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Special Report on

Tick size and market quality

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This paper studies empirically the effect of decimalization on volatility and market microstructure noise. We apply several non-parametric estimators in order to accurately measure volatility and market microstructure noise variance before and after the final stage of decimalization which, on the NYSE, took place in January, 2001. We find that decimalization decreased observed volatility by decreasing noise variance and, consequently, increased the significance of the true signal especially in the trade price data for the high-activity stocks. In general, however, most of the found increase in the signal-to-noise ratio is ...
Futures Oil | How to Trade Oil For Beginners
Market trading opportunities are now available, for small investors that were once only considered the domain of large institutional or sophisticated commodity speculators. The most profitable trading that I have experienced, for my clients, over the last two years is from the Crude Oil market due to the substantial rise and subsequent fall resulting in some spectacular profits over this short investment period. The Crude Oil market can be traded by using futures or CFD contracts. The standard futures contract, for Crude Oil is 1000 barrels (42,000 gallons) in size and is valued at $10 USD per one tick move, with the tick size ... market research, surveys and trends
Crude Futures | Trading Crude and Energy Products
Energy prices can be extremely volatile due to the fact that it is probably the most tactical material in the world. The price of energy affects not only industries, but nations as well. It is important to note that trading in this market involves substantial risks and is not suitable for everyone, and only risk capital should be used. Any investor could potentially lose more than originally invested. What are energy futures contracts? An energy futures contract is a legally binding agreement for delivery of crude , unleaded gas, heating oil or natural gas in the future at an agreed upon price. The contracts are standardized by ... market research, surveys and trends


US - Bourghelle-Declerck
Transaction volumes reached €323.46 billion during the first half, ... that the quoted spreads in Paris (0.26 percent) are lower than spreads on similar NYSE stocks ..... Porter, D.C. and D.G. Weaver, 1997, Tick size and market quality, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Why Markets should not Necessarily Reduce the Tick Size
The daily average of €2.6 billion in transaction volumes also sets a record, ..... the use of hidden quantities, expressed both as a percent of all orders ..... Porter, D.C. and D.G. Weaver, 1997, Tick size and market quality, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Emerging a Priority ERP
"He is a man of splendid abilities but utterly corrupt. He shines and stinks like rotten mackerel by moonlight." - John Randolph When looking for the right ERP solution, there are numerous candidate solutions to choose from. So how do you differentiate between them to select the right one for you? Well the starting point is to understand your business in terms of its business processes and rules that you use to operate. This might seem a strange statement, but in all my years of consultancy, it has always surprised me how little many organisations really have a good grasp of what makes them tick. In particular, you ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Fleas flee chem-free | A locally made organic pet treatment is catching on quickly
Mad About Organics started out simply as three people’s attempt to come up with a safe alternative to chemical flea treatment for their dogs. “The labels (on other products) read ‘Don’t come in contact with pesticides,’ ” said Sue Smith, 60. One company warned pet owners to use rubber gloves when applying flea and tick treatments to their pets, added Elana Hoerter, 37. Concerned, the pair started looking into what exactly they were putting on their pets. “It’s ridiculous, the ingredients list is full of words you can’t pronounce,” Smith said. Smith, Hoerter and her ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Tick Size and Market Quality
Tick Size and Market Quality. David C. Porter and Daniel G. Weaver. ∎. David C. Porter is an Associate. Professor of Finance in the College ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comment Letter
May 11, 2010 ... 1 “Tick Size and Market Quality,” David Porter and Daniel G. Weaver, Financial Management, vol. 6, no.4, 1997, p. 5-26. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Eighths, Sixteenths and Market Depth: Changes in Tick Size and ...
are insufficient for measuring market quality due to these differential effects, and conclude that smaller tick sizes may not be pareto-improving. ...
Question: Home Decor Market
Hello Blucken, According to a 2006 Research and Markets report, the home decor and furnishings market in the US is worth $270 Billion. This includes the kitchen, housewares, furniture, home textiles, appliances, outdoor living, art & wall decor, and lighting. Business Wire, March 6, 2006 Key companies mentioned in the report: - Sears - Lowe's - Home Depot - Best Buy - Costco Wholesale - P.C. Richards & Son - Sam's Club - Berkshire Hathaway - Nebraska Furniture Mart - R.C. Willey Home Furnishings - HH Gregg - Wal-Mart - ...
Ask Engadget: Best 13-inch laptop on the market? -- Engadget
We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, here's the outlet to do so. This week's Ask Engadget question is coming to us from Moe, who is dead-set on snagging a 13-inch machine just as soon as a model is decided upon. Help a brother out, won't you? "I'm in the market for a new laptop, and I want a 13-incher. I need something with a great keyboard for typing, as this will mostly be used for note taking in class. I am absolutely smitten with the XPS 13 , but I'm afraid that with its age Dell is going to give it an update soon. Any advice for ...