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Fund of Hedge Funds

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Northern Trust (Nasdaq: NTRS) has been awarded the Fund of Hedge Funds Administrator of the Year award at the inaugural HFMWeek Service Provider Awards, held in London in May. The awards recognise companies that have outperformed their peers during 2008-2009 and demonstrated financial progress, growth and genuine innovation. Judges cited Northern Trust’s dedication and expertise as a fund of hedge funds (FoHF) provider as well as its growing client base. Ian Headon, product manager for alternatives at Northern Trust, said, “We are delighted to receive this award, which recognises our commitment to working in ...
Marko's Take: Fund Of Hedge Funds Becoming Obsolete
MT provides a commentary on the economy, finance, government and world events with the intention of explaining what's REALLY going on as opposed to what's fed to us by the media. We've written before about some of the issues with Hedge Funds that are less than desirable for prospective investors, especially the fee structure which creates an element of moral hazard.  Even more egregious are the "Funds of Hedge Funds" (FOFs), which charge an additional layer of fees for the "value-added" of selecting individual funds and combining them into a basket. FOFs were designed to accomplish ... market research, surveys and trends
Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence: Corgentum Study Finds Madoff ...
reviews for investors, today announced the results of a new study focused on investor due diligence trends. This research shows that as a result of recent frauds and Ponzi schemes, a Madoff Effect has developed, altering the nature and scope of investor due diligence. The data also shows that in anticipation of stricter hedge fund regulation fund of hedge funds are focusing the bulk of their due diligence efforts on legal, compliance and regulatory risks. The study, ‘ The Madoff Effect – An Analysis of Operational Due Diligence Trends ’, is available for download at or directly here . For this study Corgentum ... market research, surveys and trends


Hedge Fund
We limit participation to just 300 members because of the time-intensive hedge fund job placement services, hedge fund video training platform, hedge fund career coaching, practice examination, and resume feedback that is included for each participant in our program. Reserve your spot in the program The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation is a 100% online-based hedge fund training and certification program that can be completed in 6-12 months.  The CHP Program is the most popular and trusted certification program built exclusively by and for hedge fund professionals. Some Advantages of Becoming CHP ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hedge Fund Lounge
According to Reuters, New York is poised to assess a new income tax on hedge fund managers who work in New York but live elsewhere in the hopes of raking in an extra $50 million a year. They propose to do this by taxing carried interest– profits earned by managing assets– at ordinary income tax rates. Hedge fund managers who live in New York already pay these rates. Reuters notes: Read the rest of this entry » Author: cmccaffrey | Filed under: Uncategorized Remember a few months back when I wrote about the insane fraud perpetrated by the men behind Gryphon Holdings? The guys who thought it was a good idea ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Northern Trust Completes Outsourcing of Hermes Fund Managers Investment Operations
announced today it has successfully migrated the investment operations for Hermes Fund Managers, a leading multi-boutique asset manager offering investment solutions to institutional clients globally, to the Northern Trust platform. With the migration complete, Northern Trust provides a range of back- and middle-office services for portfolios. Northern Trust provides post-trade operations, fund administration and custody to Hermes, as well as management of over-the-counter property derivatives activities including daily independent valuations for complex IPD (Investment ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
People moves
as senior private client director of its private client business in the UK. He joins from Newton Investment Management where he worked as portfolio manager. Aladdin Capital Holdings has appointed Constance Hunter as chief economist. Hunter previously worked as chief economist at Galter and chief investment officer at Coronat Asset Management. She will report to Scott MacDonald. Paamco has announced the promotion of four new partners. Mayer Cherem is a director and the sector specialist responsible for the evaluation and management of opportunistic investments and offensive risk management initiatives. Maarten Nederlof is a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fund of Hedge Funds Ratings Process
Fund of Hedge Funds. Ratings Process. The Standard & Poor's Approach. Standard & Poor's fund management rating service aims to help investors ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hedging Your Bets: A Heads Up on Hedge Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds
hedge funds pool investors' money and invest those funds in financial instruments in an effort to make a positive return. Many hedge funds seek to profit in all kinds of markets by pursuing leveraging and other speculative investment practices that may increase the risk of investment loss. Unlike mutual funds, however, hedge funds are not required to register with the SEC. Hedge funds typically issue securities in �private offerings� that are not registered with the SEC under the Securities Act of 1933. In addition, hedge funds are not required to make periodic reports under the Securities Exchange Act of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What is a Hedge Fund?
the simultaneous buying and selling of securities in different markets with the purpose of profiting from the price difference in the markets. Derivative : a volatile financial instrument whose value depends on or is derived from the performance of a secondary source such as an underlying bond or currency. Hedge : making arrangements to safeguard against loss on an investment (can involve various techniques) Leverage : the use of credit (such as margin) to improve one�s speculative ability and to increase the rate of return on an investment Short Sale : a sale of a security that the seller doesn�t own (if ...
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Which has the best fund of hedge funds in equity long/short and ...
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What are your thoughts & advice regarding Mark Yusko's 'The ...
About 1 1/2 to 2 years ago I was talked into buying, by my broker at the time, a position in Mark Yusko's 'The Endowment Fund'. This is a fund of hedge funds. He told me that it would give me good diversification. Well, it tanked with the market and I have lost about 20%. One thing that angers me is that I just looked at July results and my account was down about $400 even thought the DJIA had a 20 year record July...going up over 8% in one month. I would appreciate advice from those in the know about this or these kinds of investments. Should I hold onto this thing, or eat the loss and sell it? ...