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Special Report on

The History of Corporate Finance

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The globalization of finance in recent years and the concurrent growth in the financial sector's influence, manifested most dramatically in the recent financial crisis, highlights the importance for political scientists of understanding the political economy of global finance. The authors review six important books that are representative of recent thinking by political scientists on the topic. They address the central questions that have been at the heart of the literature on global finance from its beginning in new and interesting ways. The most important developments highlighted in this article are the move from a ...
is a business, economic, financial, and monetary historian who recently became the inaugural Rudy and Marilyn Nef Family Chair of Political Economy at Augustana College in Sioux Falls , South Dakota . He is also a research economist at the National Bureau of Economic Research , an editor of Pickering & Chatto of London’s financial history and perspectives in economic and social history series, and a guest curator for the newly revamped Museum of American Finance .
Swine Flu: The New Startup Monetization Plan
Over the last few days, the TechCrunch tips box has been flooded with pitches from companies looking to capitalize on ‘Swine Flu’, the potentially pandemic disease that is currently freaking out a significant portion of Earth’s inhabitants. Now that everyone is stressing about it, what better time to make a buck, right? First, there’s Flu Shirts , an online T-Shirt marketplace brought to you by some of the people behind Groopvine. The store has a variety of shirts mocking the current hysteria, emblazoned with taglines like “Maybe the Muslims were right about pigs” and “My dad went to ... market research, surveys and trends
The Panic of 1907 - The Big Picture
I found the book, published exactly a century after the original event, to have some rather interesting parallels to today. The significance of the 1907 Panic as an economic event went far beyond the mere crash and recovery.  It eventually led to the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve. There is a video excerpt from the book here . The authors point out the following Déjà vu -- 100 years later:  "War was fresh in mind. Immigration was fueling dramatic changes in society. New technologies were changing people’s everyday lives. Wall Street was wheeling and dealing . . ." They also name 7 factors are required to develop ... market research, surveys and trends


Goldman Wasn't Alone in Deals Like Abacus - Newsweek
"This is Lloyd on Sunday in New York," the voice mail began. Two days after the SEC sued Goldman Sachs for securities fraud, CEO Lloyd Blankfein left a message for his 30,000 employees, reminding them of the firm's core values: "teamwork, excellence, and service to our clients." He also tried to put into context the government's charges, which allege that Goldman failed to disclose key facts about a security it sold in 2007 called Abacus. "Importantly, we had assumed risk in the deal and we lost money," Blankfein said, "just like the other two long investors." Goldman says it ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
yesterday regarding the true state of US corporations.  You’ve probably heard the argument before that corporations are sitting on record piles of cash – their balance sheets are in immaculate condition. Right?  Wrong!  These comments are generally made without accounting for both sides of the ledger.  What is often ignored is that the total debts of these companies has also skyrocketed.  Admittedly, I’ve been guilty of this in the past when discussing corporate cash levels and Arends (rightfully) sets the record straight.  He notes that corporations are even worse off today (in terms of debt levels) than they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Target's PAC donation a wake-up call for reform
The big box retailer Target is learning the hard way what economists already knew: Political spending is risky business. On July 6, 2010, Target spent $150,000 on the Minnesota governor’s race to support an anti-gay candidate. Target, which is generally known for its good treatment of gay employees, now finds itself the subject of an ever-growing boycott by gay rights supporters, their friends and families who don’t want to frequent a store that aligned itself with a candidate who is against gay marriage. On Aug. 5, Target’s CEO publicly apologized for the political donation. Target is a big company and from ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Federal Reserve survey says commercial lending standards are loosening
According to the July 2010 Senior Loan Officer Survey on Bank Lending Practices conducted by the Federal Reserve, banks across the country have, on net, eased standards and terms over the past three months – particularly in areas where there is competition. Most of the easing in standards and terms has been at large domestic banks, the survey says. Most banks say that demand for commercial and retail lending has not increased dramatically. However, commercial and industrial rates have moved downward in recent months, the report says. “Domestic survey respondents reported having eased standards and most terms on C&I ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


introduction to the history of corporate finance. It also makes a plausible case that some of the important institutions, practices, and instruments in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Risk Management and Corporate Governance: the Importance of Independence and Financial Knowledge for the Board and the Audit Committee. Author info | Abstract | Publisher info | Download info |... Related articles: Corporate Finance (Canada/US) - Recent Developments of Importance.(services of Securities... Mondaq Business Briefing ; May 26, 2006; 700+ Words income funds, which typically issue additional units to finance an acquisition. Mergers and acquisitions activity outside...s acquisition of ID Biomedical. Recent developments of importance include the following: Ontario Secondary Market Civil Liability... Survey of ...