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Staff Accounting Bulletin No

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This staff accounting bulletin ("SAB") expresses the views of the staff regarding the use of a "simplified" method, as discussed in SAB No. 107 ("SAB 107"), in developing an estimate of expected term of "plain vanilla" share options in accordance with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 123 (revised 2004), Share-Based Payment . In particular, the staff indicated in SAB 107 that it will accept a company's election to use the simplified method, regardless of whether the company has sufficient information to make more refined estimates of expected term. At the time SAB 107 ...
SEC should cease regulatory fraud, quit issuing SABs — The ...
From the War on Terror to the War on Wall Street, due process violations by government agencies are proliferating like nuclear weapons. Facilitated by widespread ignorance among Americans — general public, financial professions, and the federal judiciary — the pattern of abuse threatens not only American markets but the very foundations of American life. In April 2009, the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission took another bite out of due process by issuing without public notice or input a “Staff Accounting Bulletin” or “SAB” for the first time since December of 2007. I stumbled on ... market research, surveys and trends
Business Law Prof Blog: SEC Commissioner Atkins Speaks Out on SAB 99
among other things, the "age-old" question: What does it mean to be material?  Of particular interest were his comments on Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 99, which gives the SEC staff's view that the use of percentages as a numerical threshold for determining materiality is not acceptable: The SEC allowed the waters to be muddied on the issue of materiality in 1999 with Staff Accounting Bulletin 99. Anyone who has tried to apply SAB 99 is left with little certainty. . .. Would it surprise you to learn that SAB 99 does not necessarily represent the views of the Commission? As the title implies, it is a Staff Accounting ... market research, surveys and trends


SEC Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 100
 This staff accounting bulletin expresses views of the staff regarding the accounting for and disclosure of certain expenses commonly reported in connection with exit activities and business combinations. This includes accrual of exit and employee termination costs pursuant to Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) Issues No. 94-3, Liability Recognition for Certain Employee Termination Benefits and Other Costs to Exit an Activity (Including Certain Costs Incurred in a Restructuring), and No. 95-3, Recognition of Liabilities in Connection with a Purchase Business Combination, and the recognition of impairment charges pursuant to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 108 (SAB 108). We analyze 355 companies that ..... million) and six percent of its December 31, 2005 retained earnings ($1.6 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In San Joaquin County, CA, Another Battle Over LSSI
The combination of a budget squeeze and some dismay over past library leadership has led San Joaquin County, CA, to explore outsourcing management of the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library (SSJCPL) to Library Systems & Services, LLC (LSSI), a process that leads to tightening benefits for staff and perhaps cutting positions (as LJ described in a 2004 feature ). While an ad hoc committee evaluates LSSI's bid--the sole response to an RFP--two local citizens groups have begun raising alarms about library privatization, warning that there has been no public input so far on the process. That evaluation on the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ICKLER: Ready To Run At Quirky Gateway
There is no track on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series schedule quite like Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Ill. Built in 1996 by Chris Pook, former President and CEO of CART and the founder of the highly successful Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach (Calif.), Gateway is a 1.25-mile egg-shaped oval. Turns one and two have a tight radius and are banked at 11 degrees, while turns three and four are longer and more sweeping, but have slightly less banking at nine degrees. What that means for drivers and crew chiefs in Friday night's 200 is that compromise is the key. Because each end of the track is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 108
Sep 13, 2006 ... by adding Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 108 to the table found in Subpart B. STAFF ACCOUNTING BULLETIN NO. 108 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Staff Accounting Bulletins
Staff Accounting Bulletins reflect the Commission staff's views regarding accounting-related disclosure practices. They represent interpretations and policies followed by the Division of Corporation Finance and the Office of the Chief Accountant in administering the disclosure requirements of the federal securities laws.   Codification of Staff Accounting Bulletins (Last updated as of: October 2009) Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 113:   This SAB revises or rescinds portions of the interpretative guidance included in SAB Topic 12 of the codification of staff accounting bulletins in order to make the interpretive ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Push-Down Accounting is required by SEC. Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 54 whenever a purchase-type business combination results ...
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Can you immediately recognize a software license fee if there's ...
Summary: This staff accounting bulletin summarizes certain of the staff's views in applying generally accepted accounting principles to revenue recognition in financial statements. The staff is providing this guidance due, in part, to the large number of revenue recognition issues that registrants encounter. For example, a March 1999 report entitled Fraudulent Financial Reporting: 1987-1997 An Analysis of U. S. Public Companies, sponsored by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) of the Treadway Commission, indicated that over half of financial reporting frauds in the study involved overstating revenue. Date: ...
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I sold and built a large peice of equipment for a customer. They don't have room to store it and have asked me to keep it for them. They agree that I can invoice them on the original ship date (this year) but then ship it next year. My accountant says that even though I am invoicing this year, I cannot recognize the revenue in this year becuase I have not shipped it. I want to recognize the revenue in this year. Please provide several references where General Accounting Practises allow me to recognize the revenue. I need to show these to my accountant. Thank you very much. Scott In general, your ...