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Abstracts--Working But Poor

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The objective of this study was to evaluate a clinic-centered oral cancer screening initiative in one of the poorest communities in Canada, assessing the need for screening and the acceptance of screening and identifying hindrances to both screening and follow-up. The study group included 204 people in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES). This was shown to be a high-risk community based on risk factors, lack of access to care, and the high frequency of oral mucosal anomalies. Acceptance of screening was high (98%); however, acceptance of biopsy for abnormal findings and follow-up was low. Among the 12 patients with clinical ...
The movement is the oldest of the first generation of so-called 'new social movements' to spring up after the end of apartheid and is known for its direct action style militancy, its refusal of all forms of vanguardism , including NGO ( Non-Governmental Organisations ) authoritarianism and its networked or hydra style mode of organization. 1 The movement has publicly refused to work with some local NGOs and insist that the middle class left respect the autonomy and internal democracy of grassroots movements. The AEC is a founding member of The Poor People's Alliance and, along with the other members of the ...
Minerals in Afghanistan? Mais oui! | The Best Defense
but by old Afghan hands. Here John Stuart Blackton, who has shaken more Helmand River sand out of his shorts than most Americans in Afghanistan have walked on, provides some background. By the way, before running USAID in Afghanistan, John attended Stephens College of Delhi-as did Pakistan's Gen. Zia. By John Stuart Blackton Best Defense Afghan natural resources editor The " discovery" of Afghanistan's minerals will sound pretty silly to old timers.  When I was living in Kabul in the early 1970's the USG,  the Russians, the World Bank, the UN and others were all  highly focused on the wide range of Afghan ... market research, surveys and trends
Why is some coverage of scientific news in the media very poor ...
Ever have one of those times when you have a cool new blog post all ready in your head, just needs to be typed in and published? Just to realize that you have already published it months ago? Brains are funny things, playing tricks on us like this. I just had one of such experiences today, then realized that I have already posted it, almost word-for-word, a few months ago. It's this post . But something strange happened in the meantime: that post, in my head, got twice as long and changed direction - I started focusing on an aspect that I barely glossed over last time around. So perhaps I need to write this one anyway, with ... market research, surveys and trends


Policy Research Initiative - Working Paper Series - Abstracts
Estimates of economic burden play a key role in regulatory decisions on environmental protection, occupational safety and health, transportation, energy efficiency and other forms of social policy. A very basic definition of the social costs of such regulation starts with the direct expenditures on compliance borne by firms, households or government, including both priced and un-priced resources. Additionally, indirect cost components reflect the incremental burdens passed on in the form of higher prices to other economic agents once all markets have equilibrated. The true social costs of regulation are best thought of as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Abstracts: ICO Global Communications to award $130 million pact to ...
Construction of a $4.5 billion satellite system by ICO Global Communications Holdings Ltd. will offer global mobile-phone services by a planned date of August 2000. Computer Sciences Corp. will receive a $130 million information-technology contract from ICO. ICO rivals are Globalstar LP and Iridium LLC. Hughes Space & Communications will provide satellites, Telefon AB LM Ericsson will provide switching systems, and British Telecommunications PLC and Deutsche Telekom AG will distribute ICO's services to retail customers and other phone-service providers. Computer Sciences will subcontract Hewlett-Packard Co. and Oracle Corp. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sir Nicholas Grimshaw: 'It's quality that matters more than anything else'
Architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, president of the Royal Academy, tells John Walsh what makes its Summer Exhibition so special – and why Prince Charles should stop 'interfering' with public planning SUSANNAH IRELAND Sir Nicholas Grimshaw at his London HQ, with its roll of honour of the architectural projects he has masterminded It's 11am at the Royal Academy in London, and the joint is jumping. It's Buyers' Day at the Summer Exhibition ahead of its opening today, and a multitude of people who bought RA exhibits some time in the past are here for an early preview of an event that has been a fixture ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick have announced they are planning to race at Gateway International Raceway July 16-17 in both the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series events. Keselowski, the NNS qualifying record holder at Gateway, will race his No. 29 Brad Keselowski Racing Dodge Ram in the 200 July 16 and the No. 22 Dodge for Penske Racing in the Missouri-Illinois Dodge Dealers 250 July 17. Two-time Gateway winner Harvick is racing both events for Kevin Harvick Inc., co-owned by he and his wife, DeLana. The two-time NASCAR Nationwide Series champ won ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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WPSA Working Group 6 (Reproduction): 2005 Meeting .... Table 2 Summary of hatchability and chick quality data at before (poor quality) and after ..... decline in fertility post 40 weeks but no associated effect on hatch of fertile. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IEE Working Paper #10 Abstract
America�s shift to an economy based on knowledge and technology continues to color our perceptions of the future of work. Yet for all the talk of high-tech jobs, the average American worker has not seen significant gains in well being. While the business press abounds with examples of innovative companies that create good quality jobs, just as prevalent are low-wage strategies and the substitution of contingent for full-time workers. New generations are entering a transformed labor market, and the wage inequity they face is not going to disappear unless ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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How to become a professor? | Ask MetaFilter
Realize that there's a difference between "professor" and "instructor" at many of these institutions, and that the qualifications for these jobs can vary widely. Are you interested in being a member of a university faculty (where, in addition to teaching, you'll serve on committees, research, publish, mentor grad students, and spend a lot of time not teaching), or do you just want to be in a position where you can teach at the university level? Assuming that you already have a bachelor's degree, are in the US, and want to become a professor at an accredited 4-year college or university, you will need a PhD. Grad ...
What do you know about Limu? It's a seawed harvested from the ...
We started using Limu about 3 years ago, out of desperation. At that time, our son, Matthew, had been sick for about 16 years. He suffered from chronic constipation, sinus infections, ear infections, allergies, migraines, and all of the common flus and colds. He was sick MOST of the time. He also has severe autism and is non verbal so by the time we knew he was sick, he was very very sick. We spent lots of times in emergency rooms and out of town visiting specialists. We had tried virtually every traditional and non-traditional treatment that was available to us. Some things worked for a while, but quit working after a very ...