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SSH and Putty

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I’ve been a C/D/H consultant for five years. I have the dual distinction of being both C/D/H’s first Southeast Michigan consultant AND our first VMware Certified Professional. Specializing in desktop management and virtualization, projects involving MetaFrame or ZENworks or VMware expose me to almost every corner of the enterprise, from messaging to networking to collaboration. Technology is what I work at. Family and music are what I work for. In my copious spare time I enjoy gardening, camping, and cycling. I play guitar and a little harmonica, sometimes simultaneously. It occurs to me that I could duct tape a tambourine ...
Breaking firewalls with SSH and puTTY – NOT with a proxy. | Matt ...
Not only is it a big bloated walkthrough, but your traffic is still unencrypted. Unless your school, work or other bought their filter technology more than 4 years or so ago, they can still see the header of your packets and where they’re headed. Even if you have a proxy set up remotely, they’ll still see that the request is eventually headed to, say, facebook, and will break the connection. No, you have to encrypt the ENTIRE stream. This is done with a simple SSH server on the server-side, can be a laptop, or thin client if you’re concerned with power consumption. Just google “breaking firewalls with ... market research, surveys and trends
Getting subversion svn+ssh:// to work with PuTTY | BitWorking ...
Now I initially tried doing all this with PuTTY and pageant, and any tips on how to get it working would be appreciated. I wanted to use subversion and host the repository on my hosted site, but running the dedicated server, or the running it thought WebDAV are basically out of the question. The dedicated server isn't allowed by policy and while Michal, the owner of cornerhost is a great guy and probably would have worked with me to get the WebDAV server up and running, I didn't want to tie up his and my time setting it up. I had seen people with root on their own machine spend quite a bit of time setting up subversion ... market research, surveys and trends


james mckay dot net
extension—an essential part of my toolkit these days, since it upgrades the experience of working with Subversion from “infuriating” to “tolerable.” First, you should clone or pull the latest version of hgsubversion and update it to tip before you upgrade Mercurial. This is due to breaking changes in Mercurial’s internal API after hgsubversion 1.1 was released. Second, there is a bug in hgsubversion , again due to breaking changes in the Mercurial API, that results in an exception when it is used with the bookmarks extension in version 1.6. I have implemented a fix for this in my own fork of hgsubversion , though at the time of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
You were a funny fucker, George. We both know there’s no afterlife and I’m talking to nobody here but rest in peace… or in chaos, as may be your preference. Posted in General | 1 Comment » April 12th, 2008 by fuzzix I thought I’d write this up as I didn’t find it all the required info written down in one place when I was trying to do this myself. I wrote earlier on configuring Icecast . One concern when setting up a streaming media service is opening additional ports on a server – you may be unwilling or unable to do so for various reasons. If you already have Apache running you can use ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Netbook 1×1 – Georg zur Datei-Synchronisation mit Netbooks
Unser Leser Georg Sauer beschreibt euch im folgenden Artikel, wie er das Problem der Daten-Synchronisation mit seinem Netbook geloest hat. In Zeiten, als der Personalcomputer Einzug in unser Leben hielt, war es schon Luxus auch nur einen PC zu haben. Später dann gab es zwar öfters auch mehrere Systeme in einem Haushalt, aber trotzdem hatte jeder nur einen Rechner, an dem er hauptsächlich arbeitete. Laptops waren noch lange „Luxusgut“ und Datensicherungen legte man auf Disketten, sowie später auch CDs, DVDs oder USB Sticks/Platten an, auch wenn wir Dateien außer Haus bringen mussten z.B. zu Freunden und Bekannten oder zum PC auf ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


How to create a root keypair files for dropbear, SSH and PuTTY ...
dropbear, SSH and PuTTY inside an ESXi. Server. First of all I discovered that the minimum keysize between SSH and dropbear keys are 768 BITS! Keep this ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
One-hop logins and File Transfers in Windows using Putty and SSH ...
It was tested using what at the time of this writing was the latest release version (beta 0.60) of the putty binary from the putty download site . At the moment it has only been tested using Windows 2000. Open Putty , by default it opens in the Session category. In the hostname field enter . The port field should already be populated with 22 . Under Protocol select ssh . In the Saved Sessions field enter tunnel , then press the Save button . Back to Top Navigate to the SSH-X11 category. Check the Enable X11 Forwarding box there. Back to Top Navigate to the SSH-Tunnels category. Specify some port number ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Computer Resources Manual - Network Resources - SSH and Putty ...
Every time you use telnet you are broadcasting your password, and anything else you type, all over the internet, so that any person with a program called a 'sniffer' can read everything you type. SSH is a protocol that allows information to pass between computers in an encrypted format. This means that the information is secured (confidentiality, integrity, and authentication) between the two parties for it's useful lifetime. Similar network security protocols (SSL, TLS) are used to secure your credit card and address information if you are buying something on the web. SSH ...
  1. profile image specialKevin I am noticing that all the SSH clients for windows have shitty UIs. What windows ssh client do people use besides putty and secureCRT?
  2. profile image coskan finally got my local admin right and freed from putty. it is definitely not my type. will install ubuntu vm and run gnome terminator for ssh
  3. profile image intel352 Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
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SSH tunnling between two windows xp machines? - Yahoo! Answers
How could i set up a SSH tunnel between my computer and my friends? I have open SSH and putty i would just like to know what port to connect to and maybe a tutorial... I helped on a ipod dev team project so its not like im a retard so please dont treat me like one I'm assuming your computer and your friends computer are not on the same network (i.e yours at your home and his at his home). First off, use port 22. Second, you'll need a way to tunnel, as you said, from one computer to another. Going over the internet will make this a bit tricky. You'll both need to have routers set up and you'll ...
How do I create and use Public Keys with SSH?
SSH and SFTP Public Key Authentication requires that you create a public/private key pair. We'll look at how to create, and then use, those keys. SSH (Secure Shell) and SFTP (Secure FTP) support a very strong security model that can be used instead of the normal username and password authentication scheme we've all come to know and love. It uses public key cryptography to create a different, and more secure approach to authenticating your identity and rights to access a server or resource. In a nutshell, you will generate a public and private key pair. The public key will be placed on the server by your system ...