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Special Report on

Adaptive Enterprise Architecture

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If you have spoken to any Chief Architect or a student of Enterprise Architecture, most would advise you to begin your Enterprise Architecture program with the Business Architecture, which is sound advice. The business needs of the organization should drive technical solutions. How could you possibly know what your Technical Architecture should be if you don't know what Business functions it should support? In other words, your Business Architecture should drive your Technical Architecture. Here's a taste of reality. Most Enterprise Architecture Programs organizationally reside in the IT department. Many IT ...
and defining an enterprise. It consists of a two dimensional classification matrix based on the intersection of six communication questions (What, Where, When, Why, Who and How) with six rows according to reification transformations. The Zachman Framework is not a methodology in that it lacks specific methods and processes for collecting, managing, or using the information that it describes. The Framework is named after its creator John Zachman , who first developed the concept in the 1980s at IBM . It has been updated several times since. The Zachman "Framework" is a taxonomy for organizing architectural artifacts (in ...
Jason Weisser, PHD and SOA: Cross Section of news articles ...
a place to discuss the next stage of software design and use. designed to cut across biases, opinions, and platforms, this is a forum to explore just where this SOA stuff can take us. IBM Talks Web ServicesTim Anderson grills Jason Weisser, Vice President of Enterprise Integration at IBM, about the role and future of XML web services.Jason describes himself as “the guy who owns the development and implementation of these technologies for all of IBM worldwide.”Tim: Let’s kick of with some examples of problems that are suited to a Web Service solution.Jason: It’s things like ... market research, surveys and trends
I budget ICT per i prossimi anni: spendere meno, ma spendere meglio
Nei prossimi tre anni, è previsto, infatti, un aumento di spesa ICT solamente in un numero molto limitato di imprese (11%), mentre oltre il 20% andrà incontro ad una contrazione del budget (come termine di paragone, negli ultimi 3 anni, gli stessi dati sono stati rispettivamente aumento nel 31% dei casi e tagli nel 7%). I livelli di investimento medio nei diversi ambiti non sono ad oggi elevati , seppur con differenze “fisiologiche” e con una certa varianza legata alla peculiarità della singola azienda: si passa da una spesa media di circa 100.000€ in iniziative di Social Network & Community, a oltre 600.000€k  per ... market research, surveys and trends


HP Press Release: HP Integrity Server Business Shows Strong Growth ...
HP today announced 17 customer wins for the HP Integrity server line in the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. The wins contributed to the triple digit year-over-year revenue growth HP saw in the Integrity line in the so-called BRIC countries. (1) According to industry analyst firm IDC, combined IT spending in BRIC nations is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.9 percent and reach more than $100 billion by 2009. (2) HP plans to expand its efforts in these countries as their future IT spending intensifies. “Customers in emerging markets are building IT infrastructures from ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Strategic Planning: Aligned Strategy
MEGA integrates planning capabilities into its enterprise architecture solution. The software will enable architects to simulate the transformation of IT services over time. ... ... "With MEGA IT Planning, organizations can control the evolution of IT systems, improve asset allocation, and save money. Master plans of IT systems provided by MEGA IT Planning show time-dependent views of services, applications, and IT asset portfolio management, enabling accurate forecasting of IT changes. " ... Via MEGA: IT Planning Capabilities Added to Enterprise Architecture Solution Labels: architecture , enterprise-architecture , industry trends, business articles and survey research
Micrel Expands Hyper Speed Control(TM) Family of Synchronous DC-DC Controllers
an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today expanded its family of Hyper Speed Control(TM) Synchronous DC-DC controllers with the introduction of the MIC2166. The device is a wide input voltage range, high performance, adaptive on-time DC-DC controller capable of driving up to 25A of load current. Built into MIC2166 is an internal VDD regulator that enables single-supply operation. Micrel's unique Hyper Speed Control(TM) architecture significantly reduces the required output capacitance and allows for excellent transient response, while making high delta-V operation ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Future Enterprise- Future of Work and the Enterprise Ecosystem
Director of the Future Enterprise Research Centre-David Hunter Tow, forecasts that within the next two decades, the future architecture guiding the enterprise ecosystem will dramatically alter traditional work patterns. By 2030 the traditional notion of an individual's job and work-related role will be recognised as outdated, increasingly mismatched with the fluid requirements of the 21st century. Future productivity outputs will be measured in terms of flexible value-added criteria and contribution to the goals of the organisation linked to social utility, rather than in terms of hours worked on a specific project. The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture
Also within that plan was a specific primary objective to develop a State of Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture that facilitates business system ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Office of Administration Information Technology Services Division ...
Enterprise Architecture is the core business and strategic plan for all technology in Missouri state government.  For the purpose of security, service, and efficiency, Missouri must function as one seamless technology enterprise.  Architecture will allow Missouri state government to act as a single entity, an enterprise, with respect to information technology. By implementing a blueprint for standards and methods that are agreed upon by all agencies, the state positions itself to save money, increase service, and gain a competitive advantage for the long term.  This is an ongoing process that can swiftly adapt to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Federal Enterprise Architecture and E-Government: Issues for ...
a guide for state and local government agencies. NASCIO's Adaptive Enterprise. Architecture Development Program has received funding from the Department of ...
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What does SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) mean to Business ...
I think there is one very good reason, accessible to business folks, that SOA is important. Simply put, SOA allows a business to respond and adapt more quickly to changes in the market and for a lot less money than traditional approaches to IT. Therefore, if the company wants to magnify the ROI for every investment in IT they make then SOA may be something to get everyone up to speed on. There's no great mystery either. SOA is similar to any other architecture. It is a way to draw a blueprint for how to efficiently and effectively build enterprise IT that is also adaptive and less sensitive to changes than other ...
Human Resources: mis, product development cycles, management ...
Provide a numerical basis for decision making � reduces decisions to looking at a monetary value placed on different choices, e.g. Forecasted sales figures for the next 3 years The cost of a series of redundancies against the longer term financial benefits to the firm of this process But: such data provides only part of the story Other factors need to be taken into account, particularly the effects of decisions on stakeholder groups and their response to such decisions, e.g. The takeover of Manchester United CLUB  by Malcolm Glazer might make financial sense but the reaction of the supporters might make the move unworkable ...