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Best Practice in Performance Coaching

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coaching research, published back in June, showed that worryingly few companies measure the return on investment of coaching, despite spending a considerable proportion of their learning and development budgets on it every year. So what can you do to measure this effectively? Measuring the value of an investment is important to us all. If we spend a lot of money on a new car we want to know that the car works, that it will get us from A to B and will enhance our quality of life. Similarly, if an organisation invests thousands of pounds in a new piece of machinery or in a training programme to improve staff performance, then they ...
refers to the activity of a coach in developing the abilities of coachees or clients. Coaching tends to focus on the achievement by coachees of a goal or specific skill. Methodologies for coaching are positioned away from the directive or the facilitative, and rest on accompanying clients within a dialogue that will allow emerging patterns and solutions to surface. Coaching lies out of the scale between mentoring and training on one end, and psychotherapy and counseling at the other. There are many applications of coaching ranging from sport, to business, to niches such as divorce or motivational speaking . Sessions may be ...
Becoming a First-time Coach: some voices of aspirants, 'newbies ...
The practice of coaching is expanding rapidly, yet the process and impact of coaching is seriously under-researched. This blog reports on empirical and conceptual research being undertaken by me and my research team at the University of Surrey, UK. This post describes the first stages in a new research study which will be completed by summer 2010. Introduction Like any expanding industry, coaching is drawing in new entrants from other occupations. In a survey, for example, the International Coach Federation (2007) found that 32 % of coaches had less than 2 years coaching experience. While many of these new entrants bring with ... market research, surveys and trends
new books - march 14, 2008
market research, surveys and trends


Peer Resources: Coaching News, Research and Literature
The Current Literature, including coaching research and resources you will not learn about from the International Coach Federation: McNamara, C. (September 2009). Developing internal networks of self-directed learners using peer coaching groups. Chief Learning Officer Executive Briefings. (Retrieved September 10, 2009 and available to members of the Peer Resources Network .) An expert in Peer Learning Circles describes the format and function of peer coaching groups, their structure, benefits and the proven outcomes. He differentiates peer coaching from action learning, and provides guidance on the factors that make such groups ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Encyclopedia - Britannica Online Encyclopedia
The article reports on the findings from chief executive officer (CEO) confidence survey in the U.S. It shows that while many of them believe the latest downturn will be short lived, their overall business confidence has dropped. Meanwhile, most of the CEOs surveyed lead organizations with revenues ranging from $25 to $50 million annually. One indicator that the outlook for many organization is headed downward is the 39% of executives who report that they will reduce staff in the next year 2009. Moreover, customer retention efforts closely mirror the ones being used to retain employees. 10Ms OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. The article ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Day Three Las Vegas summer league roundup
John Wall's professional debut began with a little throat-clearing, but once the Washington Wizards point guard got into the flow of the game, he commandeered the court. We asked some of those in attendance for their impressions of Wall's 24-point, 8-assist, 8-turnover performance: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images John Wall: "A completely different kind of player." Daniele Baiesi, former general manager Angelico Biella When he picks up speed on the floor, he's unstoppable. He's a freak of nature for being 19-years-old. Today, there were a lot of expectations. The gym was packed, so everyone wanted ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Implementing a Supply Chain Application: The Cultural Issues
I’ve seen hundreds of presentations on how companies have implemented a supply chain software solution. I’ve also talked to hundreds of individuals who have been involved in implementing solutions. Successful projects include people, process, and technology considerations. Today, I want to summarize the main people-related considerations experienced implementers talk about. First of all, a variety groups are typically involved in the process of approving, implementing, and ensuring supply chain solutions are effectively utilized. The Business Case Approval Group : These folks decide whether to fund a supply chain solution ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Coaching' and is the author of 'Best Practice in Performance Coaching: a. Handbook for Leaders, Coaches, HR Professionals and Organizations' ( Kogan ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
your successful coaching experiences and best practices while learning the standards and ... SAY: This 3 step approach in performance coaching provides: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
University of Michigan Human Resource Development
This online tutorial, available through U-M HR Recruiting and Employment Services Website, is geared to assist supervisors in finding qualified candidates and hiring the best person for the job. You will learn to: Analyze department needs and establish positions Write accurate, up-to-date job descriptions Define desired qualifications Develop recruitment strategies that produce diverse applicant pools Analyze and screen resumes in a fair and non-discriminatory manner Interview effectively using behavioral/skill-based questions Make an effective job offer to the desired candidate You will benefit by: Learning critical U-M hiring ...
Human Resources: Performance appraisal, purpose method ...
I understand that an appraisal interview is to make plans for improvement but why is it that an appraiser focuses the attention on the future rather than the past? Wouldn't you want to evaluate performance on the past to make plans for future improvement? Or is that correct?  Do you have an example of this that might help me to understand this? For some reason I can't grasp it. Thanks Answer JEN, EXPRESSED  IN  A  SIMPLE  WAY, IN THE PROCESS OF  PERFORMANCE  APPRAISAL, WHICH  IS  A  DIALOGUE BETWEEN  THE   APPRAISER   AND  THE  APPRAISEE
What large organizations are best practice examples of corporate ...
One of the best tools I have seen is the book Best Practices in Organization Development and Change: Culture, Leadership, Retention, Performance, Coaching by Louis Carter, David Giber, Marshall Goldsmith, Richard F. Beckhard, W. Warner Burke, Edward E. Lawler III, Beverly L. Kaye, Jay Alden Conger, and John Sullivan. It has some great case studies on SmithKline Beecham, Kraft Foods, and Westinghouse. Another tool is Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an organizational development process or philosophy that engages individuals within an organizational system in its renewal, change and focused performance. Appreciative Inquiry was ...