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US targets "tax haven" Netherlands

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If you are a US citizen or permanent resident who has been living and working outside the US and investing your savings through a non-US financial institution, you need to learn quickly what a Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) is. Why? Because the Obama administration and its allies in Congress are pushing through legislative and administrative changes designed to increase tax compliance among American citizens living abroad. For the typical American expatriate who is properly reporting and paying taxes on their global income, the impact of the legislation will be minimal, with one potentially consequential exception: ...
Tax deposits are formally entrusted to the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, or the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund. 3 The main part of the program is sometimes abbreviated OASDI (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) or RSDI (Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance). When initially signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 as part of his New Deal , the term Social Security covered unemployment insurance as well. The term, in everyday speech, is used to refer only to the ...
Purpose: Spreading the word of a VOLUNTARY boycott to the island of Aruba. This consumer grassroots movement urges everyone to abandon any plans to travel to Aruba or the Netherland Antilles until this case is resolved. Looks like Patrick van der Eem used the old, "I was stoned" excuse after he pulled a "Chris Brown" on his wife.  What a great guy, huh?  Beat someone with a deadly object and you'll only get community service in the Netherlands.   Patrick van der Eem, who befriended Joran van der Sloot and then secretly recorded him confessing to being with Natalee Holloway when she ... market research, surveys and trends
us targets overseas bribery; kbr exec's plea widens probe
HOUSTON -- In the world of Big Oil, Albert "Jack" Stanley was legendary for winning billion-dollar contracts in third world countries, the Halliburton executive who knew all the secrets of deals in places like Malaysia, Egypt and Yemen. In the wake of his admission in a guilty plea (PDF) last week that he resorted to bribes, kickbacks and high-level corruption to secure deals in Nigeria, however, Stanley now lies at the center of a widening scandal in the oil industry that has implications for corporations and governments across the globe. Stanley's case is the first in what federal officials believe will be a ... market research, surveys and trends


US targets "tax haven" Netherlands - Radio Netherlands Worldwide ...
The Netherlands is a corporate tax haven for US multinationals, and together with Ireland and Bermuda it is sheltering companies' earnings from the American tax authorities, a US Treasury Statement suggested on Monday. As long as they keep their earnings overseas US companies are legally exempt from paying. Taxes only become due when the money is "repatriated" to the United States. The current practice is perfectly legal, but the US government considers it harmful to the American economy. President Obama announced a crackdown on the tax shelters, aiming to raise 210 billion dollars in taxes over the next decade. A Wall ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CorpWatch : EUROPE: In Europe, widening probe targets tax haven
Nearly two decades after taking the helm of Deutsche Post, Klaus Zumwinkel had transformed Germany's national postal service into a global mail and logistics giant with annual revenues of �66 billion ($102 billion) � more than double those of FedEx. A director on the boards of Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Telekom, and Lufthansa, he was one of Germany's most prominent executives. Then, on Feb. 14, he surrendered to police amid suspicion that he evaded �1 million in taxes. The next day, he resigned, becoming the first to fall in a massive probe that has broadened to nine other countries. But even as Germany conducts ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dutch religious intolerance mirrored in Europe
Racial tension used to be the main reason for  persecution, abuse, torture and killings of minorities, but not any longer. According to a recent report by the Minority Rights Group International , the targeting of minorities on religious grounds is increasingly becoming a bigger problem than racial discrimination. In most regions poverty is increasingly linked to religion. Minorities in all four corners of the world - and particularly Muslims in the west -  have been targets of increased state control as well as nationalist campaigns waged by militant or right-wing groups. Mark Latimer, Director of Minority Rights ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
SARB takes stock and a deep breath
In another major landmark speech, SARB Governor Marcus last week took stock of the global economy, financial markets and the South African economy. It was a major tour de horizon, noting global ailments and lessons, as well as, more tentatively, possible prospects. Though money market, media, local and foreign observers were quick to conclude that some of the expressed sentiments pointed to the heightened possibility of yet another interest rate cut, prime by then dropping below 10%, the speech was primarily interesting for its broad sweep, its emphatic outspokenness in some instances and the light this sheds, if any, on SARB ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
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Lycos Ordered to Tell Web Client Identity
It is the first ruling of its kind in the Netherlands on Internet privacy and could have far reaching consequences for other Internet providers. Supreme Court spokesman Steven Bakker said the court found Pessers' claim of having suffered damages sufficient to order Lycos to release its client's name and address, even though no criminal offense had been committed. (Emphasis mine.) Just me, or a scary precedent? [ edited by : trillianjedi at 8:03 pm (utc) on Nov. 28, 2005] [edit reason] Fixing Link [/edit] I have a client who's major competitor had posted my client's article on his website. The domain whois ...
Slashdot Ask Slashdot Story | Health Insurance When Leaving the ...
I worked for a large corporation. Not huge, but large enough to find shortcuts to covering employees. Instead of having insurance, they acted as the insurer and had Aetna act as a "manager" of the plan. Not only was this cheaper for them, they got out of all the regulations governing insurance. I had a kid, and they denied coverage because he wasn't a member at the time of his receiving care. But, I couldn't make him a member without a birthdate, so I fought with them for months. They I got canned, and lost access to mechanism to continuing fighting. Long story short: State bureau of insurance couldn't ...