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Special Report on

US/EBRD SME Finance Facility

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The Group for Small Business supports Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) programmes through financial intermediaries. These programmes enable small businesses to access formal finance, which is often an obstacle in the Bank's countries of operations. In addition to working with existing banks, the EBRD helps establish microfinance banks and non-bank micro finance institutions. Long term sustainability of MSE activities is ensured through institution building and training on appropriate lending procedures. Hence, the programmes support economic development as well as social stability. The EBRD provides lending partners with ...
ebrd pioneers energy efficiency facility for romania
The FINANCIAL -- The EBRD is launching its first ever credit facility to finance energy efficiency projects by private industrial companies in Romania. Under the new framework, the Bank will make loans to the banking sector which will then provide credits to private firms. Three loans have already been signed: €20 million for the Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), €10 million for CEC and €5 million for Banca Transilvania (BT). The loans are part of the EU/EBRD Energy Efficiency Facility which is a wider joint programme of the European Commission and the EBRD to provide up to €100 million in credits to banks ... market research, surveys and trends
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: An Introduction ...
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a multilateral international financial organisation, was established May 29, 1990. Intended as a mechanism for providing financial and structural assistance to the states of Central and Eastern Europe emerging from the shadow of communism, the EBRD is wholly owned by its member countries, along with the European Community (EC) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), and their voting power is determined by the number of shares that they hold. The subscribed capital of the EBRD totals 20 billion euros, although only 5 billion euros is fully paid-in and the Bank does not ... market research, surveys and trends


EBRD launches small and medium enterprise financing facility in ...
The EBRD is helping the development of the private sector in Turkmenistan with a new US$ 4 million facility for on-lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), thus increasing the availability of funds to the real economy. The programme will provide funding to local banks to finance the capital requirements of local private companies, who have limited access to long-term finance. The banking sector in Turkmenistan remains largely state-controlled, with private sector lending representing just one percent of Turkmenistan’s GDP. The EBRD facility will boost financial intermediation in Turkmenistan, supporting the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ebrd increases lending for sme
The EBRD�s mandate is to foster the establishment of market-based, competitive and sound economies and it was always clear to us that an indispensable element for this is a healthy SME sector. The idea for the establishment of an EC supported SME Finance Facility dates back to 1997 when the Facility was designed as an instrument to achieve the common objectives of the EBRD and the European Commission, to remedy market imperfections in order to support the growth and development of private SMEs in the EU accession countries of central and eastern Europe . Access to finance is seen as a key success factor for the development of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
EBRD strengthens financing for small and medium-sized companies in Romania
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Microfinance: Worth the Hype?
programs such as the US/EBRD SME Finance Facility, the Russia Small Business Fund, and most recently, the Romania Micro Credit Facility. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Industry Sector Analysis
The US/EBRD SME Financing Facility was established in July 2000 in the .... going US/EBRD SME Financing Facility. The EBRD works with U.S. firms as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Kazakhstan Economic Diversification through SME Development ...
inception in May 1998 EBRD SME program credited 211 308 projects that amounted to ..... Type of Financing Conventional and Islamic. Facilities. Term Loan .... The United States defines the SME sector rather broadly as businesses with ...
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How advanced countries provided loans to SMEs without collateral ...
I am exploring various options of providing affordable finance to SMEs. I want either to provide loan without collateral or provide to low cost equity. I want to understand how advanced countries helped their SMEs in similar circumstances what India is going through now. Kindly throw some light on this / give co-ordinates of any reputed finance professors who did research in this field. Thanks. Best, Sankar posted 4 months ago in Corporate Debt , Venture Capital and Private Equity | Closed Share This Senior Relationship Manager, Business Banking at RAKBANK see all my answers Best Answers in: Corporate Debt (1) Dear Sankar, I ...