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Special Report on

The Synthetic Lease

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By now most of us have heard and read numerous articles about synthetic leases. We also know synthetic lease transactions are relatively commonplace for financing corporate build-to-suits and acquisitions, and that they are widely accepted by corporate real estate executives, financial institutions, and accounting firms. But is the synthetic lease a panacea for the corporate executive faced with a leasing decision? Are they the perfect solution for keeping real estate assets oil the company balance sheet? Are there any drawbacks to a synthetic lease? Before entering into a synthetic lease, the corporate tenant should know the ...
accelerating revenue
How can investors protect themselves from companies that spend more time managing earrings than managing their business? As shown by "Enrongate," it is very difficult to determine a company's real profitability even if a company complies with generally accepted accounting principles and with Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. At best it can be done in hindsight. The best protection for investors is knowledge, independent thinking and portfolio diversification. Assuming a properly diversified portfolio, investors can further protect themselves by knowing where to look for signs of earnings ... market research, surveys and trends
Keynote Systems (KEYN) quick look
Assets are current-short-term investments, cash, PP&E, goodwill. Very low liabilities, almost all equity. Extremely liquid. Hardly any change from prior year. Revenues are flat from prior year. Operating margin is only 1.5% (based on their table). Prior year was even worse at 1.1%. Operating income is dwarfed by interest income from all that cash! Net margin is more than twice operating margin (even worse in prior year). Earned 3 cents per diluted share. 3 month cash flow from ops is much higher than net income due to stock based compensation (which is still an expense seen by the shareholder via dilution), AP, deferred tax ... market research, surveys and trends


Lund Financial Corporation
"Enhance shareholder value" is the directive for every chief financial officer of a publicly traded company in America. The question is, "What areas of the business can be better-managed in order to achieve greater efficiencies?" For most companies, real estate costs are second only to those for personnel and, therefore, can be fertile ground for savings. A relatively new tool that can be used to improve financial performance in this area is the synthetic lease, a form of off-balance-sheet financing. A synthetic lease provides a company with all the benefits of real estate ownership, but does not encumber the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
I also investigate the impact of the synthetic lease financing choice on .... financing, cited often by lenders and end-users, is the ability to finance 100 percent of the ..... value of the synthetic leases in my sample is $20 billion, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Kling on horse racing: NYRA likely out for Breeders' Cup
The New York Racing Association (NYRA) held its annual pre-Saratoga press conference June 28. NYRA President and CEO Charles Hayward sat down for an interview that day. Part 1 of the session was in this space earlier in the week. This is part 2, with some background added for clarity. Most of our remaining conversation concerned the Breeders’ Cup, and NYRA’s future prospect of becoming a host of the event. 2005 was the last time the Cup came to Belmont Park. It was held at Churchill Downs in 2006, Monmouth Park in 2007, and in an unprecedented move, at Santa Anita in consecutive years, 2008 and 2009. NYRA fully ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Thursday's intriguing people
On Thursday in Fort Worth, Texas, the Environmental Protection Agency will hold the first in a series of four public meetings on the controversial issue of "hydraulic fracturing" (aka "fracking"), a method of extracting natural gas from deep within rock formations. Fox has learned firsthand about the process. He is the filmmaker of "Gasland," a documentary that was prompted in 2008 when a gas company offered Fox $100,000 to lease his family's land in Milanville, Pennsylvania, to extract gas from the land. At the time, he did not know what hydraulic fracturing was and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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construction of new real estate projects, it may be worth while to revisit the synthetic lease financing structure. Synthetic lease treatment is not ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Annotation 220.0354
“synthetic lease” agreement you have provided, the lessee would be ... In your letter, you describe the “synthetic lease” as a financing agreement used to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jack Murray on New Accounting Rules and Synthetic Leases
Synthetic lease transactions, as a classic form of off-balance-sheet financing, have been absorbing a public-relations beating as a result of the Enron Corp. scandal. � Interestingly, many of the media conglomerates whose magazines, newspapers, newsletters and journals have published articles criticizing or condemning off-balance-sheet financing in general and synthetic leasing in particular (with descriptions such as "contortion of reality," "accounting gimmick," and "off-balance-sheet trick"), are themselves users and beneficiaries of synthetic lease financing. The fact is that more than $100 billion in synthetic ...
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"Analysts said Inktomi's latest real estate problems have already been priced into the stock. They said that the company has enough cash to continue operations for a while, but that getting healthy will be difficult." FOR A WHILE >WHILE You remember the dotcom morgue, Mr Mackin? It's been a while since we calculated crash dates. What's their burn rate, anyone know? Inktomi had previously set aside $119.6 million to cover the cost of the lease and related expenses. Absent that money, the company would have $15.3 million in cash and $74.7 million in short term investments, as of June 30. I'm apalled! How can a ...
Synthetic or regular oil on my Road King's 1000 mile (and ...
Which is better, I heard the synthetic runs a cooler engine, but it is too "slick" and could damage the engine...sounds like bs to me... but that's why I'm asking. if u can afford the price of the sythetic, go for it. it wont hurt the engine, it will handle high heat better than dino oil, and u could extend the oil change intervals; some say up to 4 or 5000, but myself and my scoot, i'd still change it at no more than 3000 miles max with syth, 2500 miles with dino. ignore those who obviously have no clue to what their talking about or even ride. if ur still unconvinced, why not hobknob with the guys ...