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Special Report on

The Theory of Finance

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Economics is increasingly adopting the methodological standards and procedures of the natural sciences. The paper analyzes this 'naturalistic turn' from the philosophical perspective on naturalism, and I discuss the implications for the field of finance. The theory of finance is an interesting case in point for the methodological issues, as it manifests a paradigmatic tension between the pure theory of finance and Behavioral Finance. I distinguish between three kinds of naturalism: mark I, the reduction of behavior on psychoneural phenomena, mark II, the transfer of patterns of causal explanations from the natural ...
Regulation For the Sake of All Stakeholders - Theo Vermaelen ...
Who is regulation for? This is a question that always intrigued me ever since I got involved in my research passion: share buybacks. Although American companies repurchased shares for hundreds of billions of dollars in the eighties and nineties, buybacks were basically illegal in many European countries such as Germany until 1998, in spite of the fact that research on U.S. data showed (and still shows) that buybacks are, on average, good for stock prices. The stated motivation against buybacks was that it is a form of market manipulation and insider trading and the public should be protected against this socially irresponsible ... market research, surveys and trends
Business and Accounting Practices :An Affiliate Silver Bullet Review
I often have new organization clients that are not positive what data to give me as their accountant or bookkeeper in purchase to prepare Australian Accounting and Tax returns, or Financial claims. So I have place jointly a brief explanation of the easy technique of obtaining it all jointly. If you use this easy technique you may not only appear expert on your accountants but conserve them time (by carrying out a few of the legwork and obtaining all of the relevant data available) obtaining you a less expensive accounting invoice by saving accounting time and you also money. That is a practice mainly for companies which, ... market research, surveys and trends


Sample Chapter for Sheshinski, E.: The Economic Theory of Annuities.
An annuity is a financial product that entitles the holder to a certain return per period for as long as the annuitant is alive. Annuities are typically sold to individuals by insurance firms at a price that depends on the payout stipulations and on individual characteristics, in particular, the age of the purchaser. 1 The demand for annuities is primarily based on the desire of individuals to insure a flow of income during retirement against longevity risks. In the United States today, a 65-year-old man and woman can expect to live to age 81 and 85, respectively, and there is a substantial variation in survival probabilities ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The recent wave of corporate scandals provides continuing evidence that boards have failed to fulfill their role as the top-level corporate control mechanism. Destroyed companies, ruined reputations and in some cases jail sentences have created an environment in which substantial changes in the role of the board may occur. To solve the problems boards must change fundamentally their approach to the job. We recommend that boards focus on the following areas: --Be clear about the decision rights and role of the board�being careful to see that the board holds and exercises the top-level control rights in the organization, including ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fed to resume buying Treasury bonds
The net effect will be to keep the Fed's holdings of about $2 trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds and mortgage-related securities constant, rather than allow the portfolio to run off as securities are paid off. The bulk of the portfolio was acquired under a program starting in early 2009 that has helped push mortgage rates to record lows. Fed policymakers, holding their midsummer meeting, apparently rejected taking more dramatic steps to bolster the recovery — despite more evidence in recent weeks that business and consumer activity was ebbing. But stocks, which were down sharply before the Fed's post-meeting ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
'Peak oil' theorist and investor Simmons dies
Matthew Simmons, the outspoken investment banker and author best known for championing the concept of peak oil, has died at the age of 67. Considered a maverick in the close-knit world of energy finance but admired by the redoubtable T Boone Pickens, Simmons did more than anyone else to bring to widespread public attention the obscure theory proposed more than half a century earlier by the geophysicist M King Hubbert. Simmons�s 2005 book, Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, still enjoys brisk sales. After its publication brought him cult-hero status among a motley following of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Theory of Finance - The
belief that the potential contribution of the theory of finance to the de- ... But the theory of 'finance has not yet been brought, and perhaps never ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A theory of "cooperative finance" does not exist. All we know is that ... advances in the theory of corporate finance has not been extended to cooperatives. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image JustinCFPCDFA Divorce Financial Planning and Behavioral Finance collide in decision to keep the marital residence post divorce.
WikiAnswers - How would you explain the field theory in real life ...
First of all describing a situation depends how a person looks at it or approaches it. To explain any situation or observation a hypothesis can also be formulated. Main points and supporting... Real life Situations of Catalysts? Catalysts are used often in day-to-day life. For example, the catalytic converter in your car which is coated in platinum to reduce carbon monoxide emissions. Also, catalysts are used in industry to... How would you relate composite numbers to real life situations ? Cutting a pizza into twelve slices allows for the most different ways to split it. You can split it into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, ...
What is Fama & French Theory for investment? - Yahoo! Answers
In the portfolio management field, Fama and French developed the highly successful three factor model to describe the market behavior. CAPM uses a single factor, beta, to compare the excess returns of a portfolio with the excess returns of the market as a whole. But it oversimplifies the complex market. Fama and French started with the observation that two classes of stocks have tended to do better than the market as a whole: (i) small caps and (ii) stocks with a high book-to-market ratio (BM, customarily called value stocks; to be differentiated from growth stocks). They then added two factors to CAPM to reflect a ...