gains that had emerged the previous week. Gold managed to set ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


dollar budget will include all anticipated uses of soft dollar commissions to acquire goods and services during the following fiscal year. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Report of the Working Group on Soft Dollars/Commission Recapture
The Soft Dollar and Directed Brokerage Working Group respectfully submits the following report and recommendations to the 1997 ERISA Advisory Council. I. WORKING GROUP'S PURPOSE AND SCOPE The 1997 Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans created a working group to study the need for regulatory changes and/or additional disclosure to pension plan sponsors and fiduciaries on soft dollar and directed brokerage practices. In choosing this topic, council members expressed concern this area lacked sufficient guidance for plan fiduciaries to properly administer ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
UTIMCO Soft Dollar Policy and Procedures
a higher commission rate must be paid due to the nature of the trade. Internal managers may propose soft dollar arrangements for the following ...
  1. profile image ForexFlashNews 'Soft-dollar' commissions rule takes effect June 30: The new national rule concerning soft-dollar commissions is s...
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The question is too complex to answer in a few lines. There is, however, an overarching issue of trust and fiduciary responsibility that sell-side firms have to address BEFORE turning to its implementation in important functions such as research. Simply put, there are still way too many conflicts of interest in many firms for the average investor's taste. Independence and objectivity are precisely why new shops are making substantial inroads in the business despite being out-resourced by large shops and being the last kid on the block. No fantastic building with first-class research can offset a bad foundation built on poor ...