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Special Report on

Cadre--Past and Present

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The author was an enlisted member of the U.S. Coast Guard in the 1960�s and served aboard three Ocean Station cutter�s that were homeported in Honolulu, Hawaii during that period. He sailed on thirteen Ocean Station Victor patrols in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean during a four year period. Standing watches in the cutter�s Combat Information Centers (CIC), which served as the electronic nerve center of the cutter, the author provided navigational and weather data to thousands of commercial and military aircraft as they flew over Victor. This fictitious account about the interaction between a transoceanic aircraft and the Ocean ...
CADRE Comments: Doherty (evolution of Jesus) part 5: Leader of the ...
Doherty tries to construct a fictional history for his fantasy group, the "Q community," and then invents a crisis in which they needed a leader. Out of that crisis the Jesus myth emerges to offer them the hope of a leader. One wonders how this would work in real Life. Real groups need real leaders. It seems more likely that a fictional or mythological figure would be the object of worship rather than become a group leader who never existed. But all this talk of a group makes us wonder, was Jesus a total loaner before he began his ministry? John seems to indicate in his Gospel that Jesus had friends, he had a ... market research, surveys and trends
Links 6/13/10 « naked capitalism
Last night, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, spoke to President Obama amid concerns that the £49bn decline in BP’s value is hurting both British and US financial interests. Downing Street said the US leader “made clear that he had no interest in undermining BP’s value”. Yves here. I see, BP is trading down, not because is has a colossal big mess in the Gulf, but because Obama is criticizing the company. I was also not aware of this: BP has pledged to refine and sell the oil [recpvered], donating its proceeds to restore wildlife on the coast of the four affected Gulf coast states. However, it only owns ... market research, surveys and trends


NIC - Global Trends 2010
In fall 1996, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) held a series of conferences at National Defense University to identify key global trends and their impact on major regions and countries of the globe. The exercise was designed to help describe and assess major features of the political world as they will appear in the year 2010. Participants in the conferences were ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A series of shootings in school classrooms, hallways, and playgrounds during the past few years have underscored one of the chief responsibilities of school officials: preventing students from perpetrating or being victimized by violence or other antisocial behavior. Cause for Concern Because more than a dozen deadly attacks by students armed with guns have occurred in the nation's schools in the past two years (Lichtblau 1999), many people assume that violence and other criminal activity perpetrated by youth within the walls of our schools is a problem that has skyrocketed in the past few years. In reality, however, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How The Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Financially Revived The NBA
The NBA finals are not what you think.  You see, you’re watching the finals hoping that either the Lakers or the Celtics win, and wondering whether Kobe Bryant can outscore Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and the army of tall brothers that Boston is flying across the country to conquer Los Angeles.  That is not, my friends, the first thing on the mind NBA Commissioner David Stern. First of all, Stern is wondering why LeBron James isn’t here.  Most of us expected, to the disdain of every other talented player in the league, that this would be the year that LeBron would take his rightful place on the Post-Jordan throne.  The natural ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mars may have been 1/3 ocean?
It's possible that a huge ocean covered one-third of the surface of Mars some 3.5 billion years ago, a finding likely to reignite an old argument about that amount of water on the red planet, according to a new report.   The study by the University of Colorado at Boulder is the first to integrate multiple data sets of river deltas, valley networks and topography from a cadre of NASA and European Space Agency orbiting missions of Mars dating back to 2001, the researchers claim.  15 reasons why Mars is one hot, hot, hot planet   The river deltas on Mars are of interest to researchers because deltas on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Starting a CERT Program - Step 6: Establishing a Training Cadre ...
your program than anything else. So, you will need to select your instructor cadre carefully and train them so that they are able to present the course in a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Office of Equal Rights Equal Rights Officer Cadre Mission In time ...
During the past several years the cadre has participated in most disaster operations. Recruitment. OER has sought persons with the following knowledge, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Words from a Member of the Cadre AFROTC Detachment 280 Flying ...
and CADRE for your help and support over the years. I am going to miss ..... the past or present are certain to miss the future.” ...
Where can one watch episodes from Heroes season 4 online?
Complete episodes of Heroes are available online, to US residents only, along with downloads through the "NBC Direct" service. Episodes are also available on iTunes in 720p High Definition, although they were unavailable for a few months when NBC and Apple Inc. were unable to come to a renewal deal. Series 1 and 2 are currently available for streaming on Netflix, which requires a paid subscription. Season 3, Episode 14: A Clear and Present Danger Original Air Date—2 February 2009 Three weeks after the destruction of both the Primatech and Pinehurst, and the death of ...
WikiAnswers - Civil services in pakistan
Presently, the Civil Services of Pakistan are divided into 14 groups and services, namely, Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service, Commerce & Trade Group, Customs & Excise Group, District Management Group, Foreign Service of Pakistan, Income Tax Group, Information Group, Military Lands & Cantonment Group, Office Management Group, Police Service of Pakistan, Postal Group, Railways Group, Secretariat Group, Ex-Cadre Officers. Out of the 14 groups and services, 11 are called groups, 03 are called services i.e. Foreign Service of Pakistan, Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service, and Police Service of Pakistan, and one is neither called a ...