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Special Report on

Swing Trading Signals

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Every week we scan and test almost all of the stocks on the major exchanges. We evaluate trending, technical factors, cash flow, various fundamentals and more. The links below will show you all we have to offer. We test to see which stocks are generating TradeRadar BUY or SELL signals right now and we publish lists of alert signals every weekend as free downloads. We also generate lists of current Trend Leaders, Trend Busters, Cash Flow Kings and timely Swing Trading Signals. We freely provide all these lists every week, too. (see the "green menu" above for links to each) Every week we review all the stocks listed ...
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Learn Forex Day Trading Online – for Regular Big Profits!
Many novice forex traders want to learn forex day trading online and scalp small regular profits to build into big consistent profits over the long term this is article is all about forex scalping and day trading success… If you are considering learning forex day trading online ... market research, surveys and trends
Club: +1050 Pips Intraday Signals: +205 Pips
Just want to drop a quick note before we finish off for the week. We had a great start with new Intraday signals. We managed +205 pips in 6 trades. The main idea behind these signals is to catch price momentum which happens on smaller timeframes, however instead of using 15 min charts I still use 4 hour charts which gives me a better perspective. In the Elite Club this week we made +1050 pips in 4 trades on EURJPY and EURUSD combined. A couple of weeks ago we also had +1020 pips on those two pairs, however that week had some wild price action which increased our Stop Loss levels and I end up personally not taking those trades. ... market research, surveys and trends


Trade Radar: Inside Alert HQ - how we generate signals - Stock ...
For those who are interested in the details of how the TradeRadar Alert HQ software generates its lists of picks, this post will try to explain it in a way that is easily understandable by all. The basic TradeRadar signal -- The proprietary TradeRadar signal analyzes price data to determine if a stock has reached a minimum price level and has then started a move upward that is significant enough to be considered a BUY signal. The mathematical properties of the TradeRadar approach cause a spike to be displayed on a chart if the signal is strong enough. For a SELL signal, things work just the opposite: a peak price level is looked ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Trade Radar: May 2009 - Stock Market Signals, Software and Analysis
Consumer Confidence, not normally a huge market mover, came in much better than expected and sparked a rally in spite of seriously disappointing housing data. Then we saw Treasury prices take a dive and stocks prices immediately followed suit. When it looked like the week was going to finish on a dismal note, stocks pulled off another "stick save" in the last half hour on Friday. Major averages finished the week with decent gains. After a couple of weeks of falling prices, this week's gains are welcome but by no means does it say we are out of the woods. Looking at the TradeRadar statistics we see a market that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Best Swing Trading Entry and Exit Signals
Candlestick patterns are just one more tool to help you improve your swing trading strategy and the timing of entry and exit. Most swing traders rely on the basic turning points, indicators that the current short-term trend is about to turn. This is a reliable system, but a few single-session candlestick patterns can enhance every swing trader’s timing. These traditional signs include: 1. Reversal days. The most apparent sign that the trend is ending is when the price begins moving in the opposite direction. However, this needs to be confirmed by at least one additional reversal signal. 2. Narrow-range day (NRD). This is a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
August Crude Oil Daily Numbers & Trade Ideas for 6/29/10
Do yourself a favor and get your numbers after the market is closed to be used for the next session trading. Ask yourself how much would it have been worth to read my comments and get my numbers 14 hours before today's open outcry?  We cannot post every market, if you are interested sign up for free & get "how I use my numbers". Sign up For Free 1 Day Trail of Daily Numbers & Trade Ideas Sign Up for Learn a better way to hedge for farmers 76.92                         ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


my recent article - Trading Psychology Weblog Swing Trading ...
Jan 4, 2004 ... When developing a swing methodology, such categorization of ... In the new swing system, there are no fixed trading signals.á This is very ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Print Smoke Signals V38/N1
card size advertisements - $45.00, trading post advertisements - ... Finally, as summer gets into full swing, I am reminded of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Day Trading: Day-trader indicators, intraday analysis, swing trader
I mostly consider myself a swing-trader at this point and am fairly comfortable with the indicator set-up that I use, but am becoming interested in the prospects of the day-trading scene and am not sure whether my current set-up would be sufficient or not. I consider my current swing-trading strategy relatively primitive in that I have essentially hand-cuffed myself by only allowing myself after-hour access to any helpful intraday analysis (eg 60-min, 30-min, 10-min charts, etc.) due to being too stingy to drop a few bucks a month on a reliable real-time charting tool.  Therefore, I mostly use the daily and weekly charts ...
In Swing Trading, What is a Buying Power Reduction? - Yahoo! Answers
It is when you have less money to buy with. It will happen when you purchase or short (or write an option) anything at all. 2 years ago Sign in to vote! 0 Rating: Good Answer 0 Rating: Bad Answer Report Abuse Sometimes none of the answers get it just right. If so, pick "No Best Answer". Voters DO NOT get any points for voting on the No Best Answer. Sign in to vote!