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Special Report on

Active Ageing Strategy

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1. In the light of Belgium's 2007 Implementation Report and the Commission's assessment of progress made to implement key structural reforms and based on the Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs, the following conclusions are appropriate. 2. Belgium has made good progress in implementing its National Reform Programme over the 2005-2007 period. Belgium has shown some progress in fulfilling the commitments agreed by the 2006 Spring European Council in the four priority action areas. 3. The Implementation Report shows some policy response to the Council recommendations, but further reform is still necessary. There ...
De Grey's research focuses on whether regenerative medicine can thwart the ageing process. He works on the development of what he calls " Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence " (SENS), a tissue-repair strategy intended to rejuvenate the human body and allow an indefinite lifespan . To this end, he has identified seven types of molecular and cellular damage caused by essential metabolic processes. SENS is a proposed panel of therapies designed to repair this damage. An article about SENS published in the viewpoint section of EMBO Reports by 28 scientists concluded that none of de Grey's therapies ...
New perspectives on a longer working life in Croatia and Slovenia
Serious policy recommendations seek for an efficient active ageing strategy which has to be the basic necessary document for future planning in achieving sustainable economic growth. 1.4 The institutional framework affecting labour ... market research, surveys and trends
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επιχειρηματικές ευκαιρίες ή/και "χρυσό" μέσω των κινήσεων μεγάλων εγχώριων παικτών, ας διαβάσετε "τι προτείνει η Επιτροπή" της ΕΕ. Θα διαπιστώσετε μερικά πολύ όμορφα! Όπως επίσης θα διαπιστώσετε και την καινοτομία των εγχώριων ηγετών... πηγή δείτε και ολόκληρο το άρθρο από το σημερινό ΒΗΜΑ GREECE OVERVIEW OF PROGRESS PART I: GENERAL ASSESSMENT 1. The Greek National Reform Programme (NRP) present the policy response to the key challenges. Notable progress has been achieved in the transposition of internal market legislation. Greece has achieved a high earmarking of Structural Funds in support of the Lisbon ... market research, surveys and trends


A report on December 11 by the  European Commission gave Greece a mostly approving assessment on its implementation of the Lisbon strategy and its National Reform Program for the period 2005-2007. Progress is also reported in the fulfillment by Greece of its commitment in the four priority action areas agreed at the European Council in 2006. Among the strengths noted in the Implementation Report: significant improvement in the consolidation of public finances; the promotion of female employment; implementation of internal market legislation; and improvement of the business environment. Progress is also reported in fixing a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The article reports on the warning of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) regarding a caring time bomb as poor pay and staff turnover undermine the female-dominated caring professions in England. The research conducted by the EOC into the cost of undervaluing the work of women reveals that many women are treated as if they are laborers of love or are working for pocket money pay. It indicates that one of the reasons work traditionally done by women is undervalued is the stereotypical views of women in caring roles. The EOC believes that unacceptable staff turnover rates undermine the quality of public services that rely on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Social policy
Despite much political will, Belgium’s EU Presidency will not be dominated by social policy issues. No major European Commission initiatives are expected before 2011, be they about revision of the Working Time Directive or the Posting of Workers Directive. There are just three draft directives in the legislative pipeline. These cover maternity leave, assisting spouses and discrimination. But little progress is expected on any of them. The first, which would put in place measures to improve the health and safety of workers who are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breast-feeding (amend. Directive 92/85/EEC), is currently ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Public health, private equity
Leeder, director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy at Sydney University, says that is so because despite ongoing public discussion and the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission's exhaustive review, the relationship between public and private sectors remains ambiguous. This in a country that endorses universal health care and is dominated by the public sector. "There's no coherent policy that says this is how we envision the role of private plays," according to Leeder. That's not to say that the takeover of Healthscope -- Australia's second-largest private hospital operator which operates 44 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Active Ageing Strategy
The Active Ageing Strategy promotes and extends existing initiatives to make our community more accessible for ageing and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Active-aging Industry Leaders Pinpoint Key to Older Adults ...
(, CEO, International Council on Active Aging, Toll-free: 1-866-335-9777 (North America only), 604-734-4466 Active-aging Industry Leaders Pinpoint Key to Older Adults' Healthy Living At a strategy meeting of International Council on Active Aging, active-aging industry leaders pinpoint the key to involving older adults in a productive and healthy life. Older adults benefit, and society benefits. Vancouver, Canada – As the words "wellness" and "prevention" circulate through the health care debates in the United States, active-aging industry leaders joined a think tank convened by ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sustainable and Adequate Pensions:
implement a comprehensive active ageing strategy in the EU.7. Sustainability versus adequacy. Many economics tools have been developed in the ...
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Care Providing has been an important part of my life, personally and professionally. I learned so many valuable lessons from the loved ones I’ve gotten to care for. Now, as a professional resource for care providers, I’m also privy to some amazing stories. It’s easy, in our busy lives, to see those we care for as ANOTHER responsibility – to miss the moments of love -- and lessons -- if we’re not paying attention. Would you share YOUR stories to support everyone: the baby boomers, the sandwich generation, the LUCKY ones tasked with caring for others. Susan Baida co-Founder of eCare Diary LLC ...
Google Answers: What are the top 20 ammenities seniors seek in a ...
A review of online materials on the amenities desired by seniors in a retirement home yields consistent results across sources. Most developers as well as those who have conducted formal research on the topic, agree that the “new” baby boomer retirees want more amenities than have previous generations and that those desired amenities reflect a more active lifestyle among this new generation of retirees. The headline of a syndicated news story sums it up: “Seniors: Today's 'Younger' Buyers Want More Amenities.” They are e more driven by fitness, are younger of mind and have ...