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Special Report on

Luxury Goods and Services

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The global luxury industry has never been so diverse. Today's luxury professionals must possess the capacity to evolve; they require an international outlook and an acute knowledge of this complex and discerning marketplace. The Master of Science (MSc) in Luxury Goods and Services (MLux) at the International University of Monaco (IUM) is a 10-month, 60-credit degree completed in three 12-week terms.   Taught in the Principality of Monaco, a great focal point of global luxury, this unique program is designed to give recent graduates a leading edge in this highly competitive field. It introduces students to the ...
(1865-1945) was a leading moral theologian, priest, professor, author, and social justice advocate. Ryan lived during a decisive moment in the development of Catholic social teaching within the United States. The largest influx of immigrants in America’s history, the emancipation of American slaves, and the industrial revolution had produced a new social climate in the early twentieth century, and the Church faced increasing pressure to take a stance on questions of social reform. Ryan saw the social reform debate of the early twentieth century as essentially an argument between libertarian individualists and collectivists ...
How to recognize value | Big Little Wolf's Daily Plate of Crazy
It’s been a lovely afternoon of wandering the flea market, enjoying the crowd and the diversity of antiques and vintage curiosities. You pick up a small silver fork and wonder why its tongs curve outward so delicately. You turn it over, note a hallmark of some sort, feel its weight in your hand, then glance at the price tag to confirm your suspicion of the object’s worth. Then you reach for the porcelain vase, with its soft blue design of vines and blossoms. Next, an appealing piece of heavy glass, and again, you check the price. You move on to the furniture dealer’s stall, running your hand across the worn ... market research, surveys and trends
News Release: Japanese High Net-Worth Consumers Rate the “Best of ...
survey. This survey identifies the top brands that deliver true luxury based solely on the unbiased ratings of wealthy Japanese consumers. The following five luxury categories were rated: Women’s Fashion, Women’s Shoes, Women’s Handbags, Men’s Fashion, and Men’s Shoes. The LBSI asks high net-worth consumers to rate luxury brands by category across four equally weighted components: Consistently Superior Quality, Uniqueness and Exclusivity, Making the Customer Feel Special Across the Entire Experience and Being Consumed by People Who Are Admired and Respected.  The “Best of the Best” are: ... market research, surveys and trends


Survey Finds Wealthy Are Less Keen On Luxury Goods - Executive ...
The wealthy are not ready to part with their Louis Vuitton purses and Hublot watches, but they are placing a higher premium on exclusivity—and reigning in their spending. America's wealthy are still willing to pay for excellent craftsmanship and unique pieces, but not at the same pace as previously. A s if luxury brands didn’t have enough problems coping with the global recession, they now have to battle two perceptions in the minds of the wealthiest consumers they’re banking on to lead a recovery—commoditization and declining quality. According to a recent survey by the Luxury Institute , 48 percent said luxury products ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey: Wealthy give luxury industry an 'F'
Luxury brands are still failing to deliver substance according to more than 400 high-net-worth consumers polled in The Luxury Institute's latest survey. The survey, titled "Current State of the Luxury Industry" and developed in conjunction with marketing communications and public relations firm Evins Communications Ltd., shows that for wealthy consumers, superior quality (83 percent), superior craftsmanship (78 percent), superior design (69 percent), exclusive products (58 percent), brand heritage and history (54 percent), and superior service (53 percent) are the top six requirements of a luxury brand. Yet, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sizemore Capital Management Analysis of the Luxury Goods Sector
The following is a Sizemore Capital Management internal investment memo, reproduced with permission from Sizemore Capital Management. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Given the host of issues facing the global economy—and the European sovereign debt crisis in particular—we have decided to do a periodic review of Sizemore Capital Management’s allocation to the luxury sector in its actively-managed Tactical Portfolio. We find that at current valuations, the luxury sector remains an attractive holding due primarily to its exposure to the emerging market consumer. Weakness in the euro should translate to higher earnings, as the majority of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
New Website Breaks the Mould in the Presentation of Online Luxury
-- 05/23/2010 -- the London based online ultra-luxury showcase, today announced the launch of the first virtual ski village on the Internet. The elitemarket “Ski Pavilion” will give users browser access to a highly select list of the world’s best ski resorts, ski hotels, prime winter vacation property and ski equipment all set within the same virtual ski village. Unlike the vast majority of websites which are one dimensional and based on text and pictures, has deployed Flash based graphics to create a high resolution virtual environment with moving images that makes the user feel like they are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


luxury goods and services, operations, accounting and financial management, as well as the legal environment. The practitioner cross-link (PCL) consists of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CIB 97-10 - Revision of Standard Provision - AID Eligibility for ...
Commodities and services for support of police or other law enforcement activities,. (iv) Abortion equipment and services,. (v) Luxury goods and gambling ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
how we can encourage people for retirement planning in india ...
Government Policy (5), Economics (2), Government Services (2), Car and Train Travel (1), Foreign Investment (1), Work-life Balance (1), Internationalization and Localization (1), Commodity Markets (1), Currency Markets (1), Manufacturing (1), Using LinkedIn (1) Now, I think that it is not a right time to encourage India people to have some kinds of retirement planning because India is just developed. When India people have enough money to spend, India people will buy some kinds of retirement planning because India people like to spend money on luxury goods and services instead of saving or investing for their retirement. In that ...
The Credit Crunch and its Effect on Online Advertising
Online advertising, Adsense / Adwords in particular, appears to have bucked the overall decline in advertising spend. The key reason given is that spending in the online world allows advertisers to target their audience better than in other media. But recent events in the financial markets have been unprecedented. Will the recent financial collapse force advertisers to spend more money on online advertising, to the benefit of us Adsense publishers? Or has the limit been reached and even online contectual advertising will suffer? Here's one "straw man" view. The spend on online advertising will change direction dramatically ...