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Stockholder of record Definition

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mystified you too? Chances are it's not the concept of dividends that confuses you; the ex-dividend date and date of record are the tricky factors. In this article we'll sort through the dividend payment process and explain on what date the buyer of the stock gets to keep the dividend. Before we explain how it all works, let's go over some of the basics to ensure we have the proper foundation to understand the more complex issues. Some investment terms are thrown around more often than Frisbees on a hot summer day, so it's important that we define exactly what we're talking about. Different Types of ...
The Packers are the last vestige of "small town teams" that were once common in the NFL during the 1920s and 1930s. Founded in 1919 by Earl "Curly" Lambeau (hence the name Lambeau Field in which the team plays) and George Whitney Calhoun , the Green Bay Packers can trace their lineage to other semi-professional teams in Green Bay dating back to 1896. In 1919 and 1920 the Packers competed as a semi-professional football team against clubs from around Wisconsin and the Midwest. They joined the American Professional Football Association (APFA) in 1921, the forerunner to what is known today as the National ...
Kudzu Business Success Center - Glossary of Terms
A sub-category of the order-getter sales classification in which sales people are responsible for all aspects of building customer relationships from initial sale through to follow-up account servicing. Accounting: a system of recording, reporting, analyzing, verifying, and summarizing business and financial transactions for a business. Accounts Payable: This represents what a business owes to its suppliers and other creditors at a given point in time. Accounting Period: A period of time, (month, quarter, year), for which a financial statement is produced. Accounts Receivable: This represents the amount due to a business by its ... market research, surveys and trends
ELMER AT RANDOM: Stockholders and Other Corporate Matters
(c) Release from Subscription Obligation (Velasco v. Poizat, 37 Phil. 802 [1918]; PNB v. Bitulok Sawmill, Inc., 23 SCRA 1968 [1968]; National Exchange Co. v. Dexter, 51 Phil. 601 [1928]) (d) When condition of payment provided for in the by-laws (De Silva v. Aboitiz & Co., 44 Phil. 755 [1923]). 3. Consideration (Sec. 62). (a) Cash (b) Property (c) Service (d) Retained Earnings (e) Share - Stock dividends are in the nature of shares of stock, the consideration for which is the amount of unrestricted retained earnings converted into equity in the corporation’s books. xLincoln Philippine Life v. Court of Appeals, G.R No. ... market research, surveys and trends


Stockholm definition of Stockholm in the Free Online Encyclopedia.
city (1995 pop. 692,954), capital of Sweden and of Stockholm co., E Sweden, situated where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea. It is Sweden's largest city and its economic, transportation, administrative, and cultural center. Manufactures include machinery, textiles, clothing, paper, chemicals, communications equipment, motor vehicles, rubber, processed food, printed materials, porcelain, and liquor. The city also has a large port and an important shipbuilding industry. It is the seat of Sweden's principal stock exchange. Architecturally, modern Stockholm is one of the finest cities in the world, with broad ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Term definition: Taxes
While it's important to stay on good terms with Uncle Sam when it comes to paying the taxes related to running a business, you don't need to know every detail in the tax code--that's your CPA's job--but you do need to know when to ask your CPA's advice so you can maximize deductions, tax credits and savings, and adapt to changes in the federal and state tax codes. As a business owner and employer, you're responsible for collecting various state and federal taxes and remitting them to the proper agencies. In addition, you're required to pay certain taxes yourself. When reading the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Piedmont Office Realty Trust Declares Dividend and Reports Quarterly Financial ...
ATLANTA, Aug 10, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Piedmont Office Realty Trust, Inc. ("Piedmont" or the "Company") , an owner of primarily Class A properties located predominantly in the ten largest U.S. office markets, today declared its third quarter 2010 dividend in the amount of $0.315 per share and announced its results for the quarter ended June 30, 2010. Donald A. Miller, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Our ongoing focus on leasing is evident as we increased activity during the quarter while slightly increasing our occupancy and adding to our roster of high quality tenants. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Appellants, Donald I. Pomerantz, Ann Pomerantz, MP Land, Inc., and DP Land, Inc., appeal from a trial court judgment awarding appellee, Jerry Kirk d/b/a Kirk Roofing, attorney's fees under section 17.50(c) of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act ("DTPA"). See Tex. Bus. & Com. Code Ann. § 17.50(c) (Vernon Supp. 2009). By two issues, the appellants contend that the trial court erred by: (1) refusing to admit a business record proffered by the Pomerantzes; and (2) concluding that the Pomerantzes's lawsuit was "groundless." [ 1 ] We affirm. In 2003, Mel Pomerantz contacted . . . Kirk . . . about ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


M&A Update Template
Mar 3, 2010 ... Expansion of “stockholder of record” definition to include. DTC participants: The Court addressed the issue of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ex-Dividend Dates
Have you ever bought a stock only to find out later that you were not entitled to the next cash or stock dividend paid by the company? To determine whether you should get cash and most stock dividends, you need to look at two important dates. They are the "record date" or "date of record" and the "ex-dividend date" or "ex-date." When a company declares a dividend, it sets a record date when you must be on the company's books as a shareholder to receive the dividend. Companies also use this date to determine who is sent proxy statements, financial reports, and other information. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Held directly in your name as the stockholder of record, .... regulations and related commentary regarding the definition of ""independence'' for ...
General Stock Investment Strategies - Answers by Jay Kay
  Q: I'll start first by explaining my situation. I'm 23 and I recently moved roughly $10,000 into an ...   A: The stock market is always looking ahead. What a stock did yesterday, or a year ago, is history, ...   Q: I recently began my stock market career with the purchase of penny stock from a relatively new solar ...   A: If it were possible to pinpoint the factors that cause a stock's price to rise in advance of such a ...   Q: I recently went to a seminar about the stock market. I'm a huge beginner in the stock market and ...   A: What follows is both more and less than ...
WikiAnswers - What is a stockholder draw
I'm not a tax person, but I'll share my experience: stockholder draws are how I pay myself from the profits of my corporation. I have two rolls with my corporation; as CEO, I'm an employee. As MS (Majority-Shareholder), I'm an investor. I can get "paid" with a paycheck every week, and be subject to social security and medicare and income tax witholdings, or I can simply draw on my investment as an investor. So I simply write a check to myself on my corporate account, write "stockholder draw" in the memo line, and deposit it into my personal account. I'm drawing on my share of the ...