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Special Report on

Adult Organizational Learning and Leadership

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Dissertation: “Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual: The Reception and Implementation of the BYU-Idaho Learning Model by Faculty Members –A Mixed Methods Study.” Major Professor: Charles W. Gagel Gregory Allen Venema , Menan Dissertation: “Insights on Student Learning in Religious Education: A Collective Case Study of Feedback From BYU-Idaho Religion Students.” Major Professor: Charles W. Gagel * Gina Rose Marie Armer , Idaho Falls Education. Dissertation: “Mary Baker Eddy’s Contribution to Adult Education: An Historical Biography.” Major Professor: Laura B. Holyoke John Matthew Batacan , Blackfoot Education. Dissertation: “The ...
As an academic area of inquiry, the study of leadership has been of interest to scholars from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Today, there are numerous academic programs (spanning several academic colleges and departments) related to the study of leadership. Leadership degree programs generally relate to: aspects of Leadership , Leadership Studies , and Organizational Leadership (although there are a number of leadership-oriented concentrations in other academic areas).
Associate Vice President, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness ...
The successful candidate will lead the effort to design and implement innovative strategies and initiatives to ensure best in class talent development by defining, creating and implementing a university-wide workforce learning strategy. He/she will be an architect of a system and curriculum designed to advance excellence across the Stanford workforce, ensuring that the workforce has the necessary skills, abilities and competencies to meet the organization's goals. The individual will draw on a wide array of organizational development methods, tools and resources to design, develop, deliver and evaluate the ... market research, surveys and trends
new book: Boomers and Beyond: Reconsidering the Role of Libraries ...
I was involved in the beginnings of this new book launched at ALA last week in DC. I am quite proud to see it published and congratulate the author team (Full disclosure – I am one of the team!). After years of spending time studying Millennials, it’s great to be involved in something closer to my own age! Boomers and Beyond: Reconsidering the Role of Libraries Edited by Pauline Rothstein and Diantha Dow Schull Publisher: ALA Editions Price: $55.00 152 pages 8.5″ x 11″, Softcover ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1014-6 Year Published: 2010 ... market research, surveys and trends


Push Mobile Media™ Blog
Version 1.1.2 is now live at LearnCast. The LearnCast mobile application is found on the Apple iPhone store. Just search for “Learncast”. We are busy building our first content listings primarily from our content partners who understand the power of mobile content and mobile distribution. Learncast is currently deployed within school systems and have been recieving student and teacher feedback regarding our tools, content distribution, mobiQuiz, mobiExam, security, mobiShout ( Social feedback) and many other invaluable offerings from our customers. Next version – is going to get very exciting. Comments Off | ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Duane Nellis's Notes | Facebook
Just for a day I became a student again, and the opportunity to learn from that perspective about the University of Idaho was priceless. Student leaders extended an invitation for me to spend the evening and night in our residence halls, and that invitation was accepted because I thought it would be a unique experience. More importantly, I want to be grounded—aware of student wants and concerns—and represent them in a positive way as I move forward with university business. Students are our priority. Our job is student success and statewide leadership. This is the work our flagship land-grant university is known for. It will ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
For Kenny Anderson, local couple pointed the right way
Before Kenny Anderson’s erratic path to adulthood, he met a young couple from Atlanta. A mutual friend arranged an introduction at one of his first Georgia Tech basketball games. Bryan Grant, wife Avis Franklin-Grant and son B.J. Grant of Acworth are longtime friends of Kenny Anderson. CHARLES TRAINOR JR Kenny Anderson, a former NBA All-Star guard who grew up in Brooklyn and now lives in Pembroke Pines. Anderson became a big star, but lost a lot of the money he earned as an NBA player. Andeson in his living room with his "10,000" trophy ball from when he was with the Seattle Sonics in 2002. Through his early ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Rescuing children: CASA director finds adults who will speak for kids in need
This is another in a series of profiles of people who have quietly made significant contributions to our community. If you know of such a person, please contact Ann Weber at or 419-724-6126. They don't wear action-hero tights or angel wings, but both would fit nicely on the volunteers who serve as voices for some of Lucas County's saddest children. These are the kids who are victims of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse and neglect. And when their cases come to Lucas County Juvenile Court, one of the volunteers flies in to try to help. "These kids ended up here through no fault of their ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development
international experts in the field of Organizational Learning and Human. Resources Development. Topics may include empowerment, effective leadership ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Partnership Between Organizational Learning and Knowledge ...
If the firm has a culture and leadership conducive to organizational learning, ... Borrowing heavily from adult learning expert Malcolm Knowles, the main ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Teachers College, Columbia University: Adult Learning and Leadership
Our program prepares leaders who help adults improve the way they live and work through more effective instrumental learning, but we do not stop there. A hallmark of our programs is the fostering of transformative learning. Through transformative learning: Adults are helped to identify, probe and change assumptions, values, and beliefs that shape how they think, act, and learn; Adult educators are helped to transform organizations, institutions, learning communities and other settings that influence learning and change. The mission of the program is to empower graduates as facilitators of learning across the ...
WikiAnswers - What is experiential training and development
Experiential Training and Development (ETD) is an approach to individual, group, and organizational learning that engages people, using action, reflection, application, and performance support. ETD combines the methods of experiential learning, adult learning and organization development. Definition From the Experiential Training and Development Alliance A. ETD is a set of human and organizational services rooted in the provider's knowledge of the client system, and aimed towards the healthy and profitable evolution of people and organizations. B. Learning involves an integration and/or change in the thoughts, feelings, ...
If you were planning a curriculum for "Transitioning to Management ...
Description of Course: If you are preparing for a promotion or have been promoted recently to your first management position, you face critical new challenges and your organization may offer training or mentoring or take a sink-or-swim approach. Develop and executive a strategy to take charge of your transition and position yourself for greater success, in less time, with fewer mistakes and false steps along the way. Audience: Adults with a broad and varying level of expertise posted 3 months ago in Organizational Development | Closed Share This A strategy, organization, and leadership development expert see all my answers ...