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Special Report on

The Toxic Asset Problem

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On Friday, the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) leaked a bombshell – a confidential report by Bafin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, found that German banks were sitting on over 800 billion euros in toxic assets. Just three months ago, the reports coming out suggested the problem was only half as large , 400 billion euros. This new account has been all over the news in Germany because Germans are becoming quite frightened about the health of their banking system and are angry because the German economy was largely absent from the bubbles of the past decade. Germans are beginning to ask quite openly why ...
whose value has fallen significantly and for which there is no longer a functioning market, so that such assets cannot be sold at a price satisfactory to the holder. The term became common during the financial crisis of 2007–2010 , in which they played a major role. When the market for toxic assets ceases to function, it is described as "frozen." Markets for some toxic assets froze in 2007, and the problem grew much worse in the second half of 2008. Several factors contributed to the freezing of toxic asset markets. The value of the assets were very sensitive to economic conditions, and increased uncertainty in these ...
Here's an Idea . . . « The Baseline Scenario
Why not say that all bank compensation above a baseline amount – say, $150,000 in annual salary – has to be paid in toxic assets off the bank’s balance sheet? Instead of getting a check for $10,000, the employee would get $10,000 in toxic assets, at their current book value. A federal regulator can decide which assets to pay compensation in; if they were all fairly valued, then it wouldn’t matter which ones the regulator chose. That would get the assets off the bank’s balance sheet, and into the hands of the people responsible for putting them there – at the value that they insist they are ... market research, surveys and trends
US treasury's toxic asset plan could cost $1 trillion – Business ...
WASHINGTON ?The Obama administration's latest attempt to tackle the banking crisis and get loans flowing to families and businesses will create a new government entity, the Public-Private Investment Program, to help purchase as much as $1 trillion in toxic assets on banks' books. The new effort, to be unveiled Monday, will be followed the next day with release of the administration's broad framework for overhauling the financial system to ensure that the current crisis ?the worst in seven decades ?is not repeated. A key part of that regulatory framework will give the government new resolution authority to ... market research, surveys and trends


Economic Meltdown - Articles: Meltdown 101
Just how did we get into this economic mess? The answers are both complex and troubling. Blame greed, irresponsibility, lax government oversight, conflicts of interest and especially blind faith in a housing boom that seemingly had no end. But end it did, setting off a chain reaction that has left the economy in tatters and stuck the American people with the tab. Thus far, the government has committed $1.75 trillion to buying or propping up a portfolio dominated by devalued real estate assets — and this may be just a down payment. The Obama administration has a new plan that will commit more government cash to rid the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Public-Private Investment Program: An Assessment
Mar 23, 2009 ... The PPIP is targeting purchases of $500 billion to. $1 trillion of assets, using $75-100 billion of TARP .... categories of loans which will have lower percent- ... helped with the toxic asset problem, although they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Worst Are Filled With Passionate Intensity
is about how TARP, the successful bank bailout plan, has been seized upon by populist fools--mostly of the right, but some on the left as well--as the prime irritant in their anti-big (government and business) frenzy. The trouble is, many of them don't seem to know what TARP is. Here is Bob Bennett, the conservative incumbent Senator from Utah who was tossed by the Tea Partiers, discussing the phenomenon: “People would walk by my booth and say ‘TARP, TARP, TARP, TARP!' But when you tried to talk to them about it, they did not know any of the details,” he said in an interview. “They confused TARP and the stimulus plan. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The mutating crisis of global capitalism
is an activist with the New Socialist Group in Canada, a political science professor at York University and author of several books, including the forthcoming Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance . At the Socialism 2010 conference in Chicago, he described the outlines of the crisis and the road ahead for the developing resistance--his speech is published here in two parts. An unemployed couple struggles to keep up with bills I'M GOING to start with what might seem like an overly cute formulation. I'll try to justify it, and if I don't, then you can throw various objects at me. But the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fourth Quarter 2008 Fact Sheet/Market Commentary - INTERNATIONAL ...
Dec 31, 2008 ... ing view was that the toxic asset problem could be worse than originally thought . This resulted in spreads on corporate bonds rising ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
tg-65: Treasury Department Releases Details on Public Private ...
Over the past six weeks, the Treasury Department has implemented a series of initiatives as part of its Financial Stability Plan that � alongside the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act � lay the foundations for economic recovery: Efforts to Improve Affordability for Responsible Homeowners: Treasury has implemented programs to allow families to save on their mortgage payments by refinancing, assist responsible homeowners in avoiding foreclosure through a loan modification plan, and, alongside the Federal Reserve, help bring mortgage interest rates down to near historic lows. This past month, the 30% increase in mortgage ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Put Problem with Buying Toxic Assets
Feb 13, 2009 ... The Put Problem with Buying Toxic Assets. Abstract. This paper uses the option pricing arguments of Merton (1974) to demonstrate that even ...
Can you give me advice on staining a wood dresser using non-toxic ...
I'd like to stain using the "healthiest" products available to decrease the toxic load in my home- a non-VOC paint ideal. Can you recommend a product? Will I need a base coat or some kind of top coat for water protection? Any other considerations? Any comments on the products below that I have my eye on: Bioshield Aqua Resin Stain Finish I like the attention to health concerns, but I otherwise know nothing about the quality of this stain. (found randomly online at owProduct/?objectID=1453 ) The store I bought the dresser from recommended "General Finishes Water ...
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What do I give my cat to bring down his fever. We are going to the vet at 2 something tomorrow, but that is a long time away and he is a miserable little guy. Please help..... He is like a child to me and I don't think I could cope if anything happened to him. I already feel guilty about him getting a respiratory infection. Please say a prayer for him to feel better soon.  Discuss this question (9 comments) why can't I answer? Show all details , Hide all details  by tuppence on Jul 02 2008 (24 months ago)  Best Answer Official Rating First of all do NOT give a dog a plain ...