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Special Report on

The Silly Putty Story

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So here's a Friday riddle for you: What do silly putty, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, and cosmetics have in common? A gummy texture, unnatural colors, and off-putting smells would probably all be technically correct here, but it's not the answer I'm looking for. The shocking similarity amongst these three items is that they all contain dimethylpolysiloxane , a form of silicone. The fact that silicone is in silly putty (a child's toy) and cosmetics (a substance most people cake on their faces every day) is disturbing enough. But put that chemical in a food item and I'm downright nauseated. According ...
Originally an industrial pigment supply company, it soon shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk then crayons, followed later by colored pencils , markers , paints , modeling clay and other related goods. All Crayola-branded products are marketed as non-toxic and safe for use by children, making the brand a perennial favorite among teachers and parents. The company also produces Silly Putty and a line of professional art products under the Portfolio Series brand. The Crayola brand has 99% name recognition in U.S. consumer households, and its products are currently sold in over 80 different ...
Thievery runs in the family....
Well, apparently, thievery runs in the family. Lil'Gal and I headed out to the local Super Wal-Mart because as mentioned in my previous post, I had told her she could spend her Christmas money from Grandpa. She was so excited that she was up and dressed at 6:30 and hovering over me, talking to me, picking at me and generally disrupting my sleep until I gave in and crawled out of bed. Luckily, Daddy sent me Christmas money too! And, I was specifically instructed to use it for "ME" and not on something "Practical." At first, I thought I'd use it to update those highlights I finally broke down and ... market research, surveys and trends
Primus Live and interviews On Rust! 1990 Part 1 | toy story
@bfmv96 buy the albums dont download for free. or even download. this is a band that deserves every penny of your 10 dollars 3. william4art  |  August 11th, 2010 at 12:06 am I started learnin bass a little while ago.. saw les clay pool back in the nineties withp.od.. awesome show 4. Bayani8  |  August 11th, 2010 at 12:10 am its sad how history repeats because now nobody wants to play bass anymore once again. Everybody loves to play the guitar. 5. PRSGuitarist1  |  August 11th, 2010 at 12:53 am @neoshaolin1 the toys go winding down 6. neoshaolin1  |  August 11th, 2010 at 12:57 am ... market research, surveys and trends


Wired 12.07: The Trillion-Barrel Tar Pit
Alberta, is an unlikely destination for a congressional boondoggle, especially when cold snaps of 40 below make it dangerous to leave any patch of skin uncovered. But here I am in midwinter, 250 miles north of Edmonton, watching a flock of Washington politicians in subzero parkas cling to tour guides like a trail of oversize ducklings. With gas prices approaching $3 a gallon in some states, the US representatives are braving the frigid air not for adventure but to learn about a filthy sort of alchemy, one that turns sludgy, sticky earth into sweet crude oil. Alberta sits atop the biggest petroleum deposit outside the Arabian ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The History of Silly Putty - FunStuff USA - PEZ Silly Putty and ...
In a world where sleek, speeding Rollerblades and high-tech video games compete for kids' attention, it may be surprising that a glob of goo known as Silly Putty keeps bouncing along, 45 years after it arrived on the scene. This pliable little plaything was a bit of marketing magic that catapulted Connecticut into the toy-making spotlight in August 1950, shortly after the "gupp," as he called it, was first sold by Peter Hodgson, an out-of-work copywriter from New Haven. It became a craze in the 1950s. Children wouldn't sit still until they got their hands on Silly Putty. Then they sat only long enough to press it ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
"I'm On the Top of the World"-Six Matchless Carpenters' Classics!
I noticed yesterday, when reading The New York Times Book Review, a new one is out on the Saints of the '70s in pop tune, the Carpenters . The new book is titled: Little Girl Blue-The Life of Karen Carpenter by Randy L. Schmidt. This looks like one I will need to get, being as I am, a devout disciple of 'All Things Carpenter.' Karen and Richard Carpenter together on We've Only Just Begun. Listen for a choir of harmonies arranged by Richard. And dig his funky '70s haircut. The book review is quite nice too and is titled Sorrow in Her Voice by James Gavin. Gavin points out that Randy Schmidt has uncovered ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Top 10 Ways to Ruin a Comic
There’s nothing like falling for a comic title or character, only to have it ripped to shreds by abysmal decision making on the part of its creators. In tribute to the myriad ways we’ve had some of our favorite comics all but destroyed, we present the top 10 ways to ruin a comic. (WARNING: This list has a spoiler or two, or three.) 10. Recycled Plots They say the well of creativity has run dry throughout entertainment; that all original ideas had their heyday long ago and our efforts since have been one long exercise in remakes. Comics are not exempt from this rather cynical yet often true point of view. Plots and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The History of Silly Putty
Following publication of the story, Hodgson receives orders for more than a quarter million eggs of Silly Putty from across the country in three days. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Silly Putty probe at Sandia yields non-silly results about time ...
Sandia researcher Jack Houston stretched his imagination to come up with a novel way to study complex polymer matrices, for which this sample of Silly Putty® served as a proxy material. (Photo by Bill Doty) Download 300dpi JPEG image, “jack-houston.jpg,” 412K (Media are welcome to download/publish this image with related news stories.) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Squaring off with Silly Putty® — a material scientist’s worst nightmare — a Sandia National Laboratories researcher has demonstrated that a unique microscope quick enough to measure ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Synthesis of Silicone Bouncing Putty
The goal of this experiment is to synthesize bouncing putty, a cross-linked silicone polymer, and study its unique properties. Background Information Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust and is a major component of many minerals ( silicates ). It is a member of the carbon family and is the family member directly below carbon on the periodic table.   Despite their proximity on the periodic table, the chemistry of silicon and carbon are quite different. For example, silica SiO 2 (the primary structure of quartz) ...
  1. profile image owenbooth Toy Story 3: "In the furnace of capitalist culture, all of human existence is silly putty or play doh... "
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How to get silly putty out of clothing? - Yahoo! Answers
My granddaughter got silly putty in her dress and we can't seem to get it out. Does anybody have a solution for us? 3 years ago Member since: March 12, 2007 Total points: 247 (Level 1) I have this stuff called Goo Gone that I love. It has gotten out gum, olive oil, wine, etc. from clothes. You can get it at the grocery store. Just squirt a little on the stain, then wash immediately. 3 years ago Asker's Rating: Asker's Comment: Thank you for the help There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: May 09, 2007 Total points:
What company makes Silly Putty?
It has to have been around now, for nearly 60 years.  I remember, as a kid, buying the little plastic egg of Silly Putty and stretching it out and pressing it onto the comics in the news paper.  It would pick up the ink and make a duplicate of the comic.    The Silly Putty would also ’bounce’.  We’d roll it into a ball and drop it from the second story would bounce about 2/3’rds of the way back up to us.      This is the original Silly Putty that we had as kids.  It was probably about 10 cents for an egg of it back then...and it’s ...