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MSN Money is the comprehensive source for your money and personal finance needs. Read business news, get stock quotes, research investments, track your portfolio and manage your accounts in one place. MSN Money has personal finance planning centers for re IP ≈100,114,524   PV ≈221,253,098 ¥4,617,949,277,040   日广告收入: ¥6,325,957,914  (注:不包含域名价值) 当日: 9   一周: 9   三个月: 9    查看详情    (提示:若此处显示网站与查询网站不同,则疑为劫持PR) 美国 Microsoft公司  UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON, REDMOND, : 纬度47.6738014221, 经度: -122.088996887 Who is at Whois Server Version 2.0 Domain ...
's longest-serving Prime Minister, and one of the longest-serving leaders in Asia. Mahathir's political career spanned almost 40 years, from his election as a Malaysian federal Member of Parliament in 1964, until his resignation as Prime Minister in 2003. As Prime Minister, he was credited with engineering Malaysia's rapid modernisation . 2 During his term in office, he was considered by some as one of Asia's most influential leaders. Mahathir was also widely known as an outspoken critic of Western-style globalization . 3 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a
Jim Taylor's Weblog » Census
“The government,” former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once declared, “has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”         In hindsight, I suspect he was actually telling the nation to stay out of _his_ bedroom. Trudeau –still a bachelor at the time – was reputed to have numerous, umm, celebrity liaisons.         Whatever Trudeau intended, current Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken Trudeau’s maxim to an extreme. He has decided that the government not only has no business in the nation’s ... market research, surveys and trends
What Is Article Directory? « mbt womens chapa
Article directory is a source of web content where you can find articles on various categories. Few directories offer these articles free and you can publish the content on your website or newsletter. The idea behind uploading new content is to optimize the visibility of your portal on the Internet. When you add new articles and content that is rich in keyword, it leads to search engine optimization. Let us throw light on these two terms, keyword and SEO (search engine optimization). Keyword MBT Kisumu Sandals is a word used in the article that is relevant to your product or service. For instance, if buy MBT Shoes you sell ... market research, surveys and trends


The Personal Finance Weblog: Why Will Fail
***Peer2Peer Lending is a killer application of the web; its a great way to make more than 2% on your money and its a great way for borrowers to shop the best deal possible. Prosper or some variation will succed. Response from: loan statistics    (07/10/06 1:19pm) Contrary to your thoughts is thriving. Late payments are rare (compared to the total amount of loans). see for detailed prosper stats. Response from: Tomboy    (08/20/06 9:12am) Its money you stupid people, americans always fall into the same money making ideas, but if more borrowers are not paying ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mint Rakes It In
CEO Aaron Patzer reports to us that, in just the past three weeks, Mint has already helped organize more than $2 billion worth of people’s personal financial accounts, and identified more than $40 million in potential savings for those members. (Mint helps you find better interest rates on bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial products). Interest in the site spiked right after TC40. At one point, Mint was signing up a new member every five seconds. Not bad for a service from a previously-unknown startup that asks for access to all of your private financial data, including your bank and credit-card accounts. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SAUTER: Rallies Back to Fourth at ORP
After racing up to second-place during the middle stages of the race, Johnny Sauter raced back to fourth after problems during the final round of pit stops dropped the No. 13 SealMaster/Curb Records Chevrolet back to ninth with just 56 laps to go in the AAA Insurance 200 at O�Reilly Raceway Park. Sauter started ninth and charged towards the front at the drop of the green, cracking the top five by lap 60 on the tricky 0.686-mile oval and working his way up to second just after a restart at the halfway point. But a caution with 60 laps to go threw Sauter�s night into turmoil. A loose lugnut cost Sauter four seconds on pit ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ICKLER: Battles Back For 13th At Iowa Speedway
Brian Ickler may not have had the racetruck to beat in Sunday's Lucas Oil 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Iowa Speedway in Newton. But he had arguably the next-best through most of the first half of the race. That's when it went all for naught as the 24-year-old from San Diego, driving in his third Truck Series event in the No. 18 Toyota Tundra for Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM) and the 14th of his career, got turned from behind on a restart just past the halfway point in today's 205-lap race, fell two laps off the pace, and used the rest of the day to battle his way back onto the lead lap and settle ... market trends, news research and surveys resources

INFORMATION RESOURCES - The Unique Personal Finance Weblog
May 25, 2005 ... If Something Happens To Me | PFBlog: The Unique Personal Finance Weblog. My Personal Finance Journey. Personal finance observation, musing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Federal Election Commission Weblog - Disclosure Data
The reporting requirements for Electioneering Communications (the broadcast ads running within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election that make reference to federal candidates but don't "expressly advocate" their election or defeat) are a little different than most everything else we see, so we're struggling with the best way to present the data. This will be one of the "real time" files we're planning to provide in the catalog this fall. The problem is that sometimes groups making these communications will report that a single disbursement actually refers to two or more candidates.  When we ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Unilever to buy Sara Lee Unit | Finance Weblog
If you value all the cash flows of a company, but as a shareholder you assume that you sell your equity after 5 years (that cash coming from that sale is the so called “terminal value”). The easiest way to calculate an exit value (terminal value) is to use a ratio to produce a quick calculation. Depending on the industry, ratios do differ. This example will be appreciated by all of you that want to pursue a career in marketing (P&G, Unilever, L’Oreal, etc). Once you master the discounted cash flows techniques is always good to remember that the most used procedures are much more simple -> Comparable Firm Ratios. For ...
Personal finance web sites? | Ask MetaFilter
I'm looking for sites with good information on all aspects of personal finance and responsible money use. Most of what I've found is focused on investing, though, and on macroeconomics. I'm not interested in the Big Picture. I want sites that focus on the Small Pictures: dealing with debt, saving for the future, finding bargains, etc. Think Your Money or Your Life , but in web form. Big sites, little sites, weblogs, print magazines — I don't care, so long as it's focused on personal finance. Bonus points for sites with RSS feeds. This is all in preparation to constructing a personal-finance web site of ...
How do I let others add articles to my MT blog? :: Free Tech ...
I'm running Movable Type for my blog, as you are with Ask Dave Taylor, and I want to let some friends add content and new articles, but don't want to have them messing things up. How do I set this up? Dave's Answer: One of the greatest features of Movable Type is that it supports multiple authors right out of the proverbial box. I have used this for years, ranging from having other authors contribute to blogs to setting up a completely different blog with a different admin who does have complete control over their weblog, but not the others (in the latter case, it's my sister's awesome art dolls blog). A ...