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Term financial definition of term

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GE and NACCO Materials Handling Group Renew Joint Venture for Five Years, Providing Financing Solutions For Hyster® & Yale® Customers DANBURY, Conn. -- GE Capital Solutions, Vendor Program Finance and NACCO Materials Handling Group NMHG have renewed their long-standing, financing program agreement for another five years. GE and NMHG have partnered in a financial services joint venture for 19 years. NMHG is a global lift truck manufacturer with annual... Tags : GE Capital Inc. , General Electric Co. , NACCO Materials Handling Group , Yale University Research articles 2008-12-08 Boeing Will Consolidate Financing ...
for financial benefit. The term is often used to describe the prostitution of prepubescent or pubescent children, however in legal definitions, the term usually refers to prostitution by a minor , or person under the local age of majority. The form of child prostitution in which people travel to foreign countries for the purposes of avoiding local laws is known as child sex tourism . A customer may negotiate an exchange directly with a child prostitute in order to receive sexual gratification, or through an intermediary ( pimp ) who controls or oversees the prostitute’s activities for profit. The provision of children for sexual ...
What is Financial Planning ? | The Financial Literates
Many a times, you may have read this word and you may have many complicated definition as well. Hope you have watched “3 IDIOTS” . When Aamir was asked the definition of machine, he said in simple language “Machine is anything that reduces human effort”. Similarly in simple language “Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life dreams/goals through the proper management of your finance.” Dream of buying a new car, a dream house, getting your children married in style, or simply retiring early to Live Life King Size. There are two ways you can deal with finance in your life: 1 Without ... market research, surveys and trends
The 10 Steps To Get Money From Your Bank | Financial News
If you dealt with banks long enough, you’ve probably heard that the best time to go to them is when you don’t really need the money.  That’s actually not to far off of the truth, depending on what your definition of “need the money is.”  Its also relevant to note that if you owe your bank 0,000 that’s  your problem.  If you owe them 0 million, that’s their problem.  Your typical bank standards have changed significantly from 20 years ago.  By and large, banks don’t invest, they loan.  And they loan only when they are fully secured.  In other words, they don’t really take any risk.  Actually, they don’t like to take any risk at ... market research, surveys and trends


spread financial definition of spread. spread finance term by the ...
A position taken in two or more options or futures contracts to profit through a change in the relative price relationships. Purchasing an option to expire in October and selling an option on the same asset expiring three months earlier is one example of a spread. 2. The difference in price between two futures contracts that are identical except for delivery date. 3. The difference between the bid and ask prices for a particular security. A large spread often indicates inactive trading of the security. Also called markup . See also effective spread , gross spread , narrow the spread . 4. The difference in yields between two ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
float financial definition of float. float finance term by the ...
Funds that are on deposit at two institutions at the same time because of inefficiencies in the collection system. This situation permits a person or firm to earn extra income because the two institutions are paying interest on the same funds. As an example, a person writes a check on a money market fund in order to make a deposit in a local financial institution. Until that check gets back to the bank on which it was written (a transit often entailing two or three days), the investor receives interest on his or her funds from both institutions. See also fail float . 2. The number of shares in public hands and available for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Peninsula Boss Builds for the Future
Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or visit MANAGING IN ASIA JULY 19, 2010, 9:03 A.M. ET Seated in a plush corner suite of Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel, Clement Kwok seems relaxed as he runs through the list of daunting challenges he has faced in the past 12 months as chief executive of Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels Ltd., the company that owns the Peninsula chain. In March, a new 235-room hotel on the Bund in Shanghai ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
State looking to regulate advance settlement firms
Rick Harrison, best known for his "Pawn Stars" reality TV show, successfully fended off an attempt by state regulators last year to shut down another of his businesses, which offers plaintiffs in lawsuits cash that is repaid with interest if their cases are settled. Rick Harrison, in mirror, and son Corey stand in Gold & Silver Pawn in December. A hit reality TV show about his Las Vegas pawnshop put Rick Harrison in the national spotlight, but another of his businesses got him caught up in drama last year with state regulators over the rules governing a controversial industry. In spring 2009, the Nevada Financial ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Final Rule: Definition of the Term Significant Deficiency; Release ...
also added a definition of the term “material weakness” to the .... to merit attention by those responsible for oversight of financial reporting. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Section 902 Definition of the Term Disability
This document was adopted by the Commission in 1995 to explain its interpretation of the term "disability as used in the ADA. In 1999, the Commission published an Addendum to this document explaining that the discussion of mitigating measures in Section 902.5 was no longer correct due to the Supreme Court's decision in Sutton v. United Airlines, Inc . The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) was signed into law on September 25, 2008 and became effective January 1, 2009. Because this law makes several significant changes to the definition of the term "disability," the EEOC will ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Rule 1-02 -- Definition of Terms Used in Regulation S-X
Unless the context otherwise requires, terms defined in the general rules and regulations or in the instructions to the applicable form, when used in Regulation S-X, shall have the respective meanings given in such instructions or rules. In addition, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated in this section unless the context otherwise requires. Accountant's report. The term "accountant's report," when used in regard to financial statements, means a document in which an independent public or certified public accountant indicates the scope of the audit (or examination) which he ...
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WikiAnswers - What is the financial definition of the term net of ...
What is the financial definition of the term net of when it is used in such as net of taxes net of special charges net of fees? Ne t Worth While there is no doubt that the preference shareholders are the owners of the firm, the real owners are the ordinary shareholders who bear all the risk, participate in the management and are entitled to all the profits remaining after all possible claims of preference shareholders are met in full. Thus it can be said that, Average Ordinary Shareholders Equity = Net Worth Of Company Return on Net Worth = Net Profit After Tax - Preference Dividend Average Equity of the Ordinary ...
Financial Stocks: definition of term, wacc calculation, frank hartmann
As a part of my masters degree, I am currently taking an accounting class.  I have some difficulties understanding a couple of terms.  Basically, I have been looking at the following valuation sheet of a hypothetical corporation: Total Assets                           $10,000,000 Total Liabilities                        $  4,000,000 Stodkholders' Equity ...