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Triangulation at its best/worst?

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Sunday in a New York Times article David Sanger summarized the results of a simulation at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. The simulation’s events are a very good match with several articles that were posted in this space last fall. This article will summarize the events of the simulation and counterpoise our previous arguments. The articles in question were. • The view from Israel • How would Israel attack Iran • Iranian deterrence or response strategy Before turning to the simulation, I recommend that readers return to two recent articles and ask themselves a critical ...
described in Wikipedia. This list is manually updated and additions of links to existing pages are welcome. See also the list of data structures , list of algorithm general topics and list of terms relating to algorithms and data structures . If you intend to describe a new algorithm , please read algorithms on Wikipedia first, then add a link to your article and a one-line description here.
RIM adds BlackBerry geolocation, minus GPS | Dialed In - CNET Blogs
This tactic of using signal from nearby cell towers to approximate your phone's location is nothing new, and in fact, has been used as an ersatz procedure for finding your general coordinates for years. As one notable example, Google has used "triangulation"--so-called since it used at least three towers to find your point on the map--in Google Maps on feature phones that lacked the much more precise GPS. While the news is aimed at application developers, it also affects BlackBerry owners who use those apps that may be affected by GPS signal-loss. It's a little strange seeing RIM adopt this less accurate ... market research, surveys and trends
shoplifters unite!: Van Jones Gets It Wrong At Netroots Nation
A lot of folks I know respect and even idolize Van Jones.  Following his demonization by right-wing bigots and subsequent forced resignation as Green Jobs Czar in the Obama administration, there was a real need for progressives to call out the red-baiting and racism.  That's understandable.  The man is undoubtedly super smart and has innovative ideas, and that can't be downplayed.  But having seen him speak a few times and read some of his writing, I can't join the chorus of supporters who give him rock star status.  He may have been a radical at one point in his life, but at this point ... market research, surveys and trends


A mixed observational survey method
dependent standard error in parts per million of the measured distance ; and A h ... 1 : 5490000, with the worst proportional part correction being 1 : 1700000. ... variances of unit weight were within 95 percent chi-square confidence ..... Accuracies of Stations in the Super First-Order Triangulation at Cape ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
AS our personal computing era evolves into a ubiquitous
example, consider the millions of acres that are lost around ... traveling on any path in the sensor field must encounter at .... its distance from each satellite and, thus, perform trilatera- ... triangulation to solve for best and worst-case coverage. In ..... a 50 percent improvement can be achieved in support ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Not my data!
As is typically Nigerian, we have reacted to our latest national pastime, kidnapping, with a jerk of the knee. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the Police have come together to offer registration of SIM cards as a panacea to this trade. Is it? There are a lot of things that these people do not seem to understand, and this lack of understanding on their part means that I for one will not at all be in a hurry to hand over my data to them. Now let us consider this scenario... Across the desk from me is a fellow called Olu Jacob, almost the same name as the rather famous actor who appeared alongside Christopher ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Where is the Leader?
The worst of times brings out the best from a true leader, someone who, with political skill and a higher sense of national interest, turns adversity into advantage. India, a nation bruised and gasping for some fresh air, should be a challenge as well as an opportunity for such a leader. We miss him so badly, and what we have instead are seasoned ventriloquists and masters of triangulation. Their art only makes the life of the Republic, emerging from a merciless summer with bloodlust as its abiding motif, more miserable. We still don't have a clear, no nonsense, counter strategy to end the sub-rural savagery of the Maoists ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Triangulation by Continuous Embedding
graph, so its best triangulation contains no ll-in edges ... it's worst triangulation, the fully connected graph, will ... factor of 1=(n ; 1)) than J for the fully connected triangulation represented by (c), J is at its maximum and JC, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cardinality Bounds for Triangulations with Bounded Minimum Angle
bound on the cardinality of a (theoretically best) tri- angulation. In Section 4 we show that an ... worst case is when f = : If g = as well, then the above equals k. ..... the faces of the triangulation, either its vertices (for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
LNAI 4203 - Triangulation of Bayesian Networks Using an Adaptive ...
cepts any worse solutions and it finds an optimal solution from the current solutions ..... are respectively the probability of the best solutions and ...
WikiAnswers - Plate Tectonics Questions including "What happens at ...
Plate tectonics are plate movements which will in turn cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mountain ranges, and islands. Total questions 31400 What happens at a convergent plate boundary? Tectonic plates collide at a convergent plate boundary. Oceanic to oceanic plate convergence: Where an oceanic plate collides... What are the layers of the Earth? Earth's Layers(All depths are from the surface of the Earth.)1. The Crust--The outer skin of the planet is composed of igneous,... What is plate tectonics? Plate tectonics is the science and study of the causes of, and relative motions of, Earth's lithospheric plates. ...
How does the Samsung Instinct PDA Phone compare with the Apple IPhone?
Here at Gadget Lab, we serve up a helping of speculation alongside our news and reviews now and then, and speculation is fine. But for a major cellphone carrier to base its iPhone-dissing ad campaign on a few slim differences, most of which were likely to disappear just one month later, is irresponsible at best. Sprint even threw an alleged $100 million at the marketing effort. If we had that kind of money the Gadget Lab would quickly be relocated to a yacht and you'd be reading a lot more articles about cocktail making products. So, now that the iPhone 3G is official, how does the Instinct stack up? We compare the five ...