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Articles About Work/Life Balance

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I have always been a proselytiser for working mothers. How could I not be? For four years in the 90s, I edited the Guardian's women's pages and launched the parents pages in G2. My mother ran several of her own businesses, and her mother, too, for a while. Work to me denoted independence, adventure, glamour and, of course, money. As long as I could afford to employ reliable childcare, why would I want to walk away from all of that? It is only recently that I have been able to acknowledge that mixing work and children comes with its downsides. Why did it take me so long? Part of me doggedly believed I had to stick to my ...
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There are more and more examples that make me really think this is true. Earlier today I was reading a few articles about work life balance over at Yahoo! hotjobs and noticed something interesting. In the screen shot above from the Yahoo! hotjobs site, I highlighted a few terms that I found interesting. Three of the seven featured articles are intended for working moms. One of the articles mentions the following, Working mother may be a redundant term because all moms work hard, whether it’s in the home or out. But mothers with jobs face unique challenges every day. Thankfully, there are many employers who offer a ... market research, surveys and trends
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You know, this blog isn't only supposed to be about work/life balance issues. It's also about parenting, law school, parenting while in law school.... I suspect we'll talk more about those things once classes start. Meanwhile, here are three new articles about work/life balance. While they aren't necessarily directly on point for what we're looking for as future lawyers, it's interesting that people are talking about work/life balance more and more. The King County Bar Association's Bar Bulletin newsletters has two articles involving work/life balance issues. The first is a discussion of how ... market research, surveys and trends


What Would You Do to Keep a Job? - Survey Finds Most Workers ...
earn less or give up flexibility to keep a job. The survey by Work+Life Fit found that the other sacrifices people would make to keep a job include: 78 percent would work a compressed week (four 10-hour days). 59 percent would take unpaid vacation days or a furlough of one to two weeks. 48 percent would job share. 47 percent would take a cut in hours and pay. 41 percent would take a pay cut for the same number of work hours or switch to project-based employment status. Almost one-third would agree to a month or more unpaid time off. Only 14 percent of employees surveyed were less likely to use flexible benefits from a desire to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Work-life balance a priority in 2009, survey finds | The 36-Hour ...
I'm a full-time editor, a part-time writer, and a mom and stepmom to five amazing kids, ages 1 to 14. For me it's not about finding balance, it's about the daily juggle-- my career, my commute, freelance work, homework, housework, married life, social life, and parenting-- and finding the time to get it all done. To learn more about Lylah, check out her Work It, Mom! profile and read her blog at . According to a recent survey by FedEx Office , 96 percent of full-time workers in the United States believe that it will be equally or more important to find a better work-life balance in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How and Why Do You Unplug?
While reading the New York Times this weekend, I could not help but notice that at least five different articles dealt with creating a kind of cultural, philosophical, or religious permission-giving for taking time away from electronic connectivity in everyday life. Is this a noteworthy constellation? Just an editorial accident? My sense is that it speaks to a gathering crest in U.S. culture regarding the felt limits of constant electronic connection: the need to check email, to have a cell phone handy, to get the latest update from one's various online social groups. Electronic connectivity seems, for most people, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Obama calls on Congress to extend jobless benefits
today called on Republicans in Congress to stop blocking efforts to extend jobless benefits, arguing that providing unemployment insurance to people who are out of work is the government's responsibility. Some 2.5 million people have already lost access to this emergency relief, and those numbers are growing by the week. The White House believes helping the unemployed would boost consumer spending and help spur the economic recovery. But Republicans argue this kind of assistance should not be paid for through emergency spending that adds to the deficit; they say it should be paid for, for instance, by using unspent stimulus ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Work-Life Balance… What's the Real Problem?
Why, then, would the pace of articles on “Work-Life Balance” have ... view as “ having balance” is really about making choices about how we spend our time. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Work / Life Balance
DFAS has established an AWS program which allows qualified employees the flexibility to arrange their work schedules to achieve a more desired balance between work and family or personal responsibilities. DFAS also offers a flexible daily schedule. Your flexible work schedule is subject to core hours and supervisor approval. Case in point, you can take from 30 to 120 minutes of time off for lunch as long as you work a minimum 8-hour workday. Examples of an 8-hour work day with a 30 minute or 60 minute lunch respectively are: • Arrive at 6:30 and leave at 3;or arrive at 7 and leave at 3:30, etc. • ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Women Executives on Work/Life Balance: Flexibility, Networks ...
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Dads, How Do You Find Work-Life Balance? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Happy belated Father's Day to all of the hard working dads out there! So often we read news articles about moms who work to find a balance between working full-time and spending time with their family and children - but, what about dads? I just read this article on about dads that are struggling to find that balance and, need job flexibility to achieve it: Dads - how do you find balance? Does work-life balance weigh-in when you make the decision to take a job? How do you make time for your family while moving forward with your career? posted 28 days ago in
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I have been a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years, taught speech and English composition at the university level, and have developed speech and English composition courses and seminars for businesses. I am experienced in editing a wide variety of materials, especially business, scientific, and other academic papers. I am familiar with all the major style guides. Experience I have edited any number of graduate papers and other technical materials in such advanced fields as civil and electrical engineering and semiconductor fabrication. I have extensive experience in working with non-native English speakers. You ...