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Special Report on

Your Investment Policy Statement

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Much like a blueprint for building a house, an Investment Policy Statement serves as the blueprint for building your optimal portfolio. This policy is crucial to the long-term achievement of your specific financial goals. First and foremost, an Investment Policy Statement helps you learn more about what your needs and priorities are, how to best address them, and the risks involved with investing. Secondly, this policy allows you and your portfolio manager (if you elect to employ one) to gain a better understanding of your objectives and constraints and how to best manage your portfolio to accomplish your specific financial ...
(IPS) is a document, generally between an investor and the assisting investment manager, recording the agreements the two parties come to with regards to issues relating to how the investor's money is to be managed. In other cases, an IPS may also be created by an investment committee (e.g., those charged with making investment decisions for an endowment or pension plan) to help establish and record its own policies in order to assist in future decision-making or to help maintain consistency of its policies by future committee members or to clarify expectations for prospective money managers who may be hired by the committee.
The Power of Process (part 4) – The Investment Policy Statement ...
In the past, the use of an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS) was reserved for institutions, retirement plans and well heeled investors.  Today, they are becoming a best practice for advisors trying to strengthen client relationships, build and maintain trust and create competitive distinction. A good IPS requires some philosophizing as well as number crunching and when completed could tally up to 15 pages. Our intent is not to kill forests or to create busy work, but to develop a document that captures and communicates the procedures, investment philosophy and important agreements between the client and advisor as to how the ... market research, surveys and trends
Getting Back to the Basics – Safe Investing
In today’s difficult financial market, it’s hard to pick up the paper or turn on the TV without seeing the latest news about stock prices. For many investors, market volatility has created an emotional rollercoaster. People are naturally concerned about being able to meet their financial goals and have questions about how to chart a safer course ... market research, surveys and trends


Sample Investment Policy Statement June 24, 2008
Percent. Market Value. iShares Russell Midcap Growth Index .... Your investment policy statement will help you maintain a disciplined investment ..... income by investing in companies with $250 million to $1 billion capitalization. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities Retirement Plan Survey 2009
Sixty-five percent do not require plan management to periodically sign ... When was your Investment Policy Statement last updated? ...... has advised over $35 billion in retirement plan assets inclusive of retainer and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Money Talk: Making good investment decisions requires context
Where is the best place to invest today? When asked this million-dollar question, my reply is always another question: What are you trying to accomplish with your money? Without this context, it is impossible to know whether any particular investment is best. Many investors mistakenly believe that finding the highest returns is the goal. The problem with this approach is that the ever-changing markets make finding the best investment on any given day, week, month, or even year a virtual impossibility. Focus instead on your real goals, like retiring when and how you desire, and developing a successful investment strategy becomes ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Google and Verizon in op-ed about open Internet agreement
A guest opinion piece in Tuesday's Washington Post by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and Verizon chief executive Ivan Seidenberg. By Eric Schmidt and Ivan Seidenberg Tuesday, August 10, 2010 We have spent much of the past year trying to resolve our differences over the thorny issue of "network neutrality." This hasn't been an easy process, and Google and Verizon are neither regulators nor legislators. But as leaders in our respective fields, we have searched for workable public policies that serve consumer interests and create a climate for investment and innovation. What has kept us at the table and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Writing Your Investment Policy Statement
Writing Your Investment Policy Statement. Publication title: Writing Your Investment Policy Statement. For the last few months I've been admon- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Jan 1, 2010 ... This statement of Investment Policy serves the following purposes: .... Describe the compensation arrangements by which your investment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
TT23 – Investment Policy: Individual Investor
This Investment Plan (also called an investment policy statement or IPS) serves as the framework for the Investment Management Team of _(your name and ...
How detailed is your investment policy statement? | LinkedIn ...
Tim, if the investment policy is for endowed or other long-term funds, then smart nonprofits will generally set an asset allocation strategy meant for long-term and stick with it (even bravely in times like this). Most nonprofits don't have the expertise internally to craft and monitor investments if they're using anything more than mutual funds. Links below to a couple good resources on nonprofit investment management – maybe basic for you but good for nonprofit staff. Best wishes- Tony posted November 18, 2008 Philanthropy Expert & Charity Analyst see all my answers There are definitely consequences for not ...
Financial planner in Boston area | Ask MetaFilter
I am looking for a new financial planner in the Boston/So. New Hampshire area. Can anyone recommend a firm/planner that they've worked with? Bonus points for someone with a more conservative frame-of-mind. Check out - we've worked with her, as have friends, and been quite happy. Purely fee-based, no commissions for anything. I know one of the principals in the Smith Rapacz firm , so this is as close to a self-link as I want to get. She's a friend, I haven't used their services, and I don't live in Boston, but they do. They recently merged with another firm , so they might answer ...