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To cram down interests

to cram down interests special research report Photo by
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana). Baucus was one of 12 Democrats to vote against cram-down provisions. (Photo: AP)     A new analysis from a government watchdog group shows senators who killed off a consumer-friendly change in law aimed at addressing the foreclosure crisis received more money in campaign contributions from the industries their vote aided.     Senators who voted against the consumer-friendly amendment received $3.98 million from the financial industry during the 2008 election cycle, while proponents of the bill received $2.65 ...
The Canadian singer/songwriter began recording the album with UK producer Ken Nelson in Kelwood at a local church in Feb. 2008. Final sessions for her album took place at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, England in April and May 2008. Leading up to her second album, Alana co-wrote with such leading country and roots-styled American songwriters as Quinn Loggins, Sam Ashworth, James LeBlanc, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rachel Thibodeau, and Gary Nichols. She also co-wrote with Sylvia Tyson, Colin Cripps, and Simon Wilcox in Canada, Alana’s reputation as a significant international singer/songwriter was initially bolstered by her debut ...
Intercreditor Agreements Get Trumped
Intercreditor agreements between first and second lien lenders are created all the time and are therefore not usually glitzy topics for client updates. But the recent intercreditor dispute between Donald Trump and corporate raider Carl Icahn over control of Trump's Atlantic City casinos had all the drama and glamour of the gambling dens and billionaires involved, including two competing but confirmable plans and senior and junior creditors vying for ownership of a gaming empire and its attendant upside. In the end, the parties got an important precedent on the enforceability of intercreditor agreements in chapter 11 cases. market research, surveys and trends
Bankruptcy Courts and Foreclosures | In the Bluff | Memphis Flyer
Last Thursday, the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center held a summit about combating blight in local neighborhoods as part of its Issues First campaign. Then Monday, U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen hosted a subcommittee meeting about foreclosures at the U of M law school. One thing panelists talked about were proposed changes to the federal bankruptcy code that would allow judges to modify mortgage loans. Currently, filing Chapter 13 allows for the adjustment of debts, with the exception of a mortgage loan for the debtor's primary residence. There’s some concern that that would mean more bankruptcy filings, but David ... market research, surveys and trends


The Senate Voted Wisely on 'Cram Down' Bill -- Seeking Alpha
On April 30th, the Senate defeated the “cram down” bill that would have allowed bankruptcy judges to adjust mortgages so as to allow those people going through bankruptcy to keep their homes. The defeat came as some Democrats sided with the bill’s opposition, mirroring a general weariness from within the banking community towards this piece of legislation. The media balked at this defeat with claims that echoed the bill’s sponsor, Richard Durbin (D-Illinois), that the banks essentially controlled Congress and that Senators needed to vote along with the needs of the American people rather than according ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Cram Down Under the New ...
or ownership interests — the "cram-down" power. In those cases spe- ...... is accepted by 60 percent in both number and amount of unsecured ... entity is worth $1000000 (due to assets worth $2 million on a going ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Karen Handel and Nathan Deal start GOP runoff with a combined $110238
Karen Handel and Nathan Deal have a combined $110,238 to spend on their three-week Republican runoff for governor. In other words, bupkis. From Shannon McCaffery with the Associated Press: The scramble for cash is on in the three-week sprint to Georgia’s Aug. 10 runoff. Nathan Deal and Karen Handel are working the phones, lining up the dollars they’ll need to win the GOP nomination. Both skated into the primary nearly on empty and must quickly reload in time to get television ads up. A review of campaign disclosures by The Associated Press shows that Handel has just $66,648 in money designated for the primary runoff. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
In the Living Room with Jake Cinninger
In the midst of Umphrey’s McGee’s first headlining summer tour, guitarist/vocalist Jake Cinninger finds time to return to his roots with Living Room from Ali Baba’s Tahini . ABT was the band the seasoned six-stringslinger was in at the time he joined the fledgling Chicago jamband in September 2000. The rest, as they say, is history, as Umphrey’s enters its second decade as one of the ‘new generation’ jam/improv/prog rockers. UM may have created their own genre onto themselves. And that word genre is the key here, as Ali Baba’s Tahini has created a dynamically eclectic album, five years in the making, with many sonic twists and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Down Round (and Cram Down) Financings in Today's Market
Cram down financings are inherently prone to legal challenge because, ... round or cram down financing involving the types of conflicts of interests among ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
the debtor - In a Chapter 13 “cramdown”, the debtor retains the ...
The proper interest rate to be charged in the Chapter 13 cramdown plan was a matter of law, and not a matter of factual dispute. Controlling law in this ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Snipe Hunt: The Search for the Cramdown Interest Rate, 4 AM. BAnut. INsT. L. REv . 35 (1996). 46 Section 1325 ensures that "the value, as of the effective ...
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WikiAnswers - Can Cram Down be done in a Chapter 7 for an auto loan
A "cram down" is special provision found in the US Bankruptcy code §1325(a)(5)(B)(ii) to modify a secured loan in a Chapter 13 plan even over the creditor's objection. Since there is no pay back plan in a Chapter 7 there is no way to "cram down" a loan with a chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, not all is lost. A chapter 7 wipes out all contracts but it does not wipe out security interests. What this means is that when you have a car loan and you file a chapter 7 you no longer owe any money to the creditor but the creditor still has the right to repossess the vehicle. If you'd like to keep the vehicle ...
Why is biology so boring? - Yahoo! Answers
Freshman year biology at my college went by pretty fast. The instructors kept impressing on us not to memorize but the details were so much we had to cram down everything down to pass. The lab section was not interesting, there were too many toylike experiments to be taken seriously . I didn't feel the excitement or rush in designing and setting up independent investigations so the whole gig was practically disappointing. I want to build something, not follow some lab manual. I want to see, investigate, get a surge of feeling high over some discovery. Biology neither chemistry does not give me that feeling. Chemistry is ...