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Special Report on

An Electronic Meeting System

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Kahai, S. & Avolio, B. (in press). Leadership style, anonymity, and the discussion of an ethical issue in an electronic context. International Journal of e-Collaboration. Kahai, S, Sosik, J, & Avolio, B. (2004). Effects of Participative and Directive Leadership in Electronic Groups. Groups & Organization Management , 29(1), 67-105. Kahai, S. & Cooper, R. (2003). Exploring the core concepts of media richness theory: The impact of cue multiplicity and feedback immediacy on decision quality. Journal of Management Information Systems , 20(1), 263-299. Kahai, S. S., Sosik, J. J., & Avolio, B. J. (2003). Effects of leadership style, ...
Mainly through (optional) anonymization and parallelization of input, electronic meeting systems overcome many deleterious and inhibitive features of group work. Similar to a web conference , a host invites the participants to an electronic meeting via email.
Software Quality - Formal Technical Review Methods - The area of ...
The area of Software Quality Assurance can be broken down into a number of smaller areas such as quality of planning, formal technical reviews, testing and training. Here we take a look at Formal Technical Review methods... 1 Introduction 2 Background 3 Methods 4 Computer aided review methods 5 Conclusion 6 References ----- 1 Introduction A definition for Quality Assurance is stated in IEEE STD 610.12.990 as "(1) A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that an item or product conforms to established technical requirements. (2) A set of activities designed to evaluate the process ... market research, surveys and trends
Leadership at a Distance
This volume offers insights from a noted group of scholars who discuss the complex phenomenon of leadership in distributed work settings - also known as leadership at a distance. Editor Suzanne Weisband addresses the ubiquitous roles leaders play, their scale of work, and the range of technologies available to them, while setting new directions in studying leadership at a distance. A unique perspective of empirical research unfolds, representing a variety of fields and methods to foster a better understanding of the role technology plays in leadership, and how leadership is shaped by the use of technology. Leadership at a Distance market research, surveys and trends


Supporting Inspections With An Electronic Meeting System - System ...
million line program is a compelling task for a group of engineers. ...... percent'). Enforcing such a format eiectronically does facilitate to sorting ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
1001 Unanswered Research Questions in GSS
SINCE 1988 WE HAVE HEARD FROM COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS at almost every MIS conference that group support systems (GSS) research is dead. We are taking the opportunity afforded by this special issue to argue that GSS research is much more like a fresh sapling than a tough and tired forest giant; GSS research is much closer to its beginning than to its end. In this introduction we commend ten fine papers to your attention, then we offer you a challenge: more than 250 unanswered GSS research questions. We know that with just a nudge, you, the readers, will think of many more GSS research questions than we suggest here. We are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Live-blog: Zuckerberg and David Kirkpatrick on the Facebook Effect
Mark Zuckerberg and “The Facebook Effect” author David Kirkpatrick met for an on-stage conversation this evening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Zuckerberg was much more relaxed, less sweaty and nervous than the last time he was on a public stage in the U.S. at the d8 conference in June. He said that to get to Facebook’s next 500 million users, the company is focused on a handful of markets including South Korea, Russia and Japan. He also said the company is working on fixing its issues around creating friend groups. I live-blogged the event, in which the pair were interviewed by NPR’s ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Library prepared for less aid, director says
After Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed 74 percent cut in library funding caused a plethora of protest, the result has been a less-drastic 43 percent cut — or $6.1 million less — in state aid to libraries. As such, $4.29 million was restored to New Jersey’s library budget on June 29, offering libraries $7.59 million in state monies for this fiscal year, according to the New Jersey Library Association. Upon last month’s budget announcement, the New Jersey State Library put together an all-state committee— comprised of municipal, county and academic library personnel— that will work to decide how to best allocate this year’s fewer ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The “Paperless Committee”: an Electronic Meeting System
The “Paperless Committee”: an Electronic Meeting System. The first meeting of the 2003 Regular Session of the Committee on NGOs will be held on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Accessibility > Accessible Web Conferences and Webinar Best Practices
A variety of web based services and software products are available to enable presentations, live meetings, and training over the web. These technologies may be named " Webinars " a word play on the terms " Web " and " Seminar ", or " Web Conferencing " or " Electronic Meeting System ", or " Webcast ", to name a few. The technology may be a free or fee-based service on the Internet, or a purchased software product.    These products and services vary in the capabilities offered. Some use the web browser to deliver images and audio over the web, allowing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Groupware Case Studies: Electronic Meeting Systems in the Work Place
groupware -electronic meeting systems - is seen as one way to address the productivity issue for ... Vogel, “Electronic Meeting Systems: Results from the ...
Google Answers: Internet elections
Dear threedaygoaty-ga; At your approval of my answer-as-a-comment I am re-posting my research as an answer in order to officially close the question for you. It has been my pleasure to work with you and I look forward to doing it again in the near future: -------------------------------------------------------------- To provide a little background on this matter we should first discuss Murray Turoff, who, in 1970 developed a computer supported Delphi panel which made it possible for users to view discussion entered by users (forums and BBS?s), vote on issues and view end user results. This system, which was still in ...
To those who hire executive assistants: in a résumé what do you ...
There are thousands of books and articles about writing résumés. For the most part, they tell us to avoid doing what most people are inclined to do, which is to list their responsibilities for each job they have had as if they were writing a series of job descriptions. Rather we are supposed to quantify our successes on behalf of employers, preferably as little stories. However, given that not every executive assistant is an advertising copywriter, many of them do not write "good quality résumés" yet do excellent work (I assume) on behalf of their employers. What do you, as a hirer of these people, look for ...