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Special Report on

The private finance initiative

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AMA Research have published the 6th edition of the report ‘Private Finance Initiative Market - UK 2010-2014’. Incorporating original input and primary research the report provides a wide-ranging and informative perspective on the sector, covering the historical development of the Private Finance Initiative, the principal factors currently impacting upon it and forecasts through to 2014. Launched in 1992, the Private Finance Initiative has evolved to become a major source of funding for capital sector schemes across a wide range of government departments. To date approaching 700 projects have achieved financial close ...
Broad Oak Blog: How bad is the debt problem?
DISCLAIMER: Nothing here should be taken as personal advice, financial or otherwise. No liability is accepted for third-party content, whether incorporated in or linked to this blog. The things we really need to know seem to be the hardest to find out, at least here in the UK. I look again and again for figures on our debt and each time get a different answer. Sometimes, with public debt, it's because of problems of definition - for example, the "National Debt" is different from the "Public Sector Net Debt". Even then, there's the question of what has yet to be included in the accounts, and what has ... market research, surveys and trends
The Office for Budget Responsibility makes its first report ...
Today marks something of a change for the public finances of the United Kingdom. Up until now incumbent governments have not only set out their economic policy but Her Majesty’s Treasury which of course is under their control and influence is responsible for publishing economic forecasts going forward. There has been a clear moral hazard here as there is always the temptation to over-estimate such things as economic growth and understate more unfavourable numbers such as the balance of payments deficit. So the establishment of  an Office for Budget Responsibility to be in charge of economic forecasts should have the impact ... market research, surveys and trends


Trends in European Public Finance: Is the UK Outsourcing ...
In 1992, the United Kingdom (UK) began the implementation of an innovative public finance program that offered the promise of rebuilding Britain's infrastructure without a politically unpalatable increase in public borrowing or taxation. Termed the "Private Finance Initiative" ( PFI PFI Pay for Inclusion (web search engines) PFI Private Finance Initiative PFI Private Finance Initiative (UK) PFI Prison Fellowship International PFI Port Fuel Injection (engines)   ), this program emerged from the conservative administrations of the 1980s and early 1990s as an extensive form of outsourcing of traditionally ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Private Finance Initiative-The Theory behind the Practice
Sep 1, 2001 ... mission, jointly owned by the government (51 percent) and private .... capital value of Ł20 billion. The increased level of activity must be paid for .... Progressing the Private Finance Initiative. London, UK. P. 32-33 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Baby boomers: powerful and selfish
was that George Osborne restored the link between state pensions and earnings, which Margaret Thatcher broke in 1980. Osborne's decision comes just in time for the baby boomers – the children of the 1960s – to benefit. But for the children of the baby boomers, governments offer only misery. Higher education minister David Willetts has made it clear that students' fees are going to go up. A lot. Baby boomers, born between 1945 and 1955, paid no fees at all when they were students in the free and carefree 60s. Today, because people are living longer, baby boomers are a much more powerful political force than 55- to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Unemployment can still fall, even as the state shrinks
In the wake of the budget there is now a big row about the coalition government’s plans to reduce the number of people working for the state. On Tuesday the Guardian splashed on its front page a leaked document which it claimed showed that the Budget would “cost 1.3 million jobs.” Yikes! Naturally, the report set all kinds of hares running, and the Treasury scrambled to emphasise that it actually expected overall employment to increase. What’s going on? On Wednesday the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) published its own projections , which brought some clarity to the discussion. The OBR suggested that between 2010 and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was announced in the 1992 Autumn ...... Treasury Committee, The Private Finance Initiative, HC 146 1995/1996, para 33. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NHS capital expenditure and the private finance initiative ...
Since 1992, most new capital investment has involved the private finance initiative (PFI). Under the private finance initiative the private sector designs, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Flexible Design in Public Private Partnerships: A PFI case study ...
Since May 1997, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has been a dominant procurement ... relationship in PFI in the health sector is between a public authority, ...
Google Answers: PFI - arguments for and against
Sometime in the latter half of last year (2002), a Government minister (can't remember who - think they were female) said in a speech against the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) that it was a bad concept - "you wouldn't buy your house on your Visa card" (or something along those lines). I need her comment in full and her identity, and to whom she made the speech. It was widely reported in newspapers. Hello businessbaron Thanks for your question. "You don't pay the bill for your semi-detached on your Barclaycard. It's the same for schools and hospitals. It's time we had a choice. ...
Google Answers: Advisory companies in the Health care Hospitals ...
I am looking for advisory companies for build up an network of 12 Hospitals in Europe Country = 5 million Citizens In the hospital should be only ambulances. The advice should be in 1. Appropriate technical equipment. 2. Organization of the processes in the hospital on it self and in the network. Best experienced companies witch already have an network or advice an networks of hospitals and is placed in Europe. Hello, rudovnencak-ga! I have found a few companies which might offer an avenue for consulting and advice in the construction of new healthcare facilities in Europe. If none of these companies work out to be ...