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Special Report on

Toxic Asset Performance

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which does a great job of showing how the “gold mentality” — what they call mentalite, with an accent — paralyzed policymakers. (The longer-form version, with more personal color, is Liaquat Ahamad’s Lords of Finance .) What E&T show is that circa 1930 key decision-makers had spent so many years equating adherence to gold not just with prosperity, but with morality, decency, civilization itself, that they couldn’t even contemplate breaking with that orthodoxy — even in the face of total catastrophe. I think we’re more flexible now. But my sense is that the mystique of ...
discusses various actions and proposals by economists, government officials, journalists, and business leaders to address the subprime mortgage crisis and broader economic crisis of 2007-2010.
Protecting Cyberspace As A National Asset Act | Logistics Monster
Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning the Devil says, Oh SH**! - She's Awake! - Unknown Dedicated To Nancy Armstrong, MsPlacedDemocrat - A Patriot That Went Home, July 29, 2009 Proud Member – Pony Express Of Truth It's crunch time folks. How often do you read something here and no where else, or weeks before other sites publish the truth? What would an hour of your time cost to do the research, read the emails, follow the leads, run down umpteen rabbit holes for the truth, and present it in a way that breaks down the attack on our liberties? The Monster has six sponsors whose ... market research, surveys and trends
NPR Offers Remedial MBS Analysis for Regulators « HousingWire
I'm going all the way to the end of my limb to say, as often as possible, in as many different ways as I can, that I believe the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are misleading themselves and the American public by insisting that asset-backed securitization will resume if only they rewrite the current rules for disclosure. The enhancements they are calling for substantially exist already, and to call for them anew disingenuously implies that they don't. It implies that the demand that fed the securitization bubble—that fed the non-traditional mortgage ... market research, surveys and trends


SocGen profit warning rekindles toxic asset fears | Reuters
(Reuters) - Societe Generale, France's second biggest bank, warned on its fourth-quarter profits on Wednesday after taking a further 1.4 billion-euro ($2 billion) hit from risky assets, highlighting concerns that banks have more pain to bear from the financial crisis. Hot Stocks   |   France Following the additional writedown, SocGen said it was now only expecting to report a "slight profit" for the fourth quarter, whereas analysts had been forecasting a net profit of around 960 million euros, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S estimates. SocGen shares were down 3.3 percent at 49.96 euros in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mortgage Bonds Rally on Optimism for Geithner Toxic-Asset Plan ...
April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bonds backed by mortgages on everything from California homes to New York skyscrapers are rallying on speculation that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ’s latest effort to bolster prices will succeed and potentially spur banks to boost lending. Top-rated commercial-mortgage bonds rose 6.2 percent since March 20 to almost 80 cents on the dollar on average, according to Merrill Lynch & Co. indexes. The most-senior class of benchmark 2005 securities backed by fixed-rate Alt-A home loans, or those ranked between prime and subprime, increased about 12 percent to about 54 cents, according to Deutsche Bank AG. industry trends, business articles and survey research
Corexit Linked to the Blackstone Group and Lord Jacob Rothschild
“According to the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, the use of Corexit during the Exxon Valdez oil spill caused “respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders” in people. "According to the EPA, Corexit is more toxic than dispersants made by several competitors and less effective in handling southern Louisiana crude. However, the oil from Deepwater Horizon is not believed to be typical Louisiana crude.   "Reportedly Corexit is toxic to marine life and helps keep spilled oil submerged. The quantities used in the Gulf will create ‘unprecedented underwater damage to organisms'  ..." market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Energy Report for Wednesday, June 9, 2010
What about the sanctity of market data? Well, I guess if Obama can tout the "unemployment" report before it is released, then I guess it's ok for the Chinese to leak data on their export and loan growth data. A report from Reuters reversed the Shanghai stock and set a more positive tone for global markets as they reported comments by a senior Chinese government official who boasted that Chinese exports were up by almost 50% above a year ago. At the same time this government official said that bank lending for the month totaled 630 billion yuan ($92.2 billion) in May which was down from April's 774 billion ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Funds say ready for US toxic asset buys in June
May 26, 2009 ... simply award shares, tying the award to performance goals or ... Performance measures are likely to become more balanced and not tied to any ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Congressional Submission U.S. Department of Justice Assets ...
Assets Forfeiture Fund. 1. Program Description. 2. Performance Tables ..... disposal of toxic and hazardous substances when necessary for forfeiture or the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What are "toxic assets"? - Yahoo! Answers
I read an article that says the government plans to bail out financial institutions by buying their "toxic assets." What are toxic assets, in laymans terms? Let's say that Bob had a loan with Mellon Bank. The Loan is for $200,000 for a house and Bob pays 6% interest. The house is collateral, meaning Mellon gets the house if Bob defaults. But this house was valued at $275,000, so what is the worry? So now Mellon Bank has "mortgage paper", which is an asset. They can sell the mortgage to anyone they wish. Bob will then be required to pay the purchaser, who will get the benefit of the 6% interest. It's an ...
Collections Law: affidavit not attached, how to sue yourself ...
Debt Collections law, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), federal law, how to properly answer court summons for collection cases, how to prepare federal cases against debt collectors, how to deal with debt collection phone calls. Experience I've been an active consumer advocate for more than 40 years and have helped hundreds of people win cases against debt collectors as well as helping them defeat demands for summary judgment lodged against them by banks, debt collectors and defeat mortgage foreclosures and keep their homes. Education/Credentials Paralegal courses for the most part.