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Why deficit finance works

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to view it first. Information about this may be contained in the File-Format links below. In case of further problems read the IDEAS help page . Note that these files are not on the IDEAS site. Please be patient as the files may be large. As the access to this document is restricted, you may want to look for a different version under "Related research" (further below) or search for a different version of it. Article provided by Springer in its journal International Tax and Public Finance . Volume (Year): 1 (1994) Issue (Month): 2 (October) Pages: 127-146 Download reference. The following formats are available: HTML ( ...
rates, increasingly by foreign investors. In 2009, consumer spending, coupled with government health care spending constituted 70% of the American economy. Since the 1960's, the United States economy absorbed savings from the rest of the world. The phenomenon is subject to discussion among economists. Like other developed countries, the United States faces retiring baby boomers who have already begun withdrawing from their Social Security accounts; however, the American population is young and growing when compared to Europe or Japan. The United States public debt is in excess of $13 trillion and continues to grow at a rate ...
The Deficit is Bad for America - The Daily Beast
Deficit "stimulus" is not the road to economic recovery. It's the problem, not the solution, writes Nobel laureate economist Vernon L. Smith, who grew up in Depression-era Kansas. Plus, read the original manifesto to reboot America produced by top economists. Last October a Rasmussen poll was already showing that only one-third of likely voters believed that the stimulus package was helping the economy. You, your fellow citizens and Congress are now concerned that the main effect of the federal stimulus has been to increase the burden of a swollen government living beyond its means. You were told that the stimulus ... market research, surveys and trends
Why The Market Is Horribly Overvalued Right Now « Finance Blog
We stated in the 4th of July holiday comment that we would discuss valuations in the “special report” we wrote last week. As it turned out the “special report” got too bogged down in the discussion of why the private debt in our country would have to be deleveraged before a significant recovery could take place. We encourage you to read it. This comment will now address why there is so much controversy about valuations in the stock market presently. The bulls are constantly exclaiming in the financial press and financial TV why investors must buy equities due to these “fantastic ... market research, surveys and trends


So far this fiscal year, the federal government is $1 trillion in ...
the federal government's receipts and expenses for June. The upshot: Through the first nine months of fiscal 2010 (which started last fall), the federal government has run a $1 trillion deficit. Deficits hawks will doubtless highlight these numbers as yet another reason why the National Debt Commission must move swiftly to cut social insurance and impose new regressive taxes. I take the opposite view. The fiscal 2010 deficit—$1 trillion and counting—is an encouraging sign. Let me explain. Federal tax revenues are highly leveraged to economic growth and to the performance of markets, corporations, and rich people. This means ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Remarks by the President to a Joint Session of Congress on Health ...
For Immediate Release                                                September 9, 2009 When I spoke here last winter, this nation was facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  We were losing an average of 700,000 jobs per month.  Credit was frozen.  And our financial system was on the verge of collapse.  As any American who is still looking for work or a way to pay their bills will tell you, we are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dems to Extend Bush's Middle Class Tax Cuts
Just when you thought Congress was spent -- literally -- and done for the year they'll turn around and surprise you. No money left to do anything? United Republican opposition? Democrats are planning to take on the great white whale of spending: extending President Bush's middle class tax cuts. The cost is estimated from $1.6 trillion to extend them to as much as $2.7 trillion to make them permanent. According to Senate Democratic sources, the latter is what they're going to go for -- and they're planning to do it before the midterm elections. As I write in a story this morning , Dems are hoping to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Will President Obama Appoint Elizabeth Warren to Head the Consumer Financial ...
President Obama will soon appoint a director to run the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, White House officials said Tuesday morning, but it’s unclear if he’s interviewed any candidates for the job, which will be officially created tomorrow when the president signs the Wall Street reform bill. “He’ll turn this in fairly short order,” deputy Treasury Secretary Neil Wolin told reporters this morning. Behind the scenes of the Obama administration there some is something of a storm brewing as liberals, progressives, and labor unions push President Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the new agency – against the wishes ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Privatization of Social Security: How It Works and Why It Matters
SECURITY: HOW IT WORKS. AND WHY IT MATTERS. Laurence I. Kotlikoff ..... This deficit finance took the form of running smaller surpluses than ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
USAID India : Our Work - Strategic Objective 1 - Economic Growth
While India today is a large and vibrant $440 billion plus economy-one of the twelve largest in the world-it still has the world's largest concentration of people in poverty-more than 300 million. This figure equals the combined number of impoverished in all of Africa and Latin America . To reduce poverty, economic growth must accelerate. International experience clearly indicates the positive relationship between growth and poverty reduction, and between sound economic policy and poverty reduction. According to India 's Tenth Five-Year Plan, in order to reduce the absolute number of those living in poverty, the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Such a policy, in the form of peacetime deficit financing, ...... same time, it works against parents for whom the social security system does ...
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Why isn't MSFT's retained deficit almost, if not totally, wiped ...
Since net income is closed to retained earnings each year, and MSFT's net income has been positive all along, it seems that its retained deficit should have disappeared by now.Thanks. Member since: October 18, 2006 Total points: 40838 (Level 7) You would be right if net income was the only thing that closed to retained earnings. There are two big things that bypass the income statement. One is currency translation. When a company has assets or liabilities denominated in non-dollars and the company's books are in dollars. An adjustment has to be made for revaluing these as exchange rates change. This ...
WikiAnswers - What is mass deficit and why is it important
Mass deficit is the phenomenon wherein nucleons, the protons and neutrons that are being fused together to make up an atomic nucleus, each give up a little mass. This mass, the so-called mass deficit, is converted into binding energy or nuclear glue to hold the nucleus together. Really! Let's look just a bit further. Remember that protons have a positive charge, and they don't like each other. Like charges repel, and that's a fundamental law of electrostatics. But when each nucleon gives up that aforementioned bit of mass for conversion into nuclear glue, the whole thing works and sticks together. Some say that it ...