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The Official Finance/Economics Thread

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Why do financial market anomalies arise and persist? This column summarises a new thread in financial economics – the "limits of arbitrage" literature – explaining how financial institutions sometimes lack the capital needed to arbitrage away anomolies. This new approach has far-reaching implications for our understanding of how financial markets work and how they should be regulated. Each financial crisis reminds us that governments are vital to the functioning of financial markets – with the current crisis being a particularly painful reminder (see for example Boone and Johnson 2010 , Dewatripont et al. 2009 ).
in Europe that would give the German nation the necessary land mass, resources, and expansion of population needed to be able to economically and militarily compete with other powers. 3 The Nazis claimed that Jews were the greatest threat to the Aryan race and the German nation. They considered Jews a parasitic race that attached itself to various ideologies and movements to secure its self-preservation, such as: the Enlightenment , liberalism , democracy , parliamentary politics , capitalism , industrialization , Marxism and trade unionism . To rescue Germany from the effects of the Great Depression , Nazism promoted an economic
Michael Shaw: Reading the Pictures: Michelle Antoinette
the hateful spirit and lack of judgment in running this caption, and the degree to which TIME subsumes itself as a right-wing mouthpiece is simply disgusting. I'm sure TIME would respond they were simply echoing the concerns of many about Michelle Obama's trip to Spain. The fact they would so specifically and thoroughly turn this caption into a platform for NY Daily News columnist ( and FOX political commentator, and PR exec, and former GOP campaign strategist) Andrea Tantaros , however, is the journalistic equivalent of "accessory-to-slander." By the way, If TIME were to argue for any daylight here between ... market research, surveys and trends
FT: Goodbye Middle Class | The Big Picture
And the only reason we had any expansion in 2002-2007 was that people were able to withdraw money from their houses. As Berry showed in his slide a few weeks back there was almost no growth at all since 2000 if you take away the contribution from MEW. This time around the consumer class will have to pay back that borrowed “wealth” and keep increasing their consumption to get a growing economy – where will that money come from. Is it time for an effective income distribution policy, or should we just let the market forces kill the american dream? stonedwino Says: August 8th, 2010 at 7:19 am Our economy has ... market research, surveys and trends


The Geithner Plan FAQ - Grasping Reality with Both Hands
A: The Geithner Plan is a trillion-dollar operation by which the U.S. acts as the world's largest hedge fund investor, committing its money to funds to buy up risky and distressed but probably fundamentally undervalued assets and, as patient capital, holding them either until maturity or until markets recover so that risk discounts are normal and it can sell them off--in either case at an immense profit. Q: What if markets never recover, the assets are not fundamentally undervalued, and even when held to maturity the government doesn't make back its money? A: Then we have worse things to worry about than government ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
It's Official: NYTCo Gets $250 Million Cash Infusion From Carlos ...
said that the deal could close today—but also that it could collapse under its complexity before anything had finalized. Under the terms of the deal, NYTCo will use the money to refinance its existing debt. In particular, president and CEO Janet L. Robinson said the proceeds would be used to help cover the $400 million credit facility expiring in May. Release . Some other details about the deal include: —The notes are priced at a 14 percent interest rate, of which the NYTCo may choose to pay 3 percent for an additional issuance. The notes are callable beginning three years. —Slim and members of his family are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Inside GOP's strategy on unemployment
Republicans are hoping there's a political silver lining for them in the standoff over unemployment, even though polls clearly show that majorities favor extending benefits even if it increases the deficit. The GOP game plan: Amid the debate over benefits, point to "chronic" joblessness -- that's a word you'll be hearing more often -- in order to illustrate that Dem economic policies are failing. Republicans hope that even if the unemployment standoff gives Dems a short term advantage, any discussion about joblessness will continue to sow doubts over time about the efficacy of the Dems' big-spending ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Journolist, the Rev. Wright, Sarah Palin -- and me
In this undated photo from Trinity United Church of Christ, then Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., left, poses with the church's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in Chicago. Now that major thinkers like Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin have weighed in on the earthshaking issue of Journolist — a defunct listserv of writers and academics once moderated by the estimable Ezra Klein — how can I ignore the topic? Both Palin and Breitbart are almost incomprehensible on the subject, but I can at least tell that they think this is very, very, very important. A "bombshell"! Besides, I’ve been identified not only ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


People in Economics: Martin Feldstein - Finance & Development ...
tration official, remarks: “There's been enormous speculation about the post- Greenspan Fed. Of more importance to the economics profession is the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tough Global Financial Standards Sought by U.S.
Lael Brainard and her boss, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, during a meeting with British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne in May. Washington — Having enacted a comprehensive financial reform law, the United States is calling on other nations to move “decisively and rapidly” on measures to make their financial systems sounder and more resilient. The passage of the Wall Street reform bill lays the foundation for a system “less prone to destabilizing bubbles and panics, and one that is more open to a stronger and more competitive real economy,” a top Treasury official told the Peterson Institute for International ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
in Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Engineering and Mathematical Finance. ... or they are otherwise somewhat unusual and outside of the main thread ...
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how do i create a stand alone page and stop a page i created from ...
every time i try to create a stand alone page it appears on my home page and pushes everything down. i try deleting the page and starting over again but the same thing happens. how can i get out of this loop and create a stand alone page that will come up when you click on the pages tab? Dashboard -> Edit posts -> Edit pages (third tab) New Page (You can add up to 10 stand-alone pages such as an "About Me" page) ok, i was able to create a separate page for my resume, but now the page is basically a copy of the home page with my resume added on. and when i try to delete the home page info, it's deleted from the home page ...
helpme - AdSense Help
I want to ask why I did not or have not received an e-mail from the party that tells google adsense I have been approved, I know my adsense is in thanks for this night I tried to open my adsense account which I ask you a few days yesterday and it turns out I was able to open my adsense account, is this a sign I've been on adsense agree? even though I have not received official notification by e-mail from the google. explanation please Thank you very much best regards eka jhories Your other blog has the same problem as the first one. You are writing about a complex subject - economics and stocks and world finance markets ...