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Special Report on

The Short And Distort

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Feb. 25 Bloomberg -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to impose new restrictions on short sales may impair confidence in financial markets, according to Jamie Selway, founder of White Cap Trading LLC.The SEC voted 3-to-2 yesterday for constraints on short selling, in which investors borrow shares expecting to... Tags : SEC News items 2010-02-26 SEC's new short selling rules 'threaten liquidity' At the height of the financial crisis, short selling of equities was the scourge of regulators. Events over the past week show memories have not faded even though markets are more ...
with the intention of buying identical assets back at a later date to return to the lender. The short seller hopes to profit from a decline in the price of the assets between the sale and the repurchase, as the seller will pay less to buy the assets than the seller received on selling them. Conversely, the short seller will incur a loss if the price of the assets rises. Other costs of shorting may include a fee for borrowing the assets and payment of any dividends paid on the borrowed assets. Shorting and going short also refer to entering into any derivative or other contract under which the investor profits from a fall in the ...
Legal Thriller Author Asks: Legal Stock Tips or Con Man Boiler ...
Like a high-gloss diamond ring on the hand of a glamorous fashion model, the offices of a legitimate stock brokerage will sparkle. When you visit one you will not feel like you are going up against a card shark in a gambling casino. You will quickly conclude that these are not the premises of a scam artist’s carnival midway joy ride. They will showcase a good balance of offerings. Many of these will be with Fortune 500 companies and a good cross-section of well-known, prestigious firms listed on the various stock exchanges. And no quick-buck con men to instantly push these either. They are usually located at ... market research, surveys and trends
Short-selling Stocks ( ...
Short-selling is overwhelmingly thought of as negative by many investors, financial institutions and by the U.S. government – and, it's now without reason. Despite benefits associated with this trading method, short-selling and its counterparts have had their fair share of controversy. The practice of short-selling has recently been caught up in a battle of tug-of-war. Critics argue it has forced share prices down and destroyed market confidence, while proponents hail it valuable – claiming it ensures the accurate portrayal of stock prices in relation to investor demand. So, which way do you go? In this article ... market research, surveys and trends


S.E.C. Sues Trader for False Rumors About Buyout - DealBook Blog ...
The Securities and Exchange Commission said on Thursday that it has charged a trader with spreading false rumors about the buyout of Alliance Data Systems last fall and winter, causing the credit card processor’s stock to fall sharply. (Download the complaint as a PDF here .) The S.E.C.’s announcement is the first punishment meted out against accused rumor-mongers and short sellers. The commission has begun investigating whether traders peddled false information about companies like Bear Stearns, in order to collect a profit as their stocks fell. Paul S. Berliner, who was formerly associated with the Schottenfeld Group industry trends, business articles and survey research
Analyst Upgrades Lehman as Rumors Swirl - DealBook Blog -
Lehman’s shares were up sharply in premarket trading Friday after analysts at Citigroup raised their rating its stock to “buy” from “hold,” arguing that the investment bank’s share price was “extremely attractive.” Lehman’s shares fell nearly 9 percent Thursday amid speculation that it could see a run on the bank similar to what happened to Bear Stearns — rumors that a Lehman spokeswoman said was “totally unfounded.” “Lehman has ample liquidity to run its business,” Citi’s analysts wrote in a report Friday. Declines in Lehman’s shares ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
McCollum ups the debate ante
Scott has asked McCollum for four debates over the final four weeks ahead of the Aug. 24 Florida primary. McCollum’s campaign sent a letter to Scott campaign manager Susan Wiles Monday, challenging Scott to a June 28 debate on WTVT, the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate. Expect more debate over debates to come. Here’s the letter: June 21, 2010 Ms. Susan Wiles Campaign Manager, Rick Scott for Governor 300 S.E. 2nd Street, Suite 850 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 Dear Ms. Wiles, Thank you for your letter. As you know, Attorney General Bill McCollum looks forward to debating Mr. Scott in advance of Florida’s August 24th ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Government Seeks Cheapest Solution to Solving UK Broadband Woes
The UK government appears to be seeking the cheapest, as opposed to the best, solution for our country's many broadband access woes. A newly posted official notice has revealed more about its political thinking on the matter, which looks set to favour any option that minimises public sector investment. Earlier this month the UK Secretary of State for Culture, the Olympics Media and Sport (DCMS), Jeremy Hunt, revealed his preliminary plans to improve UK broadband services ( here ). This included getting Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), the delivery vehicle for the governments broadband policies, to hold a special industry event ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Short Selling Tutorial
the "short and distort," this technique takes place when traders ... For more information on this, check out our article entitled: "The Short and Distort, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comments of R. GANJAVI on 4-590
While I enormously admire your spirit of change, enjoy your remarks and speeches, and support your initiatives to rein in on the abusers of the financial systems, I am disappointed at the composition of the recent panel on short selling and pre-borrow. The panels that discussed these topics were comprised largely of supporters of short selling, short sellers themselves, and academics who are obviously using their lop-sided research which ignore the realities of short selling that Main Street faces every day (e.g. Short Distort) in favor of large hedge funds who are ruining the economy, specially small innovative companies, and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Short-Selling - Short Selling Tutorial
referred to as the "short and distort," this technique takes place when traders manipulate stock prices in a bear market by taking short positions and then ...
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What does it mean if company is short selling its clients? short ...
Editor's note: Richard Sauer is the author of "Selling America Short: The SEC and Market Contrarians in the Age of Absurdity." Sauer was an administrator with the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a partner in an international law firm and an analyst with a Northern California hedge fund. He holds a doctorate in law from Harvard Law School. (CNN) -- Pity the poor short-seller. Seriously. That much-maligned creature gets no love at the best of times, and these days are more like the worst. This, despite the irreplaceable benefits he brings to the financial markets. Short-selling in ...
Do some mirrors make you look different that how other people see ...
Because I think that they do. I especially hate dressing room mirrors. They blow you up like you're under a magnifying glass or something. Yes they do. Like those fun house mirrors at the carnival that can make you look short and boxy or long and skinny. It depends on the shape of the mirror and how it reflects light back into your eyes. Mirrors curved inward (concave) will make you look tall and skinny. Mirrors curved outward (convex) will make you look short and fat. Some mirrors have a lot of convex and concave curves in them and distort the reflected image even further. Even the slightest curvature in a reflective ...